Exoprimal How to Play With Friends

Exoprimal is Capcom’s most recent online third-person shooter game. The primary gameplay is mostly PvP-based, where you can team up with friends, however you may play it in PvE mode as well. To accomplish a series of tasks put forth by a cutting-edge AI named Leviathan, you must kill dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals while competing against the other side.

It can be difficult yet exciting to play the game, and it’s impossible not to share the excitement and enjoyment with a few reliable pals. To have the best experience in Exoprimal, it is advised that you cooperate with your friends. In a single game, you can invite four more participants.

Exoprimal Guides
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How to play with friends in Exoprimal on PlayStation

PlayStation users can play with friends across PS4 and PS5, and here’s how to connect with friends:

  • Create or sign into a Capcom account.
  • Press the PS center button.
  • Select the party menu.
  • Choose the Invite to Game option and select friends you want to invite.
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How to play with friends in Exoprimal on Xbox

Exoprimal is available on Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC, which provides the only effective way for players on different platforms to join and play together by following these steps.

  • Create or sign in to a Capcom account.
  • Select the Xbox menu.
  • Select the friend to invite from the friends list.
  • Invite them to play Exoprimal with the invite button.

Alternatively, you can invite or join a friends session by opening the ‘Buddy’ tab on the Exoprimal home menu.

  • Sign in to Exoprimal.
  • On the main menu, look to the right for the ‘Buddy’ tab.
  • Click the plus button.
  • Find an online friend and select their username.
  • Click ‘Invite’ or ‘Join Session’.

How to play with friends in Exoprimal on PC

If playing on the Xbox App for PC, players can directly create sessions with those on the Xbox console by following the same steps above.

  • Press SHIFT and TAB while in-game to open the Steam overlay.
  • Go to the Friend’s menu.
  • Click on your friend and select “invite”.
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That’s how to play with friends in Exoprimal as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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