How to Increase Strength Faster in GTA Online?

GTA Online allows you to level up different aspects of your character. Increasing strength has multiple benefits, which will be useful in PvP encounters.

When you increase the strength of your character, you can deal more melee damage, climb ladders quickly, and take less damage. 

There are several ways to increase strength in GTA Online. Playing golf or tennis, or fights with NPCs or other players. You can go to grapeseed farms and punch cows, increasing your strength. 

increase strength gta online
How to Increase Strength in GTA Online?

How To Increase Strength in GTA Online Fast?

There are two options if you want to strengthen yourself quickly. The first must be completed with help. You need to invite a friend to your lobby. Ask your friend to get into a car once you and they are in the same session.

Punch the car for 10-15 minutes while your friend is inside until your strength stats rise. For every 20 punches, your strength in the game will increase by 1%, and you can do it until you have sufficient strength. 

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How To Increase Strength in GTA Online Solo?

The second way to increase your strength quickly is without anyone’s help. You need to find a salvage truck. Once you do, jump in the back, shoot into the air to spook the driver, and kick the truck. 

Since the truck is flatbed and enclosed, you won’t fall off the truck or have to worry about losing your balance. Again, this method should take 10–15 minutes to max out your strength. Although you might need some extra time to help find the salvage truck in the first place.

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