Granblue Fantasy Characters 2024

Here have make a list of all Granblue Fantasy Characters along with newly added characters with their skills and fighting abilities.

What is the Granblue Fantasy (GBF)?

Granblue Fantasy (GBF) is just a 2d flip foundation RPG internet web browser match that may likewise be performed on cellular apparatus. Because of its first launch, straight in 2014, GBL has been able to catch the hearts of hundreds of thousands of gamers throughout the world and steadily turned into probably perhaps one among the absolute most widely used RPGs in most nations.

Granblue Fantasy can be just a great match with personalities from luxury arcade artwork type, magnificent struggles, an immersive story, and engaging articles centred around one single item — its characters, that can be the sole and soul of the best way to play with the match.

Our GBL Tier record intends to direct you to pick out personalities that best match together along with your private play-style to accomplishing the optimal/optimally gaming adventure offered.

Granblue Fantasy Characters List

We have divided the GBF characters list into various categories.

Over-powered, these personalities are notable. In the event you would like to win, then you may never make a mistake choosing these. All these are got components for practically any play-through. Each of the characters or units within this tier is believed to be different from these Tool Kits.

Granblue Fantasy Fire Element Characters

granblue fantasy


Shiva is a leader, and summons, a Portion of This Omega Collection II along Side Alexiel, Grimnir, Europa, Avatar, and Metatron. Things in nature aren’t long term. This ferocious deity of jealousy gazes in an entire universe in regular having an abysmal eye catching.

Purpose: Attacker / Buffer / / Debuffer

  • Shiva has many ways of increasing ATK equally and harm Cap for themself and the party and increasing their own TA speed.
  • Enables the get together endure by reducing the harm obtained by 20 percent
  • Shiva stipulates a one-of-a-kind and durable 10 percent ATK Down and 10 percent D E F Down with higher precision.
  • It can handle exceptionally sturdy charge strikes but comes with a 3-5% lesser rate pub production rate.
  • Has guaranteed in full TA and Constructed on Dodge/DMG for two turns that are of good use for maximizing his harm output and generating bill pub.


One among Those a Dozen Divine Generals, ” She Safeguards the South-Southwest. These tender dolls of the goddess abhor battle and pray for world peace. However, she suffered isolation for that which seemed to be an eternity seeks out new lands directed from the celebrities.

Purpose: Attacker/Support/Debuffer

  • Tremendously increases get-together harm output using highly effective, high-uptime fans.
  • Inflicts each and just about every single form of elemental ATK and DEF down.
  • Contributes great harm apart from fans.


Finding it excruciating to watch her tiny sister with these kinds of poor style sense, ” she gently coordinates a fresh ensemble on her behalf. This enchantingly lovely blossom of an archer soars the heavens together along with her sister’s.

Part: Attacker/Debuffer

  1. Has large harm output as a result of her 80 percent Bonus Hearth DMG
  2. Have elevated uptime.
  3. Can offer and Delay that may assist the social gathering in living by avoiding unsafe credit strikes.


A faithful knight recognized for most like a fanatic. He also marches his manner forward afterwards, finding himself with a mysterious power. If he shows to become the harbinger of jealousy for a consequence, he’s ready to finish their or her lifetime before injury anybody.

  • Prolonged Lasting 30 percent ATK increase, 100 percent D E F increase, ensured multi-attack, increase to C.A. DMG along with C.A. DMG Cap.
  • Salvator supplies damage loss, debuff resistance, and healing to get five functions.
  • It gives a party-wide increase to Ability DMG and Ability DMG Cap but merely Relates to Fireplace Enhances allies.
  • As much as 800 harm each turn could be inconvenient to most newer players but might turn into a blessing for Enmity grids.
  • Part: Attacker/Debuffer/Defender


Eyes glittering blue and sharp, ” she reveals that her potency by pursuing the danger of sufferer. No wall enemy could endure up to her steely will and burning asses. Even though her shape could seem reasonable, her voice stings deeper compared to a hint of her spear–showy words would be the sign of the warrior that is hardened.

  • Unbelievably Large harm every 6 functions as a Result of Salted Wound (Arvest Fermare)
  • And she is also guaranteed in full TA.
  • It brings invaluable usefulness together with the capability to dispel and Delay.
  • Part: Attacker/Debuffer


She is the protector of the first monster of this aegis. Traversing the heavens as a patron knight of peace, she strives to protect everyone who wants to stay free of conflict. As a result of her disdain for violence, so she prefers to mediate using words.

Role: Defender/Debuffer/Support

  • Fantastic harm reduction with 40% Breeze Minimize, Armored, DA Down, and Blinded.
  • More service up to 40% D E F Down (Stackable), 1-5% Hearth ATK Up, Re-fresh, and Delay. Breeze Change
  • is valuable for enemies that cope with mixed-element damage.
  • She deals considerable skill damage together along with her Support Skill if concentrated usually.


  • Part: Attacker/Defender
  • Could safeguard allies using poor (All-Ally) and 100% / 50 percent Armored.
  • Gives lasting but random buffs to most allies.


  • Percival can be an easy-to-use attacker using specific skills.
  • His elevated damage plus yet only one of origin of Status Petrified.pngPetrified could be your main attribute of his or her The Status hell-fire Crest.
  • Angelfire Crest mechanics lets him have more robust the more enormous pile he has, aside from the main ally depending on his service abilities.


