Fix For Baldurs Gate 3 Device Lost Error

If you also getting the Baldurs Gate 3 Device Lost Error while playing the BG3. While playing video games we all encounter several errors in Baldur’s Gate 3 there are some popular errors that players encounter such as being unable to create a working story, cannot able to Fast Travel and more.

The Device Lost Error is one of these errors in the game that was noticed by Larian Studios and start working to fix it in the upcoming game updates. Until then there are some quick fixes that apply by most of the players to resolve the issue and it worked.

Here we covered all these fixes that help you to resolve the BG3 Device Lost Error without having much hassle.

How To Fix Baldur’s Gate 3 Device Lost Error

The Device Lost Error or DXGI Device Removed error randomly occurs in the middle of the game that plays and crashes the game completely. More important this error is due to the issue with the DirectX. In the error dialogue box, you will find some troubleshooting to fix the issue but for some players, these don’t work. Here are some fixes that worked.

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1. Try Launching BG3 using bg3_dx11.exe

If you encounter the Lost Device Error while playing Baldur’s Gate 3 this is because you’re using the Vulkan to launch the game. This means you’re launching the BG3 using the bg3.exe this time you need to launch the game using the bg3_dx11.exe it was located in the game folder.

2. Update Graphics Drivers

The lost device error occurs due to the issue with DirectX to fix this you need to update the graphic driver on your PC. To update the graphic open the Device Manager from the start menu.

update gpu lost device error
Update Graphic Driver To Fix Lost Device Error

Device Manager > Display Adapter > Right-Click on Graphic Driver > Update

3. Update the GPU Drivers

To Update the AMD Driver

AMD Adrenaline > Home > Check for Updates > Download 

To Update the NVIDIA Driver

Geforce Experience > Drivers > Check for Updates > Download

4. Make Changes in Compatibility Settings

To make changes in to the Compatibility Settings right click on the bg3.exe or bg3_dx11.exe and choose the Properties. The new window will pop up on your screen. In it go to the Compatibility tab.

Change Compatibility BG3
Change BG2 Compatibility Settings

Search for the Override high DPI section in the Compatibility tab and make sure it is selected as an Application.

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Choose the ” Run as administrator ” and scroll down and turn off Disable full screen optimizations

5. Switch from Vulkan to DX11

If you’re using an old GPU card such as Maxwell architecture then you may get more GPU issues with games and programs to fix this switch to the new Nivida or AMD graphic card.

BG3 Switch from Vulkan to DX11
How To Fix BG3 Device Lost Error

Fortunately, you can easily switch Vulkan to DX11 this is temporary but will fix some issues it worked for players shows on Baldur’s Gate 3 Reddit Community. To switch Vulkan to DX11 go to the bg3.exe or bg3_dx11.exe right-click on it and choose Create Shortcut from the menu list.

6. Underclock the GPU

For some BG3 players underclocking their GPU has fixed the Lost Device Error for them. You can also try it. Open your GPU architecture and look for the Clock section and make changes in Clock and Memory Clock such as -50 and save it.

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This is all for how to fix Baldur’s Gate 3 Device Lost Error for more similar guides refer to our Buldur’s Gate 3 guides section.

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