Is Star Citizen Worth it? Explained

Wondering, Is Star Citizen Worth it to play and does its costly compare to other games? Here in this article we have uncover this topic.

I personally found out about Star Citizen when its Kickstarter crusade was finished. Then, the game had stupendous designs, an aggressive mission with A-rundown Hollywood stars, and an unbelievable scale.

The energy was obvious in the gaming scene. In any case, the game is still in Alpha in 2022, without any indication of delivery date. Improvement is cold, yet you can in any case purchase the game and play it.

However, is Star Citizen worth the base $45 speculation?

That’s what to know, in this Star Citizen Review, we’ll need to check the game very close out.

Is star citizen worth it
Is star citizen worth it

Bottom Line Up Front

Star Citizen is a major event in a specialty industry with huge potential. Be that as it may, despite the fact that it’s playable, the game is still years from being a completed item. I propose hanging tight for its delivery before you burn through cash on it except if you’re a space sim fan who wouldn’t fret playing Star Citizen in its incomplete state.

Story of Star Citizen

Star Citizen happens in the 30th century when humankind has framed the United Empire of Earth. People have spread to various star frameworks, and the UEE is in charge of various universes, moons, and star frameworks.

There are additionally outsiders in Star Citizens. Some are partners to humankind, others are the UEE’s successes, and some are hazardous foes.

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What are the things players can do in Star Citizen?

Star Citizen have different modes in it. There are basically three modes in Star citizen game. All of these three modes can be discussed below:

  1. Star Marine
  2. Universe
  3. Arena Commander

Star Marine:

This is a battle test system where you participate in battles in both zero-gravity and on the ground. There are three accessible guides: The Good Doctor, Echo Eleven, and OP Station Demien.

You can take part in a wide open game mode called Elimination or experience group battles in Last Stand.

It is minimal here you haven’t seen before from a multiplayer FPS, so I wouldn’t suggest getting Star Citizen only for this game mode.

Arena Commander

This is an in-game reenactment of boat dashing, canine battling, and open flying. You can battle against swarms, take part in free-for-all dogfighting, race against different players, and so on.

This is more captivating than Star Marine and is an interesting look at certain highlights Star Citizen guarantees.


This is the most well known game mode presently in Star Citizen. It allows you to investigate the game’s universe, however much of it as could reasonably be expected in its present status.

There is a large number of activities. They include:

Investigating planets: Note, in any case, that the various universes are deficient with regards to untamed life, so many of them feel dormant.
Mining: You can mine in space or on a planet. This can get drawn-out in the event that you don’t enhance how you are mining.
Hunting bounties: Star Citizen is an unforgiving spot, and players can do numerous things to get bounties on their heads. You can seek after these players in order to get those bounties. Be that as it may, be cautioned you may be the one being killed all things being equal.
Being a lawbreaker: You can take or obliterate another player’s boat or even kill them. Nonetheless, this will put an abundance on your head, and you should rest assured different players will come for it.
Finishing general missions: There are different missions in the game that will assist you with procuring credits. They range from conveying bundles to hunting bounties.

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Is this game is a huge mess for players?

The issue with a game being in Alpha is that it is not even close to wrapped up. This intends that, regardless of how dazzling Star Citizen may be, it is loaded with bugs. For example, you can arbitrarily fall face down any place you are and kick the bucket while collaborating with objects.

These errors haul you out of the experience the engineers are endeavoring to make.

These bugs will ultimately be figured out, yet they stay a steady irritation until further notice — and for who knows how much longer.

Does it cost much money?

To play Star Citizen, you want to settle up. The least expensive section point is $45, which gives you a spaceship and admittance to multiplayer. The most reasonable bundle that incorporates the Squadron 42 mission and multiplayer will cost you $65.

From that point, things get insane.

You can burn through a huge number of dollars on ships. Be that as it may, obviously, the artworks have a place with various classes. They can fit different team sizes, however gaining them can be a costly leisure activity.

The designers have expressed that when the game send-offs or is close to send off, you will never again need to spend genuine cash to secure boats.

I have lingering doubts since Star Citizen has made huge number of dollars from offering virtual boats to support its extensive turn of events. Furthermore, a portion of these boats were inaccessible when placed discounted and have remained so.

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This is where I become generally reproachful of Star Citizen. The game has raised more than $400 million to subsidize advancement, and the engineers are as yet requesting more. In any case, nobody knows when the game will be delivered, not even the engineers.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to Star Citizen with complete information.

What is Star Citizen a monthly fee?

It may be a regular payment every month or one that occurs once a year for 12 months. Your membership is continuously extended by one term each time a payment is made (month or year, depending on the plan). A Pass is a one-time payment that provides you with temporary Subscriber access.

Does Star Citizen have a price?

The most crucial point to keep in mind is that the least expensive packages ($45 USD) will ONLY contain either as the only one Squadron 42 or the multiplayer Star Citizen. You can buy a bundle that costs an extra $20 and adds Squadron 42 in order to acquire both (raising the total to $65).

How large is the Star Citizen map?

To give you a sense, the playable region on the enormous world map that we’re now using is one million kilometres by one million kilometres by 200 kilometres high, Roberts added, struggling to convey the sheer enormity of the impending release.

How Many Players Play the Star Citizen at a time?

Up to 50 players can explore the Stanton system, navigate their spacecraft, and walk around stations on the a single server in this universe.

This is end of this short guide.

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