Dark and Darker Best Build Cleric

Whether you are participating in multiplayer mode or solo mode, you must have Cleric on your team. Cleric will be supporting the class in your team.

With not just Support, Cleric helps you to debuff the curse, heal your power and also damage enemies. In Dark and Darker, Cleric uses their faith and magic to aid the team members. A cleric is a shield and sword. 

Best Build Cleric for Solo and Multiplayer: Dark and Darker

It’s good to have support who heals and attacks. So, here we have mentioned the perks, skills, spells, and stats of the Cleric. Dark and Darker Build Cleric can be done from the mentioned data. Also, we have listed the Dark and Darker Build Cleric for solo and multiplayer. 

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Dark and Darker: Cleric Stats

Cleric, guardian angel has an average stat in terms of strength but it is the only option for your health backup. So, that’s why, you should bring Cleric to your team. 

We have listed down the cleric stat at the level.

Cleric Stats:

  • Strength: 11
  • Agility: 11
  • Will: 30
  • Knowledge: 18
  • Resourcefulness: 5
  • Health: 92

Dark and Darker: Cleric Perks

Here we have mentioned the perks of Cleric. In Dark and Darker Build Cleric by choosing the right perks. At level 15 you can have 4 extras in your cleric. 

Perks Description 
Advanced HealerIncrease base magical heal by 5
Blunt Weapon MasteryWhile using blunt weapon increase physical damage by 10%
BrewmasterWon’t be affected if you drink alcohol
KindnessHeal yourself for 15%of the spell’s total heal amount when healing another target
PerseveranceReduce all types of incoming damage by 3
Protection from evilGrants 50% decreased debuff duration 
RequiemRevive team members with 50% HP instead of Silver of Life. 
Undead Slaying+20% Increased physical power bonus when attacking undead enemies
Holy AuraIncrease the Flat armor rating and magic resist rating of yourself and all party members around by 15%

Dark and Darker Build Cleric Perks for Solo mode:

  • Blunt Weapon Mastery
  • Perseverance
  • Undeaad Slaying
  • Advanced Healer
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Dark and Darker Build Cleric Perks of Multiplayer:

  • Advanced Healer
  • Blunt Weapon Mastery
  • Requiem
  • Kindness

Dark and Darker Cleric: Skills

In Dark and Darker you can choose 2 celeriac skills whether you are selecting for solo or multiplayer. 

Skills Description
Holy Purification Inflicts 100 base magical damage to all undead monsters within 7.5 mt
Judgement Deal with 25 magical damage to the target and decrease the speed
SmiteWhen activated, your attack deals an additional instance of 10 magical damage for 7 sec
Spell MemoryAllows you to memorize spells to use in dungeons
Spell Memory 2Allows you to memorize spells to use in dungeons
Divine ProtectionReceives the blessing of the divine and boosts physical damage reduction by an additional flat 30% for 4 seconds

Dark and Darker Build Cleric Skills for solo mode:

  • Spell Memory
  • Holy Purification

Dark and Darker Build Cleric Skill for Multiplayer:

  • Spell Memory
  • Judgment 

Dark and Darker Cleric: Spells

Here, we have mentioned spells. You can select any 4 spells for multiplayer and solo matches.

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Spells Description 
Protection Create a shield that will hold 20 physical damage for 20 sec
BlessTarget gain +3 strength, agility, and will attributes for 30 seconds
Divine Strike Increase weapon damage by 5 for 20 seconds
CleanseRemove all harmful magic effects from the target
Lesser Heal Heals a target for 15 health
BindBinds target for 0.75 seconds
Holy Strike Hits all targets in range, dealing 15 damage and binding them for 2 seconds
Holy Light Increase team member health level to 30 HP or does 100 bases magical damage to an undead target
Sanctuary Dealing 14 spell damage to undead per second.
Resurrection As the name suggests revive the target 
Locusts Swarm Concentrate for a certain period to summon a swarm of locusts in a specific area, dealing 2 damage per 1s
Earthquake Concentrate your mind for a fixed period to create an earthquake in the specific area dealing 10 damage per step and reducing the movement speed bonus by 50% When all targets on it move.

Dark and Darker Build Cleric Spells for Solo:

  • Protection 
  • Lesser Heal 
  • Divine Strike 
  • Bless

Dark and Darker Build Cleric Spells for multiplayer : 

  • Resurrection 
  • Protection 
  • Divine Strike 
  • Sanctuary 


In Dark and Darker you can build Cleric with perks, skills, and spells. For both, solo and multiplayer, it will vary. Also, as per your strength and weakness, you can create and build your own Cleric. When you commence your journey in Dark and Darker, you won’t be able to choose the max level of spell, skill, or perks. You have to level up and boost the number. 

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