FIFA 23: Cheapest 83 and 84 Rated Players List

Want to know who are the cheapest 84-Rated Players in FIFA 23? That is precisely what I will be discussing here. In this article, learn about the top ten most affordable 84-rated players in FIFA 23.

With the end of FIFA 23 being the ultimate team, there is a massive level Up promo over and potentially a final promo. But there are more squad-building challenges. 

These Squad building challenges will allow you to unlock the unique player items and special packs that will be helpful for you to use while trying to hit a team of the Season player in FIFA 23.

Top 10 Cheapest 84-Rated Players List

The minimum coins you will need to get the cheapest 84-rated players in Ultimate Team. There are plenty of 84-rated players, but here are the top ten cheapest 84-rated players list in FIFA 23:

  • Munian: 2,100 coins 
  • Yassine Bounou: 2,200 coins 
  • Stefan Savic: 2,200 coins 
  • Dusan Tadic: 2,200
  • Lorenzo Pellegrini: 2,300 coins 
  • Mason Mount: 2,300 coins 
  • Joel Matip: 2,300 coins 
  • Leonardo Bonucci: 2,300 coins 
  • Angel Di Maria: 2,300 coins 
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Cheapest 83-Rated Players List

The lowest price for the 83-Rated players starts at 900 coins on PlayStation and Xbox. There are several 83-Rated players, but here are the top ten:

  • Hakim Ziyech: 900 coins 
  • Firmino: 900 coins
  • Simon: 900 coins
  • Jesus Navas: 900 coins
  • Laimer: 900 coins
  • Ruben Neves: 900 coins
  • David Silva: 900 coins
  • Carlos Soler: 900 coins
  • Ricardo Pereira: 900 coins
  • Zielinski: 900 coins 

That is all for this article hope it clears all your questions for you to build an affordable squad in FIFA 23.

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