World Noob Game – No 1 Noob Game in The World (2024)

Looking for the world noob game well here in this short guide we have listed all the noob games in the world. Check out the list of the games and share your opinion.

What Are Noob Games?

Over the last couple of years, casual gaming has been steadily rising in popularity and as many people are now returning to their office’s casual games will be the go-to app for killing any free time.

Even though the pandemic has shifted work to home and it feels like there is no time for work or to relax but the number of downloads of noob games has only gone up. People use noob games as a method of relaxation after a tough day at work.

So now you might be wondering what noob games are?

Simply put, noob games are those which can be played even by beginners. Noob is an abbreviation of “Newbie”, which is a word used to describe amateurs. These games are easy to play and addictive as hell.

Whether you are a hardcore “noob” gamer or playing for time pass, you should check out our list of the top noob games in the world. Go through this and see if you like any of these games and do reach out to us if you started playing any of our suggestions.

Without waiting further, let’s jump right into our article!

Best Noob Games in the World

These are some of the best noob games from all around the world. Check out the list of all the games and share your views.

noob game

#1 Free Fire

Being one of the most popular battle royale games, Free Fire offers unlimited fun and even has a separate fan base of its own. Amassing millions of downloads from all over the world, this game is bound to get you hooked to it.

The objective of the game is to survive for 15 minutes by fighting the other 49 players. Although this might sound exactly like any other battle royale game, Free fire has some unique features of its own.

Free Fire allows users to customize their character with the help of the character systems. An intricate, captivating and detailed storyline with multiple modes is sure to bring out the gamer in you. For noobs, the game has a training mode to hone your skills. After training yourself you can try the different modes in the game.

Additionally, you can create and build your battles by customizing your room and inviting other players and friends to compete.

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We’re not yet, the game also entertains players with a lot of luck royale, in-game events, and elite passes. By participating in these events, users will stand a chance to get their hands on many exclusive and awesome rewards. This is one of the main reasons why many gamers are opting for Free Fire.

#2 Temple Run

Surpassing over 1 billion in downloads, these decade-old games still dominate the noob game market. If you’ve never tried Temple Run, you must add this to your gaming list.

Temple Run’s popularity is mainly due to the simplicity of the game and therefore attracts a varied user base ranging from adults to children.

This game is a free running game, where your character is running to get away from a mythical creature and you have to safely navigate him through the path. If you think this is easy, just download it as a try for yourself. You will see that unexpected turns and twists will challenge your responsiveness and reflexes

#3 Jetpack Joyride

With over 75 million-plus downloads, Jetpack Joyrifes is of the classic noob games to still be popular. The simple side-scrolling character with no definite end makes the games attractive to many noob gamers who try very hard to beat their record.

Although the game is simple, it keeps the player entertained with their fun, cool jetpacks, and a variety of characters. You can easily control the jetpack by simply tapping anywhere on the scream and the goal is as long as possible while overcoming obstacles like laser beams, rockets and zappers. If hit by these obstacles, your character’s body will tumble and fall for some more distance, before completely stopping.

#4 Subway Surfers

This is another decade-old game that still captivates players from around the world. During its release, Subway Surfers took the entire gaming world by storm. Since then it has only grown in popularity and happens to be the preferred choice of many to play before bed.

You play the character of a young graffiti artist who runs through the railway tracks to avoid getting caught by an inspector and his detective dog for painting graffiti. As you run you will collect different types of objects and coins you can also jump and get on top of trains and collect numerous items for limited superpowers. The game ends when you crash onto a train or some other obstacle.

The game spices things up by adding weekly challenges as limited-time offers for in-game rewards.

#5 Fruit Ninja

Boasting over 100 million downloads from all over the world, Fruit ninja is a satisfying and simple game for everyone. You play the game using your finger as a sword that cuts through fruits as you play as the Fruit ninja. The game doesn’t show any real weapons only the sound effect of the sword is heard when you slice across them.

