How To Get Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring

In order to get the Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring you need to defeat a very powerful boss. The Blasphemous Blade is a very dangerous weapon in terms of its strength and power. In order to get the Blasphemous Blade you need to fight with Praetor Rykard one of the powerful bosses in the game.

Blasphemous Blade comes with a great look, which also represents one of the powerful spells of the Rykard.

In order to get the Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring you need to fight with Praetor Rykard. If you are also looking for a guide to get the Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring, then follow the article till the very end as we will be discussing each detail.

Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring: Knowing Volcano Manor

There are basically two ways in which you can get to the Rykard. The first route is via Rya’s quest. The second route is the Altus Plateau in which you need to find the front door located in the northwest corner. In the first route of the Rya’s quest, you need to complete all the missions of Tanith which you will get on the way.

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Coming to the second route, you need to complete the Manor legacy Dungeon. Thus, you can get the rewards for completing the missions as well as getting the path to your destination to reach the Rykard.

How To Beat Rykard To Get Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring

defeat Rykard elden ring

Rykard is known to be a very powerful boss and defeating Rykard is a tough job. He has a variety of weapons that he uses during the fights. Here we cover a complete guide to defeating Rykard Lord of Blasphemy & God Devouring Serpent.

For instance, the Serpent Hunter is known to be a very powerful spear. The spear splashes the wave of wind toward you, thus it would help you in order to get close to the boss. The Serpent Hunter can also be upgraded using the smithing stones.

Once you defeat the Ryard, he will drop his Remembrance, Simply collect the Remembrance and visit the Roundtable Hold and trade the Remembrance for Blasphemous Blade.

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Points To Consider While Fighting Rykard in Elden Ring

You can use the serpent skills to stagger Rykard, which could be followed by fast attacks. You can use the string at the start of the fight and then use the combos in order to deal heavy damage to Rykard. You should always save some of the Wondrous Physick and different potions to tackle in phase two of the fight.

If you feel that the attacks are being tackled you should move back and dodge to again attack from a distance. Before phase two, you can get enough health restored to fight phase two. In the second phase, the Rykard will be well aware of your moves, thus, you will get fewer windows in order to attack with your weapons.

You should always dodge when the boss hits the weapon on the ground and then attack with a combo instantly in order to provide heavy damage to Rykard. After Rykard reaches half of its health, it would use different sword combos in order to tackle and give huge damage to you.

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After defeating Rykard, you need to bring the remembrance for the Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring to Enia.

Thus, deafening Rykard can be a heavy task, as it regains its strength in phase two and attacks more closely. Thus, defeating the boss can give you Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring.

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