Where to find Wyvern Eggs on Fjordur in Ark Survival Evolved

Wyvern is one of the popular creature in the Fjordur that was introduced in the Ark Survival Evolved in the new DLC expansion map. Lots of new creatures were added into the game in which Wyvern is one of the them and more importantly there are four types of Wyvern available in Ark. The Lightning Wyvern, Fire Wyvern, Ice Wyvern and Posion Wyvern.

Taming a Wyvern is kind a difficult task so why you should go all the trouble if you can simply get the Wyvern Egg that can easily be hatch and give you a Wybern baby that you can raise to adult Wyvern.

Wyvern Ark

How To Get Wyvern Egg on Fjordur in Ark Survival Evolved

As we already mentioned above there are four types of Wyvern available in the Ark. Here we mentioned guide on how you can find all of them without having a hassle.

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Lighting Wyvern Egg Location

To find the Lighting Wyvern Egg you need to teleport to the Asgard to reach there you need to use the portal available in the Vannaland. To reach the portal these are the coordinates (40.80 – 57.30) on the map. Once you reach the Asgard simply go to the these coordinates ( 30.10 – 08.20) were you find the Lighting Wyvern on the cave at the right side of the large lake.

Fire Wyvern Egg Location

You find the Fire Wyvern egg on the Midgard at Fjordur map its one of the Wyavern that each player want because its an most powerful creature and legendary dragon. You can find the Fire Wyvern Egg on the following coordinates (86:74 – 70:49) you will see a nest beside the trench you can find the eggs between the walls.

Ice Wyvern Egg Location

The Ice Wyvern Egg is located at the Jotunheim you can reach the portal at the following coordinates (40.80 – 57.30) just after entering the location you see the mountain with bones handing out. Just after trench at the following coordinates (66.30 – 32.20) once you’re on the correct spot will see the Ice Wyvern flying around your head there will you find a cave in between of the walls you will find the Ice Wyvern Egg.

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Poison Wyvern Egg Location

To find the Poison Wyvern Egg you need to reach to the Vanaheim in the Fjordur map. Similar use the same portal available on the following coordinates (40.80 – 57.30). Once you reach Vanaheim head to the following coordinates (12.80 – 64.70) you find see a cave in between the walls you will find the Poison Wyvern Egg.

Wyvern Food

Following are the food items that you can feed the Wyvern in Ark.

  • Meat (any type)
  • Wyvern Milk (to Wyvern baby)

This is the end of this guide for more similar content such as how to tame Tapejara and more do read our Ark Survival Evolved Guide.

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