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Mangoes, apples, bananas kiwis and types of melons will come up and you should cut them by swiping your fingers at them. If you can’t swipe, then you will lose a life. You need to have a very strong reflex to get all of them. Occasionally bombs also bounce up and you must avoid swiping across them.

#6 Angry Birds

From the house of Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds is a simple casual game that has exploded in demand and popularity since the early version of the game. The quirky characters, graphics and gameplay make the game a recognized one all around the world.

Your objective is to shoot the pigs that hide behind the barrels and walls using your slingshot. You can choose many different birds depending on the type of surface that you want to destroy. As a progress, the game will also become more difficult to play. You could also choose the different versions of the game such as Angry Birds Space or Angry Birds Rio


Formerly known as PUBG this battle royale game is now back in India with a bang. Known for its superior graphics and gameplay, BGMI is one of the best noob games that you can play in India.

On the plus side, this means that Battlegrounds Mobile India has returned to its former glory. Nothing seems to be missing when compared to PUBG Mobile, from map layouts that encourage exploration to enjoyable shooting mechanics. In-game performance is also good, with the phone set to the highest possible settings — HD graphics and High frame rate. UHD, HDR, and Ultra HD are unavailable at the time, but tapping them produced a notice indicating that they will be available shortly.

When you’re in-game, every aspect of Battlegrounds Mobile is as fantastic as PUBG Mobile,While keeping everything that made PUBG Mobile amazing is fantastic, there is a slew of flaws that might spoil your gaming experience.

The announcer will occasionally remind you that you are in a virtual environment and that it isn’t real. Sure, it seems entertaining at first, almost as if it’s a self-parody since, well, it’s a video game. When you consider the spike in real-world violence, arrests, and suicides that came when PUBG Mobile was released, Krafton is protecting themselves from legal action by individuals who were hooked to the game.

Other modifications aren’t as drastic; shooting an adversary causes them to bleed green blood, however, they haven’t termed kills as they are in PUBG. Rather, Krafton uses the term ‘finish,’ which is weird because you’ll receive messages about player X ‘finishing with Vector,’ while player Y is still playing. These messages don’t spell correctly and appear to have been hastily edited. All Krafton seems to have done was discover the terms ‘kill’ and ‘killed,’ and replace them with ‘finish’ or ‘finished,’ as appropriate.

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Given how well-polished the rest of the game is, this strikes out as rather odd. This also applies to the massive wall of text that appears when you start the game for the second time, which is a collection of suggestions on how to keep healthy while playing the game, such as staying hydrated, maintaining proper posture, and being aware of potential eye strain.

#8 Candy crush saga

Candy Crush Saga is a game in which the goal is to build a column or row of a minimum of three color-coordinated candies by switching two neighboring candies among several on the gameboard. The matching sweets are removed from the board, and the candies over them fall into the open spots, with fresh candies coming from the top.

This may result in the formation of a new combo pack of candies, which will be eliminated in the same way. For these matches, the player receives points, and for chain reactions, the gamer receives ever more points. Furthermore, making matches of four or more sweets will result in the creation of a special candy that, when matched, can clear a row, column, or section.

#9 Abduction

As the name suggests this game is about alien abduction and all you have to do is to turn your phone to the right if you want to jump right and to the left if you wanna turn left.

After jumping and reaching each pedestal you will successfully reach the very top and then jump onto the UFO. Once you reach the UFO, your one round will be completed and then the more you jump, the more you progress to the other levels.

#9 Action Potato

Action Potato is a simple enough game that you can play without any tutorials on our strategy. Some say that it is even simpler than Abduction. You don’t have to play different difficult levels each time. The objective of the game is to catch potatoes, but you should not catch the rotten ones, which will take a pot from your point. To regain this, you’ll have to catch a dropping heart.

#10 Doodle Jump

In the game market for almost a decade, Doodle Jump is a timeless game and immediately gets you hooked on the game. You will get to higher stages as you keep on tapping and the game also provides many bonus items that will help you to get higher. Don’t forget to balance as you may be thrown off the rail if you exceed the area of the pedestal.

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