Sorcerer Roiger Quest: What Happened To Sorcerer Rogier

In general, Elden Ring is an open-world action/RPG. You create a unique character and then embark on an adventure, defeating a variety of ordinary opponents as well as scary bosses. Rogier is one of the characters that the players encounter throughout the game. Rogier may be found at Stormveil Castle’s chapel.

To get to him, clear the ramparts next to the Rampart Tower Site of Grace of the fire-throwing birds, then down the steps on the right and onto the roof ahead.  You may have found him in Stormveil Castle, a Sorcerer with a large hat is hunting for something.

Who is Sorcerer Rogier?

Sorcerer Rogier is a non-player character in Elden Ring. Rogier wears a cap that hides his face and speaks nicely. He is a Quest NPC who sells Ashes of War related to the Magic Affinity and also functions as a merchant. Interacting with him may also enable him to be summoned as an NPC.

Moreover, in Stormveil Castle, he is a sorcerer on a quest for knowledge. His eyes are hidden by a wide-brimmed brown hat. D, Hunter of the Dead, another NPC that can be found at Roundtable Hold, was his companion. He initially appears at Stormveil Castle, where he may be summoned by Margit the Fell Omen.

Rogier introduces himself and appears to be rather pleasant. He claims to be a sorcerer who is searching the castle for something. He’s also available as a non-player character (NPC) cooperator against Margit, the Fell Omen, without having to first meet him.

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Many players after the game always ponder what happened to Sorcerer Rogier. Well if you want to find out you first have to complete his quest in the game itself.

what happened to sorcerer rogier

How to complete Sorcerer Rogier’s quest?

If you wish to complete the Sorcerer Rogier’s quest in the Elden ring. Try following the steps that are given below:

Rogier may be located near the altar of the Chapel in the northwest portion of Stormveil Castle.

As a Tarnished, Rogier may seek a quiet area to reflect on his journey through Stormveil. He will relocate to Roundtable Hold, on the balcony that overlooks the entry hall, after beating Godrick.

He provides you with a Rogier’s Rapier +8 that comes with Ash of War: Glintblade Phalanx if you spoke to him before in Stormveil Castle. (Note: If you talk with Ranni at the Three Sisters in the northwest of Liurnia before completing this questline, you will be unable to pursue Rogier’s questline.)

After several little and not-so-small vermin, you’ll find what you’re looking for besides a gigantic monster. Look about the monster’s perplexing arena for something to interact with, and you might be able to figure out how Rogier was hurt.

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Start through the door adjacent to Liftside Chamber if you have already unlocked it. Otherwise, begin your quest across from the Secluded Cell place of grace in the Jars’ courtyard. To uncover the secret way, you’ll have to perform some hopping. Rogier gave you a clue note near a lovely vista.

Head straight towards the courtyard where Jars are located from the Secluded Cell. From the wooden platform, jump onto the Eastern ledge and follow it around to a window, then a doorway on the right following the window.

You’ll be above the Jars now carry on to the next chamber to find Roger’s reassuring message. To enter another courtyard, jump down a few ledges and through a door. For a shortcut from the Left side Chamber place of grace, proceed straight ahead and open the door.

You’ll now make your way beneath Stormveil Castle. Exit the Liftside Grace through the courtyard door, turn right, double back, and approach the ledge where a body is seated and staring down. Jump to the buttresses below, then back up to the wooden scaffolding and the ground.

Defeat the Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit and go on to a decaying face that appears to be old. A bloodstain can be seen just in front of the face. To view a memory, turn it on. If the player does not witness the bloodstain, they must first speak with Rogier in Stormveil, or they must defeat Godrick.

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Return to the Roundtable and inquire about the face with Rogier. He’ll elaborate: “This is a holy relic. The scheme involving the black knives.” Allow Fia to hold the Tarnished if you speak with her.

To find the location of a Black Knife Catacombs where a Black Knifeprint might be located, exhaust the dialogue choices such as “Talk in secret,” “Did you know?” and “About the Black Knifeprint.” If you obtain the Knifeprint without the map, you may skip this step.

He will die later, after sleeping a few times and/or moving through the tale, leaving behind his Bell Bearing set, his rapier if you didn’t obtain it earlier, and a note confirming D’s younger brother’s existence and location. On a later visit, his corpse and chair would inexplicably vanish.

This is the end of this short guide.

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