  • Purpose: Attacker
  • effortless to make use of damage abilities on brief cool-downs.
  • Can decrease foe over-drive style estimate.


  • Satyr Is Also a Good debuffer, a Strong Healer and a Durable Tank. However, it Is All Dependent upon Twinkle Star.
  • Management consuming a Twinkle Star turns her fair expertise into great ones, so her efficiency tremendously depends on how fast she can replenish Twinkle Star using control strikes.


An acting officer to its Idelva Kingdom, Reinhardtzar intends to function justice up with each and just about each single swing of the fists. He appreciates honour above everything , so far that his previous subordinates out of earlier his previous apparatus has been pumped out nevertheless search him up.


  • Purpose: Attacker
  • Package shines with enmity assembles and harm limit increases.
  • Following 5★ uncap Power Seeker becomes constant high-damage alternative from being flashed after Charge Attacks.


  • Purpose: Attacker
  • Generates 1-5% fee pub for that entire team each and just about each single nine turns.
  • Intense damage as a result of multi-attack enthusiasts and Enmity service talent.


  • Role:Attacker/Defender
  • Sword-stance can handle enormous harm even for underdeveloped grids.
  • Great defensive utility with No Surrender and Substitute.
  • Simple to find out despite her complicated kit; quite flexible for beginners.


  • Part: Attacker/Support
  • High-damage output with Hoopla ATK is Fostered and multi-attack.
  • Maintaining Hoopla Could Possibly Be strict together with Hostility upward.
  • Great for brief battles having a party-wide 1-turn hoopla enthusiast.


  • Purpose: Attacker
  • Highly effective cost assault; however, it also needs Colossus to possess a 200% fee pub.
  • 3rd capacity instantly fills +200% fee pub but could be used appropriately soon, right immediately following five ends and yells Colossus out by the close of the flip.

Lancelot and Vane

  • Lancelot and Vane certainly really is a strong self unit using ensured multi-attack, two hurt competencies, and self-healing to survive in mid-to-long struggles.
  • Instead, they view usage in one-turn, cost Attack-based groups thanks to their C.A. result as well as their C.A. DMG Cap-boosting Em P.


  • Purpose: Healer/Support
  • Her treat is delicious to get an SR, plus it might be transparent one debuff.
  • Social Gathering broad 1-5% Hearth ATK UpHearth ATK is fostered
  • Power: 15 percent.
  • Can inflict Burned along with Blinded, however, in reduced intensity.


  • A similar but slightly inferior version of Sturm, Grea’s kit is straightforward.
  • She fans herself and strikes hard, really difficult.
  • The majority of her apparel revolves about landing a neighbourhood debuff named Dracoforce, which lets her damage so long as the rebuff is current.


  • Illnott can be just a cost Attack-focused supporter and debuffer who brings healing, Delay and Dispel as her primary usefulness.
  • Supplementing her expertise will be the excess impacts Charge Target predicated on her behalf, Dope coloration.


  •  Before unlocking His ★ uncap, Magisa Includes a lacklustre kit Just Suitable for Veil.
  • Her five★ updates give her supporting character, together with helpful party-wide fans, a dual-sided ATK/DEF down Town debuff Fire DEF Away on cost assault.


  • Tabina shines in content that is hard, by which her debuffs can prove to be invaluable.
  • She Can attain 40 percent ATK Down (Stack-able) along with DEF Down (Stackable) on Flip Inch, making her helpful for gamers lacking in DEF Down resources or against enemies who withstand routine Kinds of DEF Down.


  • Yuel can be an outsider, buffer, and then gathered into a single. She includes a DA Up, TA Up. Along with reward DMG
  • Buff on her behalf team in Guren and gains DA upward (stack-able ), TA upward (stack-able) in addition to gaining ATK upward (stack-able) along with also Dodge charge upward (stack-able) to provide you with a few harm and survivability.


  • Self-sustainable with always vital strikes. Boost into Charge Assault Harm together with Status Strength. Ing strength.
  • Part: Attacker/Support
  • Has outstanding durability and automated healing due to Status 6917. PngBobo, More Than This.


  • Beatrix can be an outsider predicated on inactive fans whose operation hinges on the wake of the past attacks.
  • She’s ordinarily underwhelming for beginners but turns into increasingly aggressive since one gets a complex grid.


  •  Can a well-known man in 1 skydome be nothing over a more frequent foot soldier in still yet another?
  • Perhaps not that specific sellsword. His unique skills take him through thick and thin, bringing him excellent renown where he moves.


  • Part: Attacker/Debuffer
  • Constructed on Dodge along with ATK Upward (Stack-able ) Let Him reach Outstanding Damage.
  • Strong blind in-form of photovoltaic Crown that heaps with other blind origins.


  • Ilsa can be an attacker and a debuffer that may assert a reasonably large damage outcome signal and pack lots of rather beneficial debuff consequences like DEF Down Town; she also comes with a mercurial of Bullets.

Kallen Kouzuki

  • Kallen has high damage potential in her regular assaults and also her Charge Strike.
  • However, it demands a direction of Radiant Wave piles.
  • She is owing to its reasonably sluggish profit rate, together with a falloff in defence and damage later, her C.A.


  • Purpose: Attacker/Buffer
  • Risky, higher reward personality; she is delicate, however considerably raises bash hurt the lesser her HP is.
  • Outstanding service personality together with offensive and defensive bash fans.


