How To Get Tapu Bulu in Pokemon Go?

Looking for a guide to know how you can grab a Tapu Bulu in Pokemon Go? Tapu Bulu is introduced in generation 7 and it’s a dual Grass/Fairy Legendary Pokémon and which means getting your hands on it is not easy in Pokemon Go.

Here we cover a guide on how you can catch Tapu Bulu in Pokemon Go without having much hassle. So without further ado let’s check the below guide.

How to Catch Tapu Bulu Pokemon Go?

You can catch Tapu Bulu by defeating Tapu Bulu in 5 Star Raid in Pokemon Go. As of now, there is the only way to Catch Tapu Bulu in Pokemon Go.

tapu bulu in pokemon go
tapu bulu pokemon go

These raids happen once in a while in a year. The Tapu Bulu 5 Star Raid event commenced on 17th April 2023. You can catch Tapu Bulu in this raid to complete your PokeDex.

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The Shiny Tapu Bulu is a bit of a hard task to find, but if you participate in 5 Star Raids you can grab Shiny Tapu Bulu Pokemon also.

Which Pokemon should I use to catch Tapu Bulu in Pokemon Go?

Tapu Bulu Pokemon is available on the 5 Star Raids only. You have to defeat Tapu Bulu and then catch him.

You can do this by using stronger Pokemon than Tapu Bulu. We are suggesting Nihilego, Roserade, Eternatus, Deoxys, and Overqwil. If you have any of the mentioned Pokemon in your PokeDex then you will have the Tapu Bulu Pokemon Go.

Or else you can do is Grab the Poison Type moves Pokemon because Tapu Bulu has a double weakness to Poison Type Moves.

Also, don’t bring Dragon-type Pokemon, Tapu Bulu will make double damage on Dragon moves. 

If you manage to capture the Tapu Bulu you can use it against Water, Electric, Fighting, Grass, Ground, and Dark-type move.

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Tapu Bulu Counters and Weakness

These are some of the best counters of the Tapu Bulu in the Pokemon go.

  • Mega Beedrill
  • Mega Gengar
  • Nihilego
  • Shadow Victreebel
  • Roserade
  • Shadow Vileplume

Tapu Bulu is weak against following Pokemon type moves.

  • Fire.
  • Flying.
  • Poison.
  • Steel.
  • Ice.

Tapu Bulu is resistant to the following pokemon type moves[]\7 8.

  • Electric
  • Dragon
  • Fighting
  • Ground
  • Water
  • Grass


You have to participate in 5 Star Raid where to catch the Tapu Bulu, you have to defeat it. As Tapu Bulu is Grass and Fairy type Legendary Pokemon his weakness are against, Poison, Flying, Steel, Ice, and Fire.

So to defeat you just have any Posion-type Pokemon. Tapu Bulu faces double weaknesses with the Posions attack.

And never try to use Dragon type of Pokemon against the Tapu Bulu. Tapu Bulu will double damage the Dragon moves Pokemon.  His best moves are Magahorn, Dazzling Gleam, Solar Beam, and Glass Knot.

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This is all for how to catch Tapu Bulu in the Pokemon Go guide for more relevant guides you can refer to our Pokemon Go guides few of which are mentioned below.

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