Exoprimal How Long to Beat

Exoprimal is a multiplayer online action game where players battle dinosaurs like the T-Rex, raptors, and pterodactyls while using cutting-edge exosuit technology developed by humans.

Unfortunately, the publisher has yet to officially rule out the potential of additional entries in that adored brand. Many fans have been pleading with Capcom to launch a new Dino Crisis game or restore those older titles.

An online-only multiplayer game puts two teams of five players against one another in a range of PvE and PvP objectives. As a result, we do not anticipate this game to include a single-player mode. Additionally, you can select among the tank, assault, or support positions.

Exoprimal was released on 14 July 2023 across the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows platform.

Exoprimal Tips
Image credit: Capcom

How long does it take to finish Exoprimal’s story?

The “campaign” of Exoprimal, which is primarily a collection of cutscenes and vignettes about the player character facing battle against an AI dubbed Leviathan, will require 55 matches to finish.

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Although you may time yourself playing a battle and find out the precise duration, Capcom has provided a straightforward response: “approximately 15 hours of gameplay.” Boom!

While navigating the main menu, you can always check your % progress by going to the last UI tab (database). Additionally, this is where the web of cutscenes that you must go through in order to finish the plot can be found.

After that, you can play to unlock everything else, including cosmetic items on seasonal courses that are either free or paid for as well as specific Exo Suit unlocks.

Exoprimal includes a subtle story element and is now available on Xbox Game Pass and many more platforms. You’ll come across secrets and plot strands as you play through PVE or PVP battles (all of which include blasting dinos), and you’ll progress the meta-narrative beyond the simple act of mindless shooting.

That’s how long it takes to complete Exoprimal as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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