  • This broker does not have any the same, and he fails to meet with a deal.
  • His companies predominate his title through the skies. Nevertheless, he can appear coldhearted, and his soul is still full of warmth if he first looks in his cherished kid.

Aqours Third Years

  • At first, from the other globe, girls of Aqours wound here –but didn’t prevent them from placing to a live performance to attract smiles into that public.
  • These three sparkle brightly until the road they will have blazed, dispersing sunlight in their hearts into the clamouring audiences.

Charioce XVII

  • This king marches forwards with the single-minded conclusion. It may be the thickness of the king’s bitterness. But violence incurred is violence moved, and his reign is due to bloodshed and tyranny.
  • Nevertheless, his region could have problems with the gift, and he’s solved to forfeit such a thing to get its assurance of prospective calmness.


  • After she dropped her mom and dad and older brother, then Danua additionally misplaced her voice. The one issue she gets made to remind her of happier days is a few dolls.
  • So she pursues a means to enhance the spirits of her loved ones and receive revenge.


  • Work-place innovator Friday heads into the shore to research vacationers’ comfort plans and advertise top quality Friday–a heritage of its innovation.
  • With her cherished mechanical FRIED SHRIMP below her arm, Friday lays out to find out more about the perfect requirements for relaxation.


  • This battlemage will not bow to the guidelines of others. You have to follow with their particular creed or not any principle in the slightest.
  • Instead, he will take inspiration from the independent feline and expects a lifetime equally unfettered and liberated. His hunt for authentic flexibility has carried him much through the heavens.


  • Not exactly concealed from the swirling mists of her small island, even Ferry presents a lonely burial. Please give the missing spirits with the place ceaseless remainder.
  • Please provide your blessings into the brave, nevertheless feeble life which ignites this island to get an unclear potential.


  • Due to her husband, along with her loved ones, this palace protector abandoned her village.
  • She is perplexed by the freshness of what she sees.
  • Sutera conveys plenty of doubt together along with her as she frees her husband.


  • Upon knowing her very own flaws, this youthful girl tends to make her mind up to input in the apprenticeship of 2 masters of this t
  • Transaction. All the earnest footprints Aste has abandoned within her wakeup, their direction functions to light up the street.

Gemini Sunrise

  • This battlemage will not bow to the guidelines of others. You have to follow with their particular creed or not any principle in the slightest.
  • Instead, he will take inspiration from the independent feline and expects a lifetime equally unfettered and liberated. His hunt for authentic flexibility has carried him much through the heavens.

Izuminokami Kanesada

  • This selfassured swordsman unleashes a ferocious torrent of annoyance upon his enemy’s attack of the penis.
  • The pride and certainty he feels as symbolized with his light blue hair–specify that the conclusion of the being.


  • A mage famed because of the ability to sneak with whatever, actually dragons. Lina may appear to become a cute little woman.
  • But she has become notorious throughout the property because of her unparalleled demon-like abilities and constant cruelty towards evil-doers.
  • But she does not heed many ideas to the rumours and alternatively has been fighting evil with a smile.

Miria Akagi

  • Miria is spirited away to a global in the heavens, a universe beyond every dream she’s pictured. Miria is also an ideal equilibrium of child-like innocence and considerate maturity.
  • In these skies, she fearlessly brings enjoyment and bliss to all of those she meets.


  • This upstanding knight embarked on a lengthy voyage of atonement. It has broadened his mind and his senses of right and wrong.
  • He has made the title of the protagonist, simply as his dad once did. Might he, along with his companions, stride forth with all the real dragon’s blessing, unsullied from the blood spilled all around them.

Nina Drango

  • Irrespective of her outgoing personality, herculean energy, along with sure-footedness,” Nina readily will get flustered inside the existence of youthful, handsome guys.
  • When too troubled, this pure-hearted maiden involuntarily turns into a ferocious monster –something that she disturbs above all.


  • That boy’s thunderous fiery and power intensity include by natural means.
  • These talents possess twisted his worldview. However, maybe perhaps not that his awareness of wrong and right.


  • This army male announced himself that a genius detective once unintentionally ran to a mythical burglar. He is healthy to pursue down anyone.
  • However, his detective job is still missing – in actuality, it is dreadful. Luckily he’s got a sharp helper by his energy and side to spare. Justice is going to be served!


  • She stands tall and proud of the boat’s prow, her hair flowing in the end.
  • But, unfortunately, her boundless enthusiasm and excitement get her handful, frequently resulting in difficulty to get a selected catchy elderly soldier.


  • Using a summertime vacation fast-approaching, this youthful guy exerts a yukata in the insistence of the buddies.
  • But, inside his appetite to have a lifetime dominated by logic, he can see that the garment’s most unsuitable conflict. Shortly, but he’d get new insight into sky dwellers’ frivolous sartorial proclivities.


  • The chief of this Kanzuki loved one’s members and also the mind of this Kanzuki Zaibatsu. Together with her relative’s members’ slogan of” Whatever you really will need is a success!”
  • Karin believes winning is always becoming a necessity rather than misses the chance to coach. Nevertheless, she talks in a means that offends a lot of men and women. Karin would happily rush to harm’s way to conserve anybody she believes in becoming more most worthy.

