Exoprimal How to Change Suits

Wondering, Exoprimal How to Change Suits? Well the Exoprimal offers a wide range of strong and elegant Exosuits for Assault, Support, and Tank characters. In Exoprimal, the ability to change suits can be the difference between spectacular victory and the dinosaur crunch of mission failure.

Each of Exosuits has a distinct set of powers with many rigs and mods to select from, so it’s up to players to try them out and figure out which suit works best for them. Fortunately, donning and altering Exosuits in Exoprimal is straightforward once players understand how, and it can make or break the team-focused gameplay.

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How To Change Suit In Exoprimal 

You are given different variants of Exosuits to help you in combat while combating dinosaurs and other animals. Goods, like armor and weaponry, are your major source of power and protection and these items are classified into three categories: attack, tank, and support. To change Exosuit, go to the Hanger menu and select the ‘Add to favorites’ option to change suit.

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Currently, there are 10 default suits available, four of these are of Assault type, three are Tank type, and three are of Support Type and you can freely customize these exosuits to your own preference.

Assault Exosuits are designed to inflict damage on your opponents, while precise loadouts differ, each Assault suit is equipped with weapons and skills tailored to its effective fighting range. You can easily switch between these weapons based on your opponent’s range.

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Tank Exosuits are the finest option for safeguarding your comrades. These are intended to protect allies by diverting opposing fire and absorbing damage. Tank suits will be your team’s first line of defense, whether it’s repelling a massive horde or stopping continuous dinosaur attacks.

Support Exosuits are intended to boost team survivability and speed in completing goals. They have boosting and debuffing powers in combat, as well as healing abilities that can repair suits.

When confronted with unexpected problems and events, you can easily modify your outfit. For PC players, hit the T button to see the available outfits. You can select one of these outfits, which will immediately equip your character. 

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That’s how to change suits in Exoprimal as I’ll see you in the next guide.