What To Pick Freighter or Offshore in GTA 5? Explained

GTA 5 is full hard to complete missions and one of these missions is The Merryweather Heist in which you need to steal the US government Superpower weapon.

But there is a catch in this mission there are two different ways to complete this mission you can choose the Freighter or Offshore option in order to complete the mission.

Most of the gamers are confused about whether they should pick Freighter or Offshore in order to complete The Merryweather Heist mission on the GTA5 offline version.

In this short guide, we are going to explain what is the best option Freighter or Offshore with all the possibilities and differences between both options.

Well, according to the game story this is Trevor’s first mission as it introduced in the game.

Micheal, Trevor, and Franklin meet to discuss the first mission and how they complete the heist without having hassle.

Most of the players think the outcomes of Freighter or Offshore are different but that is not true it does not matter who you choose the result Freighter or Offshore to complete the heist the result of the mission are the same for both options.

However, both options have different ways to complete the heist mission.

In Freighter, you need to enhance Franklin’s snipping abilities because he is the only one who is snipping in the Freighter mission.

On the other hand, In OffShore you must enhance Micheal flying abilities because he is the only one who is a pilot in the Offshore mission.

Trevor needs to complete some small missions or the preparation that is needed for the required essentials for the Heists.

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In both missions, the player needs to get the Submersible in order to steal the US government superweapon. At the climax of the heist, the submersible will be used to steal the weapon in the ocean.

All three will discuss what kind of preparation they need in order to complete the mission.

There are two options to complete the mission Offshore or Freighter no matter what option you pick the result will be the same for both options.

Here we explained what you need to do in other options with complete information.

Freighter – The Merryweather Heist

In case if you choose the Freighter option then Trevor will meet Franklin and advice them to improve his shooting skills in the Range for the mission.

Once the mission is started, Franklin will be the sniper who takes down all the guards in the freighter. You only need to complete a single mission (Minisub) to prepare the heist.

After talking and preparing everything at Trevor’s cousin’s house, Trevor, Micheal, & Franklin head to the freighter destination.

Freighter  in gta 5
Freighter or offshore

Franklin will be at the sniping location, at the late night the project resumes and you’re switched to the Micheal character. He is waiting on the small boat nearby the Freighter.

Now Micheal has to plant the explosives on the selected areas of Freighter, where Franklin takes down the guard from the sniper.

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is Freighter is best option in gta 5
Freighter or offshore

Once both Micheal and Freighter complete their task, both will depart with the Freight. While Micheal will leave the Freight he active the explosives and the Freight is destroyed.

Freighter is best to pick in gta 5
Freighter or offshore

After that Trevor will obtain the Minisub and search for the Superweapon in the ocean.

Freighter or offshore
Freighter or offshore

Floyd uses a crane to hoist the minisub to the surface once Trevor recovers the device from the seafloor.

Freighter walkthrough gta 5
Freighter or offshore

Soon later, Lester appears through the hospital ropes to tell the crew that the superweapon is extremely dangerous and that they must return as soon as possible.

Trevor won’t agree to return the weapon, however, Micheal convinces him to return the superweapon and why will go to another heist.

Check out the video for more detailed informaiton.

OffShore – The Merryweather Heist

In case you choose the Offshore option in Merryweather Heist, then Trevor meets Micheal and advised him to advance his flying skills at the  Flight School.

In this option, there are two small missions for the preparation for the Merryweather Heist and these small are getting Cargobob and Minisub.

At Floyd’s apartment, Trevor explains all the detail of the heist and how will be done properly.

In order to start the mission, All three Trevor, Micheal and Franklin will go to the Sandy Shore hangar once they reach the location.

Michel and Frankline will board on the cargobob and on other hand. Trevor will board on the minisub.

offshore walkthrough gta 5

Michel picks the minisub with the help of the Cargobob and heads in the direction of the ocean where is the superweapon.

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is offshore is best option
Freighter or offshore

After that Michel drops the Minisub on the ocean and heads in the direction of the superweapon ocean with the minisub and obtains the superweapon.

Once Trevor gets the weapon he returns to the surface of the ocean and Michel again picks or attracts the Minisub with Cargobob and returns to the Sandy Shores.

And similar to the end of Freighter, The Lester arrives and advice all three to return the superweapon because its to risky.

Trevor won’t agree with Lester but Micheal convince him to return the superweapon and they move on to the another heist.

Check out the video for more detailed informaiton.

Final Words:

In the end,, we can say that it does not matter what you pick Freighter or OffShore in GTA 5 you will be get the same results. So its depents on you what you need to pickup in order to complete the mission.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Freighter or Offshore with complete information.

Freighter or Offshore Which is best in GTA 5?

It doesn’t matter what you pick the results of both options are the same. In the end of mission you need to return the superweapon.

How much money you will get from The Merryweather Heist?

You will get no Money after completing the merryweather heist mission. Because at the end of the mission you need to return the superweapon to the government.

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