Mio Honda

  • Mio can be a youthful lady who landed at skies away, directed with a bright mild.
  • But, as the regular surprises of this Sky Realm retain her toes, her decision to remain glowing under just about every single position awakens as a result of her grin, enchanting those around her.


  • When matters are not moving your manner along with life getting you right down, Rosine’s generally there.
  • She’s got a heat such as sunlight, also when a person partakes of her crackers, left using her appreciate, they will stay to fight the following day.


  • Therefore, this youthful male is blessed by fire, and he’ll burn up off everything they could view.
  • He does not decide to make an effort to create explanations because of his manners and also in the soul is just a caring man.


  • After having an incredibly aromatic assisting of noodles, this particular gourmet has been motivated to hunt wide and far to get its best bowl.
  • Anywho dare make among him along with his lunch is sure to match an instant ending.


  • After an extended and challenging journey, Jessica reunites with her lost brother.
  • Irrespective of his difficulties, anxieties, and defects, she takes him as he’s.
  • Reputation by his side, now she proceeds to proceed forwards and hunt for enjoyment.


  • This treasure hunter resides to get the delight that she receives from dance around the precipice of threat.
  • She takes hundreds of speculative tasks and frequently gets tricked from her talk in the long run.
  • But, even now, she keeps moving, disarming traps quickly and catching the loot. Word has it she is searching for somebody to form teams.


  • Mary packs her bags packed with fascination as she jumps from place to set.
  • She anticipates all types of challenges and traps, but what she is after maybe that your miracle of these early ruins. HAH, nope! She’s the treasure.

Milla Maxwell

  • Whether fate or luck, god, the father of the Spirits, is summoned throughout worlds and then in the gloomy skies. However, her course doesn’t modify.
  • In some other universe, she remains loyal for her fundamentals to execute her obligation.


  • Once more, this austere warrior hefts his leash to his shoulder and also openings on to combat. He struggles to get his tiny sister, but he longs to reunite for the tranquillity of the rustic lifestyle.
  • The peace he attempts. However, his ability with all the axes destines him to get war.

Stahn Aileron

  • This childhood originated out of an alternative universe using his dependable sword in his style.
  • So fair and invisibly into a mistake, his kindness and kindness certainly really are a source of endless inspiration because of his comrades.
  • With gloomy heavens reflected within his clear eyes, one could wonder what peaks this youthful man will soar.


  • This witch consistently required to talk. However, nobody might place foot within her shadowy, mystical woods.
  • Thus a single evening that she eventually became close friends having a giant stuffed creature.


  • This witch consistently required to talk. However, nobody might place foot within her shadowy, mystical woods.
  • Thus a single evening that she eventually became close friends having a giant stuffed creature.

Teru Lendo

  • At the perfect hands of everybody else’s favourite detective, then she figures her chef gets his good motives for sending off her onto a surprising holiday season.
  • Although, of course, she retains her instinctive sleuthing customs to be able to relish a pleasant reprieve with intimate pals, nevertheless, the temptation of some fantastic puzzle quickly brings her spine inside.


Summoned for the particular world using a potent mild, Teru can be just actually really a knight decked in crimson using a formidable awareness of justice within his center. He wields his sword unwavering since the flame moves throughout his veins erupts to energy to incinerate bad.

Granblue Fantasy Earth Element Characters

granblue fantasy characters


Alexiel (summertime) can be just a personality that can increase the celebration’s survivability tremendously and be thoroughly indeed a tank that can endure most of the damage by herself.

  • She eternally promotes all of her allies DEF.
  • It tremendously well increases its D E F, has debuff withstand, and covers Water harm obtained while replacing an individual – and – all-ally strikes when Uncrossable Waters remain busy.
  • Her C.A. supplies a 1.5-turn buff that triggers Hildebrand, concurrently awarding her extra Mirror-Blade stacks.
  • She further boosts her diplomatic and offensive perspective by increasing ATK and DEF equally.
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  Mahira could be your 20 17 Zodiac character symbolizing the Rooster and ground’s initial buffer. Ahead of her ★ uncap at 2020, Mahira took plenty of ramp-up time plus celebration Agree to help maintain her fans rolling up. However, today she’s simple to play into almost any celebration and fans your personalities straight out of this gate.

Decision Part: Support/Debuffer

  • Inflicts that a single-sided 15 percent D E F Down along with 25 percent Earth D E F Down.
  • Delivers 20 percent Reward Earth DMGPrices bonus world DMG to get one-foe one-ally strikes
  • Power: 20 percent over the 3/7-turn up-time.
  • Decision Zeal of those Feather’s fans is sturdy with Earth expectations.

Zeta and Vaseraga

This seasonal variant of Zeta and also Vaseraga can be a more flexible unit that may switch involving stances to turn into powerful offender or guardian. Almost all their fans have been undispellable due to Festive Contractors and will undoubtedly be expanded using The Witch and the Reaper.

Decision part: Attacker/Defender

  • Pick between two connected abilities to pick their function at a celebration, every supplying undispellable fans without downtime.
  • Magic Horizons maybe not merely enhances their ATK but also promise triple strikes using 80 percent reward DMG impact, but it comes with 70% punishment to DEF.


Grand Cain is among Earth’s leading service personalities, having a debuff covering D E F Down using Miserable Mist, a distinctive party-wide multi-attack enthusiast (a rarity from Earth) also a reward DMG influence to most allies upon with his bill assault.

