Is Secret Neighbour Cross Platform PC, PS4, Xbox?

Is Secret Neighbour Cross Platform between different gaming consoles such as PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo Switch and more.

Secret Neighbour is one of those video games online that comes to mind when discussing multiplatform gaming. While The Secret Neighbor may be a lot of fun, some players are wondering whether it is going to make the jump to a multiplatform title in 2022.

Many players are wondering whether they can play Secret Neighbor games cross-platform on the PC, PS4 and Windows PC, or not.

In fact, there are over several hundred unique, imaginatively-conceptualized horror games. You can have fun with these most frightening Roblox games featuring unexpected jump scares and obtain and play the Outriders Cross-Platform. So, in this article, we’ll get you covered on this topic.

Secret Neighbour: Overview

The secret Neighbour game is about finding a new neighbour who is secretly living in a nearby building. You take on a role of a detective who is looking for clues and trying to find the person living in the neighbouring house.

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This person can be a criminal, an alien or even Santa Claus. The game is a satire on social media and social behaviour. It aims to expose the privacy paradox where people are more comfortable with sharing their personal information than they would like to think.

The game is about finding out why your neighbours abandoned their home and went into hiding or what’s truly going on in the basement of their house. The player can either join the intruders or help the Neighbour in his quest to find his friend.

Either way, the player has to face creepy elements as they go along such as live spiders and rats.

Is Secret Neighbour Cross Platform
Is Secret Neighbour Crossplay

Is Secret Neighbour Cross Platform In 2022?

Well, being a multiplayer game, Secret Neighbour features cross-play between PC and Xbox. So yes, Secret Neighbour does support Cross-Platform Play just yet, meaning players are able to engage with each other as long as they are using different platforms.

Secret Neighbour’s Cross-platform functionality means that you can play multiplayer of this game with your friends playing on any device.

It is multiplayer where you can play as your neighbours or an attacker.It has been optimized by the developers perfectly for players to get seamless gameplay. The game features action, adventure, and horror all rolled into one, making it worth playing.

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Is Secret Neighbour Cross Platform Xbox One and PC?

Yes, Secret Neighbour has cross-platform functionality between Xbox One and PC, meaning the game has Cross-play functionality.

It seems that we could expect even greater experiences for gamers in 2022, where players can hop onto the same title across platforms and devices.

Players using different platforms and devices will be able to play the same game simultaneously in 2022, meaning while you are playing “Secret Neighbor” on Xbox One, you might connect to another player using a PC.

Basically, Secret Neighbor is a social horror game where you need to find out who the evil neighbours are. It is a group of intruders who rescue their friend from the Neighbour’s creepy basement. The game starts off with you going to your Neighbour’s house and meeting him in disguise

Is Secret Neighbour Cross Platform PS4 and PC?

Secret Neighbour is a horror-puzzle game for a single-player mode, and it does have Crossplay functionality between PS4 and PC. Support means that users on Secret Neighbor are free to freely interact with one another no matter what gaming platform they are on. 

For instance, while playing Secret Neighbor on a PC, you may connect with your spouse using their Nintendo Switch console to play Private Neighbor. This means that if you are playing Secret Neighbor on a Windows PC, while your friend is playing it on PS4, you both will be able to connect and play together.

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Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform on Xbox and PS4/PS5?

Yes, Secret Neighbour supports cross-play functionality, it is no difficult feat to get it across different platforms and similarly between Xbox and PS4/PS5. Even if gameplay methods differ between the two consoles, players can easily access Secret Neighbour across multiple systems thanks to the cross-play support.

More obviously, a player on the PS4 can easily join up with an Xbox One player and play. In short, players from PlayStation and Xbox alike can get on board and enjoy playing together.

Not only has the multiplatform made it possible for customers on competing consoles to play together, but mobile players on iOS and Android are also welcome to jump in on the party (depending on the game, of course).

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