Abandoned Cave Guide: Defeat the Cleanrot Knight Duo

The Abandoned Cave is one of the darkest caves compared to other catacombs and dungeons in The Land Between in Elden Ring. The Abandoned Cave is located in Caelid and in order to complete it you need to defeat the Cleanrot Knight duo and collect all the available loot.

Here we featured information that helps you to know how you can complete the Abandoned Cave in Caelid with all loot and beat the Cleanrot Knight duo without having much hassle.

How to Reach the Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring?

Abandoned Cave Elden Ring Location
Abandoned Cave Elden Ring Location

The abandoned cave is located in the Caelid in The Land Between however finding the entrance of the cave is not easy. More importantly, the cave is full of the Scarlet Rot so make sure to have plenty of Boluses and health flasks in your inventory before approaching the Advanced Cave.

Once you arrive on the Caelid you need to move straight in the Entree direction until you see the end of the mountain. All down and you will find the trees that look like the bridge. You need trees to move forward and you see the entrance of the Abandoned Cave as shown in the below images.

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Once you enter the Abandoned Cave recovered the Lost Site of Grace and then move forward. You will see the complete floor of the cave is covered with the Scarlet Rot. So make sure to use the Blouses or the health flask or else your health will regularly drop.

Drop down to the inner floor of the cave and collect the Aeonian Butterflies beside the Abductor’s body. Near the Abductor, you will see a garden-like wall where you can collect the Dragonwound Grease. After that move to the next section of the cave from the left direction.

You will reach a point where you need to drop into the river of scarlet rot with lots of explosions occurring around you. After that head to the Abductor’s body but before that beat all the enemies in the right direction and collect the Serpent Bow.

Now move in the right direction into the cave and you will soon encounter two massive rats beat these rats and grab the Fire Grease. Move forward into the cave and come across the larger room that has Scarlet Rot flowers along with mushroom mages.

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Mainly there are few flowers in which one if massive and the other is small. Once you defeat these Scarlet Rot flowers you can grab the Venomous Fang. That you find after claiming up the larger horns. After that up claim to the right and follow the path at the end of the path you will see the entrance of the boss room.

How to Defeat the Cleanrot Knight Duo in an Abandoned cave?

Once you enter the boss room in the Abandoned Cave you need to fight with Cleanrot Knight Duo. This means two bosses at the same time, we recommend you grab a lot of health flasks and summon the spirit ashes for help.

Defeat Cleanrot Knight Duo
How to Defeat Cleanrot Knight Duo

The fighting tactics that you can use to defeat the Duo knights and corner one of the knights to the wall and deliver multiple strikes at once will instantly defeat one of the knights and after that take on the second knight.

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Once you defeat both the Knights you will get the Golden Scarab talisman that allows you to increase the capacity of purchasing Runes to outer areas in The Land Between.

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