  • Part: Support/Debuffer
  • Inflicts 25 percent ATK Down, 25 percent D E F Down, and Distinctive, durable 10 percent Debuff Res. Down Town.
  • Hastens the celebration’s hurt and multi-attack speed with exceptional, undispellable Instantaneity enthusiast.


  • Part: Attacker/Debuffer.
  • A sturdy attacker who may strike with no ends. Sturdy C.A. harm fostered predicated on some quantity of position 6912.png-EN.
  • Advantageous to starting fires, being substituted with a sub-ally when pumped out.
  • Better fitted to brief conflicts due to the Standing 6912.png-EN Ingestion and self-knockout.

Dante and Freiheit

  • Part: Attacker/Support
  • Dark Cat FancyInch Has Been Absorbed up on one-foe Assault (Restores Every 5 Finishes )
  • It gives them a +30% improve to ATK and DEF
  • even now shows beneficial in CA-based grids due to elevated DPS
  • Feline liberty offers guaranteed in full TA
  • To get a 2-turn interval, followed by a potent enthusiast at the kind of Martial Cat.
  • An Extremely simple-to-use attacker using Higher DMG Out-put.


  • Purpose: Attacker/Support
  • Dark Cat Fancy1 is Absorbed up on one-foe Assault (Restores Each 5 Concludes )
  • Provides them with a +30% boost to both ATK and DEF
  • Still shows beneficial in CA-based grids thanks to high DPS
  • Feline liberty provides Guaranteed TA
  • To get a 2-turn interval, followed by a sturdy enthusiast at the sort of Martial Cat.
  • An Extremely simple-to-use attacker using high DMG output.


  • Part: Attacker/Support/Debuffer
  • Exemplary Usefulness with Attraction, Dispel, Delay, along with team-wide Energy.
  • A self-sufficient attacker with Particular ATK mod, 60/30 Info, along with C.A. Instantaneous Stand-by
  • Incredibly Higher Power Up-time as a Result of Bill Strike Cool-down Minimize
  • Could Squeeze to Lots of compositions Thanks for her Flexibility


  • Part: Attacker
  • May Fulfill his Bill Pub Atwill Together with Ignition
  • Intercept Enables him Prevent Usual enemy Strikes while Coping Hurt in Recurrence.


  • Hallessena can be a speculative, high-reward personality based on the piling self-buff to cope with high harm.


  • Part: Attacker/Debuffer/Support
  • Inflicts Standing AttackDown.png25percent ATK Down/Status DEF Down (dual-sided) and Standing Poison.pngPoisoned (20000) on most of the enemies.
  • Bargains enormous harm and inflicts standing Stared Stiff inch. PngStared Stiff on enemies once she loses 25 percent or more HP at one lone strike.


  • Baal can be just a reassuring buffer, along with a debuffer who excels in mid-to-long struggles.
  • He beats enemies using dispel, stack-able ATK/DEF DownTown and Tuning while encouraging that the party throughout fans allowed on-chain burst regeneration.


  • Having missed the single location he drifted, that sole wolf roams the skydome awakens to keep his tooth in the beasts who endanger peace.
  • Even though tender spoke, his softly burning fire succeeds from the thunderous roar of the trusty weapon.


  • After an extended and harrowing journey, Jessica reunites with her lost brother.
  • Irrespective of his difficulties, anxieties, and defects, she takes him as he’s.
  • Reputation by his side, now she proceeds to proceed forwards and hunt for enjoyment.


  • The actual potency with the duelist is out of her unrivaled brawn, however out of her tender heart.
  • She is only bursting with attachment for many living things, and that she stops cherishing every monster inside of arms’ reach.


  • Sara has also been an extremely defensive personality that excels in diminishing In-Coming harm and safeguarding fragile party associates.
  • This youthful priestess spared her nation in tragedy but has been with insults and hate. Stunned, her heart started to sink in the shadow; however, until she’d possibly swallow with it, older close pals stepped forward to rescue her.


  • Ayer needs to straddle the line between death and life to both create maximum electrical electricity.
  • However, he could be only one of Earth’s hardest hitters the moment he gets rolling. Ahead of his five★ unsafe has just one task: to strike hard as he could until he expires.


  • As personality published briefly after launching, Aletheia includes straightforward yet helpful apparel.
  • His destructive abilities do adequate burst harm and are further with his own Charge assault’s result.

De La Fille

  • Daughter of some noblewoman, de La Fille, welcomes himself onto her behalf near-flawless stone assortment.
  • She lays out to the skies seeking the only glistening stone which slipped during her grasp.


  • Rosetta conceals the entire world’s allure as though masking an odor together using the cologne.
  • People within her locale can get clues regarding the facts.
  • However, she will not explain to, as an alternative expressing she expects magic, in the same way as any person.


  • Soriz, immediately right following half of a century of effort, found that feeling the single weapon to become reputable would be the human anatomy.
  • So in-between brutal, rock-smashing workout sessions, then he also will observe heaven stretch just before him.


  • Vaseraga can be just really a relatively strong damage trader and off-tank. True to his personality, ” he strikes challenging while he shakes damage off.
  • Tremendous harm potential due to his auto-skill casts and inherent enmity activation. An incredibly tanky device that is not able to expire for 20 ends generally in all cases.

