Can You Play DS Games on Switch | Explained

If you’re wondering if can you play DS games on Switch then the official answer to your questions is NO. This means there is no official method that allows you to play DS games on Nintendo Switch. However, there are some tricks that you can try that may helpful for you.

Can You Play DS Games on Switch
Can You Play DS Games on Switch

How to Play DS Games on Nintendo Switch

The old DS and DS consoles do not support the Nintendo Switch because the devices have different sizes of cartridges that cannot be plugged into the Nintendo Switch.

But if you have an old unpatched version of the Nintendo Switch then there is a method from which might DS games work on your switch. For this method, you need to have the following items.

  1. Unpatched Nintendo Switch
  2. Custom homebrew
  3. Custom firmware
  4. Micro SD Card
  5. USB Cable

If you already have Unpatched Nintendo Switch then you need to have Custom Homebrew its unauthorized software by Nintendo which means you’re jailbreaking into the Nintendo Switch if you use this software.

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After that, you need to have Custom Firmware that helps you to patch up the Switch OS.

Note: Homebrewing refers to hacking into the Nintendo Switch Terms of Service. So we don’t recommend this method you need to do it at your own risk. Because If Nintendo detects the modification it will permanently ban you from the online network. This means you cannot able to play online games, cannot access the eShop and cannot able to update your Switch.

More importantly, making changes to the Nintendo Switch will also void the warranty of your Nintendo Switch means if something goes wrong then you need to spend money in order to fix your Nintendo Switch.

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