Exoprimal How to Open War Chest

Exoprimal lets you hunt down enormous dinosaurs with your buddies. This incredible notion is, after completing a perilous assignment, you will gain experience and gold.

You can upgrade your exosuits, but you will also be upgrading your account. When you successfully level up, you will get a War Chest.

Post-game incentives for players that get their feet wet in Exoprimal’s wargames come in a variety of formats, with war chests being the most lucrative. Here’s a guide showing you how to open War Chest and what’s inside.

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How to open War Chests in Exoprimal

While Exoprimal makes it evident when you acquire War Chests, given that you are notified at the end of a match, it is not immediately obvious where you can claim them.

The main menu comprises several sections that link users to the wargame, hangar, career, and database screens to learn more about the game’s features. The war chests area is easy to ignore because it is buried in plain sight.

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Exoprimal War Chests can be claimed from the main menu, where Sandy is standing in the ship hangar. To her right is a chest symbol indicating the war chest portion, as well as a number indicating how many unopened chests are waiting to be claimed.

By clicking on the button, you will be taken to another screen where Sandy is seated at a table that resembles a casino card dealer. Sandy will draw the three cards holding your goodies after you press the Open Chest button.

How to earn War Chests in Exoprimal

You will gain experience points for your activities on the battlefield, similar to any competitive first or third-person shooting game, which will result in your player level growing.

As your player level rises, you will earn a number of prizes for your accomplishments, ranging from in-game cash to cosmetic and performance enhancements for any of the game’s 10 Exosuits.

That’s all you need to know about Exoprimal War Chest as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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