Aquors First Years

  • At first, from the other globe, girls of Aqours wound here –but didn’t prevent them from placing to a live performance to attract smiles into that public.
  • These three intimate pals’ flurried magical antics nevertheless are sure to function to imbue the heavens using all kindness.


  • This bewitchingly eye-catching ghost burglar fades to the shadow at a puff of smoke together side her victim.
  • Few understand she is a ghost thief in the tender demeanor, and fewer understand very well what she is concealing.


  • This broker appears as plain and chilly while the blade she intimidates, but she is equally as psychological as anybody under that gruff exterior.
  • Anytime she discovers herself falling into love, she throws herself to her practice, hammering out it together with every blow off of her or her sword.


  • As a way to instruct the abilities required to live over the battle, this female has fostered her soul into a virtually demonic level.
  • However, supporting her unpleasant insults establishes that the conclusion of the drill sergeant who would like to watch that her cadets flourish.
  • The one thing scarier for her is that her comrades’ anxiety was needlessly dying–she ignites no wrath once she yells in her platoon.


  • This righteous swordsman’s chance encounter with all the men he’s honoured since childhood renders him questioning the difference between reality and ideal.
  • No longer sure of exactly everything he has considered all of his lifetimes, what decision would he get to contemplation’s ending?


  • Scorching hatred and bitterness drove them to shoot arms up dark notions of vengeance gas that the anger concealed within her heart.
  • She prays nobody has to go through the regret she endures and puts off to your journey into the boundless skies. She’s the treatment because the pain is outside there someplace.


  • Forever she was a quiet witness to all around her, then unmoving out of her area from the woods.
  • Finally, she awakens to travel from her residence and visit the globe.
  • The capacity to talk, there’s just a person that can listen to the wildest needs of your soul.


  • The king collapses the skies, trying to find an unknown capability to make a brand fresh sunrise to your doomed men and women.
  • He’s a trustworthy and lively person. However, he comes with a mortal, weak point shared with everybody in the category of all Feathers.


  • This brave warrior would be your pleasure of the loved ones, also protects the entire woods in the evil. It ought to soon be a time until his pal –that slumbers in woods –awakes.
  • But, until this period, since they’ll quickly reunite, this youthful gentleman follows the narrative of earth.


  • An innocent lady increased with love,” Yaia understands practically almost nothing at all of the hardship.
  • She awakens for experience within the skies and only goes on thinking.
  • Though she’s is still a tiny lady, she’ll surely meet her enormous fantasies.


  • Going around the rear part of a hidden buddy, this tiny woman adheres round into the beat of her drum.
  • No matter how much time they spend collectively, the two do not converse, showing their bond longer than some other words.


  • Much like the snowy clouds from the blue skies, this woman yearns together with care on earth.
  • But, her carefree facade belies an intellect with the capacity of incredible foresight, something she will deny using a mild grin.


  • She was having headed a lifetime surrounded by metal, this powerful miner ventures around the heavens to invent the ideal weapon.
  • Even though a touch overly preoccupied with a mysterious hidden man and also the great scythe he brandishes, she pushes hardship at substantially precisely the identical manner she churns employing walls at the mining tunnels straight to home.


  • Stout, although the Graph maybe they genuinely have been talented amateurs.
  • Galadar can be just really a grasp of varied areas, along with also his palms have formed an attractive product.
  • They could also breathe fresh life into a sword that is shattering.

The Lowain Brothers

  • As simple as when can be, there is a period if they ought to face their internal selves.
  • For friendship and also for really like, the bros make an effort to eventually become far superior versions of these all of the while stirring” playboys gone playboy.”


  • Allies of justice do not proceed during the summer holiday season. Anywhere evil lurks, the shameful tuxedo flightlessly flies right into actions.
  • But the frequently concealed pilot interior was enticed from summertime temperatures. Only do not assume it daily.


  • The youthful rely upon the state connected with all the Capuletsthat he operates to rebuild Verona. Throughout the Re-ignited warfare involving the Capulets and Montagues, ”
  • he functioned as the commander of their Capulet forces. His incorruptible individuality makes him hope for the soldiers and citizens. Also, it’s expected he will flex the near future of their Capulets.

Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d’Arc can be just a personality that may fill in the most job out of attacker to both buffer and debuffer. Most of her expertise gets the job done nicely and offers her lots of usefulness, allowing her to squeeze into quite a few clubs. She could be helpful before her ★ uncap.

  • Part: Attacker/Support/Debuffer
  • Inflicts 25 percent DEF Down
  • And 25 percent ATK Down
  • High-damage output through 2-turn ensured TA along with Energy.


  • Support/Debuffer
  • Provides celebration with Status DoubleUp.pngDA Up,
  • His Status DefenseDown.png20percent D E F Off affects only one foe. However, it truly is single-sided; thus, piles and Miserable Mist are very equivalent capacities.
  • Status DebuffResDown.pngDebuff Res. Down Helps him along with different party associates to property debuffs.

Halluel and Malluel

  • Halluel, along with Malluel, certainly is a full accession to the majority of teams, so holding a superb package for equally buffing and harm.
  • Purpose: Attacker/Support/Healer
  • They have an assortment of helpful defensive and offensive fans for your party and also a definite cure.
  • Limiter split grants forty% exceptional ATK, multi-attack, and Cap upward, making them a highly effective attacker.
  • It loses a great deal of significance if the Limiter split has been misplaced. However, that is scarcely a problem.


