BDM Giant Guide | Giant Absolute & Awakening Skills

BDM Giant Guide: In Black Desert Mobile the Giant is supposed to be the largest, frightening class with powerful invasions and a gigantic existence. It is supposed the be a complex class to play the Giant.

In this article, you are going to be shared with a complete guide to playing the Black Desert Mobile. You will be able to know the best ways to play this game and its pros and cons and get a step-by-step BDM Giant guide.

This BDM Giant guide will help you to know each detail of the Black Desert Mobile game.  So read this carefully before playing the game.


A lot of advantages are there in the game for the Giants at the juncture. The advantage is as follows:

  • One can play Giants in various ways due to their skill set.
  • Giants come up with high mobility, hard crowd control, and great damaging combos for outstanding PVP battles. This Giant becomes perfect for facing any type of situation, particularly against other players.
  • You can play the Giant in a few roles like a tank or the primary damage dealer but it completely depends on your team composition.
  • The Giants are a threat in PVP. They can easily control the crowd by using their super armor skills. So you can not pin them down so easily.
  • They can wild dual axes that look very fresh.


The Giant has some disadvantages too. The disadvantages are as follows:

  • Though Giants are very powerful in PVP they are very difficult to handle if you compare it to other classes.
  • As the Giants do not have real self-heal, so they find it very difficult to survive.
  • Giants are not able to share off-hand projectiles. So it is not helpful when you are going to a high level.
  • The character model of the Giant is enormous. So you can be easily seen and targeted.
bdm giant guide

Black Desert Mobile: Awakening Skills:

We were able to update the game once. This allows us to amplify the hero using Awakening. If you want to awaken the hero you have to undergo several stages that are mentioned below:

  • You have to reach level 60 after crossing the 59 levels with your character.
  • You have to acquire the Southwest Calpheon Pass.
  • Then you have to finish the awakening task which will be displayed in the list of tasks. You will be able to locate an icon to be lit at the top of the screen which gives a reminder about the fulfillment of the mission.
  • After finishing the mission you can select one or different new hero classes.
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The Classes In Black Desert Mobile

While you will read the BDM Giant guide you will come to know that there are five main classes in Black Desert Mobile. The classes are all gender locked. The five main classes in Black Desert Mobile are given below:


The levelled melee class of the BDM game is supposed to be the warrior. A long sword is their main weapon. They come up with relatively steady stats. They use shields as a secondary weapon to block attacks to some extent.

They belong to the melee class. So they have faith in close-quarter battles while facing enemy attacks. On PVP they are the most powerful. They can provide service as a tank or a damage dealer in PvE. You can easily learn this. That is why if you pick the Warrior it will be the best decision for you if you know the details of MMO games.


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The Warrior has a female counterpart that is known as Valkyrie. They do not work as fast as the Warriors. They have higher defence skills and terrific damage control. For blocking damage they use a sword and shield. It is more powerful in the PVP group and PVE party.


Among the newbie-friendly classes in the BDM gametes, Giant is supposed to be one of the best. They can control damage against enemies. They are very powerful in the PVE group. Deadly axes along with ornamental knots are utilized by them as secondary weapons.

You will have great fun if you play it. You will not face any difficulty to learn the game. If you are new to this game you can choose this class without any hesitation. It will be very helpful for you.


This class is very difficult to use. But they are more powerful in PVP as well as in PVE. If you like to farm first for your primary character selecting the Ranger class will be a clever judgment for you.


This class uses her staff and dagger for controlling damage. The skill of the Witch leans towards AOE. So it is supposed to be a great asset for PVP as well as PVE.

It will be a good selection if you choose her for farming just like Ranger class. There is no need of learning how to position the Witches on the battlefield. The players even do not require to know how to time their spells right.

The Family Name Of Black Desert Mobile

The family name is as important as your last name in the game. The family name signifies you as well as all your characters when you are going to play Black Desert Mobile Game. Anyone can not copy it. It will be all yours.

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All servers of BDM are yours. There is one thing that you have to keep in mind. You have to use the same name with each server with the same region too. So you must be very careful while choosing it.

Difference in Black Desert & Black Desert Mobile?

Conversely, Black Desert Online is indeed a PC-only game with a console counterpart on Xbox & PlayStation platforms dubbed merely Black Desert. Because of the nature of the touch controllers, Black Desert Mobile has various combat systems to Black Desert Online.

Is Black Desert Mobile an interesting video game?

Without exaggeration, this is most likely the better mobile game available today, with visuals on par with recent console/PC titles. Furthermore, all of the spells & abilities have spectacular animations associated with them. Each spell motion is special and has its own look and feel.

Is it possible to play Black Desert Mobile on a PC?

PEARL ABYSS produced the role-playing videogame Black Desert Mobile. For a realistic gaming experience, PC Simulator is the perfect software to play any Android game on any PC or Mac. Immerse oneself in a beautiful environment created in exquisite detail by cutting-edge graphics technology.

Final Words:

Black Desert Mobile is supposed to be the highly trending mobile MMORPG game in the present times.

Hope this BDM guide will help you to play the game if you are completely new to this game. And if you have already knowledge about this game this BDM Giant guide will be a refresher course for you. So what are you thinking just open the game and have a lot of fun.

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