Escape from Tarkov: Tarkov Shooter Part 3 Quest Guide

Welcome back, sharpshooter! You’ve proven your accuracy and precision in the previous tests, and now it’s time to put your reaction time to the test. Sniper has a new challenge for you, one that will determine how well you perform in intense close-quarters combat situations.

Get ready to face off against other PMCs with your trusty bolt-action rifle in Escape from Tarkov.


In this quest, your objectives are as follows:

  • Eliminate 3 PMCs from less than 25 meters away while using a bolt-action rifle.


Upon successful completion of this quest, you’ll be rewarded with +10,500 EXP, a Jaeger Rep +0.02, and 70,000 Roubles. If you have Intelligence Center Level 1, you’ll receive 73,500 Roubles, and if you have Intelligence Center Level 2, you’ll receive 80,500 Roubles.

Additionally, you’ll unlock the purchase of a Mosin Rifle Tacfire Tanker Style muzzle brake and Mosin Rifle AIM Sports Recoil Pad at Jaeger LL2. You’ll also receive a Kinda cowboy hat and a Cold Fear infrared balaclava.

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Tarkov Shooter Part 1 Quest Guide
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To complete this quest, you’ll need to equip any bolt-action rifle of your choice. The factory is a recommended location for this quest due to its close-quarters nature, offering plenty of opportunities to engage PMC targets at 25 meters or closer.

Here are a few tips to improve your chances of success:

  1. Flash and stun grenades: Consider bringing M7290 grenades, Zarya grenades, or a KS-23M shotgun loaded with the “Zvezda” flashbang round. These can be used to disorient and stun PMC targets, making them easier to eliminate.
  2. Choose advantageous positions: In urban environments, positioning is crucial. Take advantage of cover, peek around corners, and use your surroundings to gain an upper hand. Be aware of your surroundings and react swiftly to changing situations.
  3. Swift and accurate shots: Given the close range, you’ll need to rely on your quick reflexes and precise aim. Take your time to line up your shots, but don’t hesitate when the opportunity presents itself. Swift and accurate eliminations will be key to completing this quest.
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With the challenge set before you, it’s time to prove your mettle as a Tarkov Shooter in close-quarters combat. Show Sniper that you possess not only exceptional marksmanship but also lightning-fast reactions. Eliminate the rival PMCs with precision and efficiency, securing your victory in this test.

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