Escape from Tarkov Big Customer Quest Guide

Escape from Tarkov offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience, and one of the intriguing quests within the game is “Big Customer.” This quest involves a dialogue between the player and an NPC, challenging requirements, exciting objectives, and attractive rewards.

In this article, we will delve into the details of the quest, providing a comprehensive guide to completing it successfully.


To unlock the “Big Customer” quest, players must first accept Skier’s quest, “Chemical Part 4.” This prerequisite ensures a logical progression within the game’s storyline.


The “Big Customer” quest involves several objectives that players must complete. The primary objectives include locating a transport vehicle containing the required chemicals on the Customs map, marking the vehicle with an MS2000 Marker, and successfully surviving and extracting from the location.


Upon successfully completing the “Big Customer” quest, players are rewarded with various benefits. These rewards include a significant experience boost of +8,100 EXP, an increase in Prapor’s reputation by 0.03 points, and a substantial monetary reward of 200,000 Roubles.

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Additionally, players with an Intelligence Center Level 1 or Level 2 receive enhanced rewards of 210,000 Roubles and 230,000 Roubles, respectively. Furthermore, players are awarded a 6B2 body armor (Flora) and two Ammunition cases.

Failure Penalty

Failure to complete the “Big Customer” quest incurs a penalty in the form of a reputation decrease. Specifically, players’ Prapor reputation is reduced by 0.25 points. The quest giver expresses disappointment and frustration, questioning the player’s association with Skier and dismissing them abruptly.


 transport vehicle location
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To embark on the “Big Customer” quest, players must have either completed the quest “Chemical Part 4” or “Out of Curiosity.” Failure to accomplish either of these quests results in the player losing access to “Big Customer.”

It is essential to note that the MS2000 Marker is a crucial item required for this quest. Players can purchase the marker from Prapor. Once obtained, the marker must be placed on the chemical van. After placement, players must remain alive for 30 seconds.

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If they fail to survive during this period, another marker must be placed. It is not necessary to remain near the van once the marker is set. Finding a secure hiding spot nearby and waiting for the timer to complete is an effective strategy.

Related Quest Items

The “Big Customer” quest revolves around specific quest items, primarily the MS2000 Marker. Players need one MS2000 Marker to complete the quest successfully. This item is placed inside the chemical van. It is important to note that the marker must be acquired and used appropriately to progress in the quest.


The “Big Customer” quest in Escape from Tarkov provides an exciting and challenging experience for players. With its rigorous requirements, thrilling objectives, and enticing rewards, the quest adds depth to the game’s narrative and immerses players further into the world of Tarkov.

By following the provided guide and effectively utilizing the related quest items, players can conquer this quest and reap the benefits it offers.

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