Escape from Tarkov Loyalty Buyout Quest Guide

Escape from Tarkov, a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game, is known for its intense gameplay and challenging quests. One such quest is “Loyalty Buyout,” which involves a character named Skier.

In this article, we will explore the details of the quest, including objectives, rewards, and a comprehensive guide on how to complete it successfully.


The objective of the Loyalty Buyout quest in Escape from Tarkov is to hand over 1,000,000 RUB to Skier.


Upon completion of the Loyalty Buyout quest, you will receive:

  • Skier Reputation: +0.25


Tarkov Loyalty Buyout Guide
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To complete the Loyalty Buyout quest, you will need the following quest item:

  • Item Name: Roubles
  • Amount: 1,000,000
  • Requirement: Handover item

Roubles can be acquired through various means in Escape from Tarkov. Here are a few ways to obtain them:

  1. Selling items to traders: You can sell items you find during your raids to traders in exchange for roubles. All traders, except Peacekeeper, accept roubles as a form of currency.
  2. Loot: Roubles can also be found as loot throughout the game world. Explore different locations, search containers, and defeat enemies to increase your chances of finding roubles.
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Remember, roubles are a valuable currency in Tarkov, and they are essential for purchasing gear, weapons, and other items from traders. Before embarking on the Loyalty Buyout quest, make sure you have enough roubles to meet the required amount.


Completing quests not only offers immediate rewards but also plays a crucial role in character progression and unlocking further content in the game. So, prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead, gather the necessary resources, and embark on the quest to conquer Escape from Tarkov.

This is all for the Loyalty Buyout Tarkov quest guide for more similar content do check Escape from Tarkov guides section.