How to Fix NATPunch 62 Error in Baldur’s Gate 3

In any online multiplayer game, errors are common problems. An error can be from your device or the developer side. You can easily fix the error if it occurs due to technical issues with the device. NATPunch 62 and NATPunch 65 are common errors encountered by users when they try to join BG3 multiplayer mode with other users. The unable to perform NATPunch 62 error won’t let you connect with other users in multiplayer mode. 

It’s quite frustrating isn’t it, but now we have some tips and methods to solve the Unable to Perform NATPunch 62. Go through the guide to solve the BG3 62 error. 

How to fix the BG3 NATPunch 62 error?

To solve unable to perform NATPunch 62 error follow these steps:

Check your Internet Connection

So, the error takes place while you try to run BG3 Multiplayer with other users. It’s an online game, so first, you should check your internet connectivity. Check that the internet is stable and running smoothly. To fix that issue, restart the router, and check the internet speed. If any issues are on the internet, let the connector know and try again.

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Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding is a technique that can help you to transfer data quickly. The port forwarding method will help you to bypass the NAT firewall and the internet is directly reached where it’s required. To fix the NATPunch 62 error in BG3, you have to forward specific ports by BG3. 

Enable Universal Plug and Play(UPnP)

This method is similar to the port forwarding method, where the internet is directly destined to its location. The UPnP will allow networks to connect automatically without any delay. If you enable UPnP on your device, the necessary data will be automatically transferred to BG3 servers. 

Use a VPN

VPN will allow you to simultaneously connect your and your friend’s devices. The VPN will bypass the NAT and establish a direct connection. We will recommend using the above method first and if they don’t work then try VPN and other methods. 

Disable Firewalls

This might be the reason you are unable to perform the NATPunch 62 error. There might be a chance that the Firewall of your device is blocking the connection required for the BG3 servers. In that case, you should let down the firewall first. Check if the error is fixed or not. If fixed then put Baldur’s Gate 3 in the exception list. 

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Update BG3’s latest version

Make sure you are using the latest version of Baldur’s Gate 3, otherwise not only NATPunch 63 but you can face many other errors and glitches too. You can check the update, from the purchased app center. Also, while connecting with other players, make sure you both have the latest version of BG3. 

Clear app Cache

It’s the unnecessary data stored in the game file. The cache can lead to lag and cause the NATPunch error in BG3. you can visit Steam, open settings, and download, in download restriction, you can see the clear download cache button. 


These methods can help you to resolve the NATPunch BG3 errors. Also, you can try these methods to fix other internet-related issues. Further, there are also some troubleshooting methods that you can try, like uninstall and reinstall, reboot the router, and all. If still you are facing any errors, then there might be an error from the developer side. In that case, you have to contact Larian Studios support to fix the NATPunch 62 error. 

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