How to Tame an Argentavis in Ark Survival Evolved

Hey there, fellow Ark Survival Evolved adventurer! Get ready to meet the incredible Argentavis – the majestic, soaring bird that’ll become your best buddy in no time! This incredible creature is loved by players for its awesome ability to whisk you away on quick travels, gather resources like a pro, and even help you in daring battles!

But hold on tight, because taming this beauty won’t be a walk in the park! It takes a dash of bravery and a sprinkle of skill to win its trust. Are you up for the challenge? Of course, you are!

So, let’s dive into the adventure of a lifetime, as we embark on the quest to tame the mighty Argentavis! The rewards will be totally worth it, and you’ll have a soaring companion to explore this wild world together! Let’s go!

Before you can tame an Argentavis, you will need to have a few things

Argentavis Ark Survival Evolved
Argentavis Ark

Tame Like a Pro with the Mighty Bola!

A bola is the ultimate tool in your taming arsenal! With this ingenious contraption, you’ll effortlessly immobilize the swift Argentavis, giving you the golden opportunity to get up close and personal for that perfect tame.

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Tranq Arrows or Darts – Your Knockout Secret Weapon!

Equip yourself with tranq arrows or darts – the key to a successful knockout! With these handy projectiles, you’ll safely and efficiently put the Argentavis into a peaceful slumber, ready for taming.

Prime or Raw Meat – The Path to an Avian Friendship!

Win the Argentavis’s heart with its favorite treats! Prime meat is its preference, but fear not, raw meat will also do the trick. Show some love with these delicious morsels and earn a loyal feathered friend.

 Narcotics – The Unwavering Slumber Elixir!

Keep your newfound avian companion sound asleep with the power of narcotics! These miraculous substances will ensure the Argentavis stays unconscious during the taming process, so you can take your time forming an unbreakable bond.

Finding an Argentavis

Argentavises can be found on most maps. However, they are most commonly spotted in specific regions, such as the Redwood Forest, the Swamp, and the Mountain areas. So, if you’re eager to encounter these majestic creatures, head to these locations for the best chances of spotting and maybe even taming one! Happy exploring! 

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Taming an Argentavis

Let me break it down for you! We will try to give you the best simple step-by-step guide to tame that amazing bird and make it your own.

1. Use a Bola to stop the Argentavis from moving around.

2. Shoot it with Tranq arrows or darts to make it fall asleep. The number of shots depends on its level.

3. Feed it prime meat or raw meat while it’s asleep to start the taming.

4. Give it Narcotics regularly to keep it sleeping throughout the taming process.

5. Be patient because taming an Argentavis takes a few hours.

Taming Tips:

  • Remember to use the Bola first to make things easier.
  • Use high-level Tranq arrows or darts to speed up the process.
  • Feed the Argentavis as soon as it falls asleep to start taming.
  • Keep giving it Narcotics to keep it asleep.
  • Stay patient because taming takes time.

With these tips, you’ll have your very own Argentavis soaring by your side in no time

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Taming an Argentavis is challenging but rewarding. With patience and preparation, you can add this powerful creature to your Ark Survival Evolved arsenal. If you found our guide helpful, please leave a comment to let us know. We’re here to support you with gaming guides and more. Farewell for now, and happy taming!