Fantasy Life Online Starter Guide: Tips, Tier List

Fantasy Life Online Starter Guide: Fantasy Life Online is a very popular RPG or role-playing game. The game stands upon the world of reverie. The main priority of the game is to build up the town. You will get many fields to explore. Fantasy Life Online game is quite similar to Fantasy Life’s Game.

The game has common characters. The characters can be designed by the players and they can take part in many Lives for a lot of experiences. You will be able to learn about the game very well from this Fantasy Life Online starter guide.

The Character Guide Of Fantasy Life Online:

You will be able to find 4-5 stars characters while you will make a new account. It is your decision which character you will select. A good fighting character will help you to win the game. 

HAWKE will help you to play the primary levels of the game. It has good attack speed. The best support character in Fantasy Life Inline is Sloane.

fantasy life online starter guide
fantasy life online starter guide

The crafting characters of Fantasy Life Online:

There are two important crafting characters that most of the players ask for. The crafting chapters are as follows.

BRAYBLACKSMITH: This crafting character gains a boost in tool power at the time of crafting black shields. Your gear gets a lot of improvement by it as well as your weapons that are related to a blacksmith.

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Kennedy – Carpenter: This crafting character achieves a boost in tool power while crafting with green timber. Your gear that relates to the carpenter gets a lot of improvement.

The Tier List Of Fantasy Life Online:

  • Lucio – SS Tier
  • Haku – SS Tier
  • Hawk – ‘S’ Tier
  • Jake – ‘S’ Tier
  • Sloane – ‘S’ Tier
  • Teruha – A Tier
  • Bray – A Tier
  • Belhart – A Tier
  • Grantz – B Tier
  • Kennedy – B Tier
  • Sophie – B Tier
  • Klaus – B Tier
  • Jossette – B Tier

The Weapon Tier List Of Fantasy Life Online:

Name of the weaponFunction
Flower RodAngler
Brute’s rodAngler
Blue Devil HammerBlacksmith
War Carpenter’s sawCarpenter
Sweet AppleCook
Falcon WingsHunter
Wind  calling stuffMagician
Sage staffMagician
Crimson LucioMercenary
Earth Lord’s piceaxeMiner
Firelord’s pickaxeMiner
Blue knightsPaladin
Royal NeedleTailor
Leaf NeedleTailor
Snow Blossom AxeWoodcutter
Bear GrinderWoodcutter

How Will You Fast Level Up In Fantasy Life Online:

You will be able to get 5000 Exp points from each mimic. There are several super mimics bosses in some fields. You will be able to get 15000 Exp points from each of the super mimics. You have to mark the mimics to find them without any difficulty. This you will be able to fast level up in Fantasy Life Online game.

How Can You Get Coins In Fantasy Life Online:

You have to focus mainly on the Dark Dragon. It will give you platinum coins that you might use to buy a lot of things. Your first aim is to win against the lightning lizard. Then you have to fight with the dark dragon. You can complete this mission very fast if you use a good light element team and Glen or Zeo. You will be able to gain coins more if your party is strong enough.

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Tips, Tricks, and Strategies Of Fantasy Life Online:

You have to follow some simple tips, tricks, and strategies to play Fantasy Life online. We have tried to mention some of them in this Fantasy Life Online starter guide. They are as follows:

Try a new life: This is to inform you that there is no right or wrong way to play this game. You can play this game by sticking to one life if you wish. You will be able to find twelve life roles in this game. That is why you will miss eleven lives in the game if you stick to one life and play with it only. Each life role is related to each other and they complete each other.  You can change your life role anytime. You may change it when you have free time or when you are fighting a specific life role.

Do not sell anything: While you will play the game you will be able to find or get a lot of items. Some of them may be very useful and some of them may be of no use. If you are not poor, you should not sell any item. You will never know when the item that you will sell will be required when you will try to craft another life.

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Make Use Of Quick Travel: When you will find places you will see that the works of Reveria are quite large. You have to look for quick travel opportunities if you want to save time. You have to use your map if you want to Quick Travel to your home or change your life. You can buy holiday homes that you can use as quick travel destinations. But they are very costly.

Chat to life colleagues: You will be able to chat with life colleagues and friendly NPCs. Every life has a lot of life colleagues. They feel very glad to chat and they will happily share their knowledge with you. If you want to detect them you have to find the Life icon next to their name. When a colleague wants to say something g new and vital you will find there a ‘?’.

Phone a friend: When you are not able to find any particular material or item for your life or anything else you may contact a friend who is playing Fantasy Life Online. He will help you in local or multiplayer mode. If you do not find any friends you have to visit Fantasy Life Online communities to get a friend who plays this game.

Final Words

Hope this Fantasy Life Online starter guide will help you to play the game better than before. The game is full of fun. If you play this game you will enjoy it very much.

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