  • Part: Support/Healer
  • Mystic Vortex Is a potent enthusiast that increases her C.A. DMG along with also C.A. DMG Cap. Grants all of the allies’ assorted fans predicated on her behalf present Status Mystic Vortex inch.
  • It gives a cure to a marginally low cool-down, and healing specs increase with enormous Status Mystic Vortex. PngMystic Vortex degrees.
  • Possessing mighty damaging power with an infrequent attribute – it copes first-class section harm. Its particular damage limit can also be even more increased by Status Mystic Vortex inch. pngMystic Vortex.


  • A youthful female from the other dimension that deeply resembles Ferry.
  • She’s a pure soul and invisibly sets all of her energy into everything she’s doing.
  • It regularly contributes to her becoming flustered in conditions wherever she needs to interact with strong-willed companions.
  • Her cherished memories consistently bring her relaxation, softly pushing her forwards, guiding her trials and tribulations.


  • Purpose: Attacker/Support/Debuffer
  • She copes a great deal of harm due to foreseeable future Nova that has recast for several endings.
  • Just about every throw additionally inflicts 10 percent D E F Down (stack-able ) which piled up to 40 percent.
  • When paired together using classes or characters with red-bordered abilities, she’s a nearly permanent 3 percent Fireplace ATK upward (stack-able ), which piles up 30 percent


  • Purpose: Support/Attacker/Debuffer
  • Reckless Abandon fans get together’s multi-attack speed in addition to harm and limit to routine strikes.
  • Quite successful in an end-game team that could reach on the hurt harbour.


  • Purpose: Attacker
  • Her capabilities necessitate a couple of throws (5 for suitable Hairsaber and 4 to get still left Hairsaber) to accomplish maximum injury outcome.
  • With her cost, Strike lowered her talent cooldowns by two twists and a passive with an opportunity to lessen them a double twist, its potential on his capabilities to get to the strike cap substantially early in the day compared to usual.


  • Robomi can be just actually a powerhouse the moment it regards dealing uncooked harm, together along with her ability designed to manage with the most considerable possible sum of injury potential. She supplies a good deal of burst and creates short struggles much briefer.
  • Purpose: Attacker
  • In Lvl 55, utmost OutputTriple assault speed is fostered (inch period ) / Prices incentive lighting DMG to get one-foe one-ally strikes (1 ) period ) supplies equally guaranteed in full TA in addition to 80 percent Bonus light-weight DMG.


  • Zooey can be a multi-role personality, many noteworthy being an Attacker, a Tank, and her singular, powerful enthusiast to encourage other allies.
  • Part: Attacker/Support
  • Vital Insights Which May throw Numerous occasions up on dodging
  • Substantial up Time private DA Up along with TA upward
  • Safeguards celebration with private Defend, Hostility Up, along with Dodge Pace Up.


  • Even the loyalty she swore into the Erste Empire was if she realized the Empire’s justice definition.
  • Already fit-for conflict, ” she awakens the entire globe concealed behind a mask.


  • Juliet may be your queen and just girl of Lord Capulet. The moment a delicate lady, ” she has grown remarkably as heir into the Capulet throne.
  • Her undying love could be that your light of salvation for everybody those.


  • This youthful emperor of fire shines with a silent strength because he realizes that the utopia he fantasies of a property with warfare, the feeble could detect succor.
  • So he strikes the heavens looking for allies that talk about his noble fantasy.


  • This renowned sniper owns an unusual gift, but she forgets to shine her own or her technique.
  • She expects that one day that her title will populate throughout the heavens, such as a gunshot, and even the people in her closed-away hometown could notice.


  • After she dropped her mom and dad and older brother, then Danua additionally misplaced her voice.
  • The one issue she gets made to remind her of happier days is a few dolls. So she hunts for a means to enhance the spirits of her loved ones, in addition to getting revenge.

Dorothy and Claudia

  • Both divided maids in the last re-unite and embark on the guaranteed travel.
  • Built with iron fists to cooperate side fires of fire, this care-taking duo guarantees to overcome any barrier from the search for these own queens.

Levin Sisters

  • Strengthened with their sisterly bonds, such 3 star Sky Knights are loyal in their obligation to safeguard the Kingdom of all Levin.
  • Together with their understanding of one another’s strengths and flaws, their teamwork may overcome virtually any emergency.


  • Mary packs her bags packed with fascination as she jumps from place to set.
  • She anticipates all types of challenges and traps, but she is after maybe that your miracle of these early ruins.


  • This youthful man had hunted after having a way of an inconsistent soul in that he set a curse without even compliments.
  • Average men and women may not view this soul, but Sarunan sees it anywhere he belongs.


  • An Astral female stored and increased that the lady, turning out to be her dear mommy despite his or her gaps.
  • But, thus profound was that the woman’s love, nevertheless, she opted to betray her mommy in a desperate bid to conserve woman’s lifestyle.


  • Eyes glittering blue and sharp, ” she reveals that her intensity follows the very danger of prey.
  • No wall enemy could endure up to her steely will and trimming asses.
  • Even though her shape could seem reasonable, her voice stings deeper than the hint of her spear–showy words would be the sign of the warrior that hardens.


