Find the Nickel Ore in Subnautica Below Zero Map: Guide (2024)

Subnautica Nickel Ore Below Zero: This is an ultimate guide based on how to find nickel ore in Subnautica without having much hassle.

Subnautica has several sub-zero areas that you can explore to find nickel ore, one of which may be easier than the other depending on the dangers lurking underwater. Resources such as quartz and limestone outcrops can be scattered throughout the Arctic.

But if you’re still wondering where to look for Nickel Ore, then we’ve got you covered in this post with a detailed explanation.

Where to Find Nickel Ore?

Players may already know that most ores can be found in different outcrops, but nickel ore is slightly different. There will be more nickel ore in the cave system; use the tracker and collect as many minerals as possible.

Players will need to search the Crystal Caverns, Deep Lilypad Caves, Fabricator Caverns, and Lilypad Isles biomes to find Nickel Ore. The nickel ore is in shallow water before heading to the Deep Purple Vents and, at some point, the start of the Crystal Caves.

The deep winding bridges also have many hot springs where diamonds, lithium, and tripe are commonly found. Many different fragments can be found hidden in the Deep Winding Bridges, mostly in smaller cave systems.

Many of the shards you can find are random, depending on where or which wreck you can find them. You can find the first one in the kelp forest near the starting area, then enter the cave; the latter will be in the pitcher plant forest.

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subnautica nickel ore below zero
subnautica nickel ore below zero

You can find root balls attached to meandering vines in caves under the seagrass bed, where the earliest sea monkey nests were found. Sea monkeys can steal your tools and hide them in nearby dens, but you can also get materials from them.

The Sea Monkey will also only be able to obtain seven nickel ore when it is about to provide resources to the player.

If you’re having difficulty finding Nickel Ore (and Nickel is hard to come by even at the location above), then Sea Monkeys can gift you enough Nickel to create Tier 3 Depth Upgrades for the Seatruck and Prawn Suit.

If you’re struggling to find the Nickel you need to get the last few deep upgrade ore, don’t worry. Luckily, a) you don’t need a lot of Nickel to do everything Subzero requires, and b) there are a few safer places where you can get most of the Nickel you need without too much trouble.

Where to look for it in the Biomes?

There are several different biomes where nickel ore can be found, and they tend to be deep or hidden in caves and crevices. Glacial Link is a deep cave system located under a large glacier on the west of the map. A distinguishing feature of the Glacier Basin is a massive iceberg with a cave that houses the base of the snow fox.

The Glacial Basin is one of the darkest biomes in Subzero, lit only dimly by the giant, deep water lilies found throughout. The biome has several caves scattered around it, including the cave where the Ice Leviathan is located.

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The thermal Speirs also contain a corridor leading down to the Crystal Caverns. Thermal Spires is the first thermal biome the player is likely to visit and is one of the safest. It would help if you took extreme care when entering the ice pool, as squid sharks can be found in the biome.

Squid sharks roam the Lilypads biome, which is especially dangerous when swimming openly in search of nickel ore. Shipwrecks can be found by exploring the border between the purple vents and the pitcher island biomes.

It is found deep enough in the caves, on the Lilypad Islands, and in the Crystal Caves. From here, jump out of your Seatruck and head down instead of up until you find the Deep Lilypads caves. You’ve already explored the caves by now, so go back there and instead of risking a hole, keep trying to go deeper into the immediate environment.

Once here, you will find yourself in the caves, avoid the shadow leviathans as best, and look for a purple crystal ring that will drop you into a hole. You will eventually come to the cave you are entering, allowing you to exit to the other side and explore the zero outposts.

There you will find a transmission tower near the entrance to the cave; enter to get to the frozen Leviathan. Heading approximately 1070 meters from the Drop Pod’s starting point, players will come across an underwater structure.

An approaching ghostly leviathan is guarding a large jagged rocky area with a cave underneath that you need to sneak into and jump down into the cave below that you need to sneak into.

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What are the Uses of Nickel Ore?

Nickel Ore is primarily used to upgrade vehicles in games, but these upgrades can be critical to getting stuck and expanding your exploration.

Once the player has found a spot with lots of nickel ore in one of the Deep Lilypads caves, it might be worth building a lighthouse so players can come back later.

The entrances to the Lost River are located on the Great Barrier Reef, in mountain caves, and near the border between the mountains and the bulb zone. Wreckage can also be found in Lost River.

Water lily cracks range from open trenches to deep underground caverns, with some entrances formed by the destructive nature of water lilies.

Using map coordinates, you can navigate to any location you’re looking for, such as bases, caves, biome entrances, Leviathan spawns, and even other locations. Sea crown is a rare plant in Subnautica that can be harvested with a knife.

This is the end of this short guide.

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