Escape from Tarkov Trust Regain Quest Guide

The Trust Regain quest begins with a conversation between the player and the Therapist. Expressing dissatisfaction with the association between the player and Skier, the Therapist challenges their motives and integrity. However, the Therapist sees an opportunity to rectify the situation and requests the player’s assistance in acquiring important supplies for the suffering people.

The player is urged to retrieve specific keys that will unlock inaccessible locations and aid in the mission. It’s an opportunity to put the past behind and prove loyalty.


The Trust Regain quest involves obtaining and handing over four keys to the Therapist. These keys are crucial for gaining access to significant areas within the district. The objectives are as follows:

  • Obtain 1x Dorm Room 303 key.
  • Obtain 1x ZB-014 key.
  • Obtain 1x Military checkpoint key.
  • Obtain 1x Gas station storage room key.
  • Hand over 1x Dorm room 303 key.
  • Hand over 1x ZB-014 key.
  • Hand over 1x Customs military checkpoint key.
  • Hand over 1x Gas station storage room key.
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Upon successfully completing the Trust Regain quest, players will receive a reputation boost with the Therapist. The rewards for accomplishing this task are as follows:

  • Therapist Rep +0.25


To complete the Trust Regain quest, players need to locate and acquire four specific keys. These keys will open doors to areas that hold essential supplies. Here’s a step-by-step guide to obtaining and handing over the required keys.

Obtaining Dorm Room 303 Key

Dorm Room 303 Key 1

The Dorm room 303 key is a crucial item required for this quest. However, it can only be found on Scavs. You’ll need to eliminate Scavs in the game to increase your chances of obtaining this key. Be prepared for intense encounters and remember to secure the key once you’ve defeated the Scav.

Obtaining ZB-014 Key

ZB 014 key

The ZB-014 key is another key necessary for completing the quest. Unlike the Dorm Room 303 key, the ZB-014 key can be found on the desk of Dorm Room 220. It’s important to search thoroughly and ensure that the key is in your possession before proceeding.

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Obtaining Military Checkpoint Key

Military checkpoint key

The Military checkpoint key is a valuable item required for the quest. You can find it sitting next to a Dead Scav on the couch in the boiler building on the east side of Customs. Exercise caution while exploring this area, as it may be infested with hostile players and AI-controlled characters.

Obtaining Gas Station Storage Room Key

Gas station storage room key

The Gas station storage room key is the final key needed to fulfill the objectives of the Trust Regain quest. Look for this key below the desk in the Gas station manager’s office. Keep an eye out for any potential threats while searching for the key, as danger lurks around every corner in Tarkov.

Handing Over the Keys

Once you’ve acquired all four keys, it’s time to hand them over to the Therapist. Return to the Therapist’s location and interact with her to complete the quest. By doing so, you demonstrate your commitment to helping others and rebuilding trust.

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Trust Regain quest in Escape from Tarkov offers players an opportunity to redeem themselves and rebuild trust with the Therapist.

By completing the objectives and handing over the required keys, players not only gain valuable rewards but also establish their dedication to helping those in need.

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