How Much is Headless Horseman Bundle and How To Get It in Roblox?

The headless avatar is one of the favourite Roblox avatars for most of the players and it makes one of the rarest and most costly items in Roblox. If you’re also wondering, how much the headless avatar cost and how you can get it.

Here we have covered all information about Roblox Headless Avatar and the Headless Horseman bundle that helps you to know how you can get it without having a hassle.

How To Get Headless Horseman Bundle in Roblox?

Headless Horseman can only be obtained using the Headless Horseman Bundle in Halloween events. Basically, the Headless Horseman Bundle appears in Roblox’s in-game store from October and remains till November means almost an entire month.

So you need to wait till the next October 2023 to get the Headless Horseman Bundle. However, there is also another way to get it. You can also trade Headless Horseman Bundle with other players. Most of the players purchase the headless horseman bundle and then sell it to other Roblox players. But first, you need to know what is the actual price of the Headless bundle.

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You can also get the Headless Horseman Bundle from giveaways. On Twitter, there are lots of Roblox players hosting the Headless Bundle giveaways in which you need to complete certain tasks to get the Headless bundle.

How Much is Headless Horseman Bundle Cost?

The price of the Headless Horseman Bundle is 31000 Robux which is around $385. Yes, this is one of the costly bundles in Roblox because of the limited availability from October to November means 4 weeks per year.

How To Trade Headless Horseman with Other Roblox Players?

As we all know Roblox players can trade items from each other however they can only trade limited items in Roblox. If you want any Roblox user who is ready to trade Headless Horseman Bundle with you then here are the steps you need to follow to trade successfully.

  1. Visit the Profile of the Player who is willing to trade with you.
  2. Click on the (…) three dots given on the right side of the screen. That shows players’ Usernames and other information.
  3. Simply, chose the Trade Item and choose the “Headless Horseman Bundle” from your request list.
  4. Add the additional Rubox if you wanted to.
  5. In last, Click on the Make Offer to confirm the trade.
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Once the other player comes online in Roblox it will send you a response about the offer you made. However, finding the perfect Roblox player who actually has the Headless Horseman Bundle and wants sell it is not easy at the fair Robux.

This is, to sum up this Roblox Headless guide for more similar content do read our Roblox Guides for more helpful information.

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