  • This half-demon woman hunts for hints of her mommy.
  • An undependable tip factors her the freezing, and to the freezing, she moves. The property she desperately still attempts remains remote, shrouded in secrecy.
  • However, she wavers. Finally, after an extended long hunt, a hint appears before.


  • Irrespective of seething for just 2 million decades, the roiling feelings haunting his spirit remain to burn up off without the indications of quitting.
  • He also or she won’t break till finally, he receives punishment to the coach he revered.


  • A free-spirited man whose behavior tends to encourage that the incorrect.
  • Though he’s enthusiastic, Helnar quiets down when scolded by the warrior he yells.


  • Nevertheless, his lifetime forfeit, his palms become saturated in blood, one’s core of the warrior doesn’t falter.
  • The warrior is business, unmoving; at his own, breastfeeding burns off an abysmal fire of justice.
  • An example is to get the perspective he struggles with.


  • For those sins of this history, ” he had been created having an eye fixed which isn’t going to quit crying.
  • His destiny looks pathetic with all the memory of the lady, very long as abandoned.
  • Can not become the secret to halting the stream of his rips?


  • She cries the heavens Being a dignified Agent of this verge of praise. Unwavering within her pursuit for comprehension.
  • she fantasies of journeying past the famous reaches of this skies.
  • Consider all of the brand’s newest novels she could find out that there!

Bridgette and Cordelia

  • Two knights–a praetor who resides at pretense and deceit, and a pristine hearted knight sought to overcome short height through utter work.
  • Their profound bond joins them into their aspiration to become forever new, indefinitely righteous.

Erica Fontaine

  • Alighting in your heavens is Erica, a shy, pious nun who amuses crowds as being a cabaret dancer to its Chatters Moirés out of Paris.
  • When threat draws close, she finds her authentic kind, also dashes supporting the enemy together with firearms at your fingertips, able to function prosecution.

Tear Grants

  • Following discovering herself in an environment of boundless heavens, she proceeds to maintain up looks, concealing the innocence of childhood below a veil of composure.
  • The noise of her voice echoing around the skies overflows with kindness and passion, healing and protecting all who listen to it.
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  • Even the knight he adored abandoned Albion, however, maybe perhaps not until he even uttered one last glance of her. However, there is something wrong.
  • What in regards to the glow within her eyes had shifted? Vowing to know everything had attracted the transformation,” he renders his team searching for her, hoping he can watch that the world one day since she does.


  • Lyria’s bodyguard, plus a lady with a mysterious ago.
  • She gets let fly banner against the Empire, also can be turned Lyria’s faithful retainer along with also her adoring sister.


  • This youthful man had been hunted after having a way of an inconsistent soul in that he set a curse compliments.
  • Average men and women may not observe this soul, but Sarunan sees it anywhere he belongs.

Elize Lotus

  • Likes precious essential items but appreciates Teepo particularly.
  • Though marginally timid and easily scared, precisely what she’s found awaiting on her by that ending of her mystical experience was that the business of new pals.
  • The warmth and courage received out of these would be worth it.


  • The moment a standard girl similar to any, a succession of trials and tribulations at Auguste awoke new electrical ability and also a new calling in existence.
  • Along with her shark company, Ursula, she consistently stays prepared to look after the isles of her youth fantasies.


  • He fantasies of this nighttime he will get to venture on the town in a bRichardrassy costume and then roll up the dice.
  • He consistently thinks in tomorrow’s fortune, also anxieties almost nothing at all – nevertheless, he will take the dog-free avenue in his way property.


  • A drifting merchant of medication. Like a healer having a particular gift such as therapies, his expertise is equally cryptic because his address frequently instills a more profound significance into his humorous words.
  • Such as an excellent line involving toxin and treat, his authentic personality, if wrong or good, lies concealed under his tender smile.


  • Even a two-faced preacher who won’t accept undermine, even bad or good. It can be just actually really a menace to people that endure possessing their misdeeds judged with him.
  • Regarding the animals who’d acquire his attachment? It truly is nonetheless a hazard.


  • A girl turned insane with several million decades of missing history penalizes her calm self by authentic companionship.
  • Taking into center all of the love that she was displayed, she lays it out to compensate for your sins of history.


  • Your afternoon he picked up a spear is long ago. However, his pride and honour even now sparkle as brightly as they did that glorious moment.
  • His joints currently creak with age. However, his conclusion nor lance have dulled through many recent generations.

Mika Jougasaki

  • Mika is just a youthful lady who landed at skies away, directed with a bright mild.
  • Even though genuinely being a little caked by way of a universe so different from its, she readily equaling all who’s close.


  • Beset from delusions, this warrior strikes the line between lies and truth, hunting for his missing buddies. Their fatalities were also his fault, all his error! He cried, not able to forgive himself until he fulfilled with a traveller.
  • The pupil’s unshakeable take care struck a chord with him, and he hefted his own or her axes as soon as possible. At this moment, he’d guard his good close pals till the past.

Sachiko Koshizimu

  • This harmless tiny bell has been called to be to carry to the powerful job of banishing Kleshas.
  • So, beloved rolling snare hand, it marches together its preferred route, tolling loudly and joyfully for everyone to listen.

Granblue Fantasy Wind Element Characters

granblue fantasy animation


  • Part: Attacker/Support/Debuffer
  • Particular Loop Social Gathering Enthusiast is Exceptionally Robust and Adaptable
  • Stipulates that a 100 Percent party-wide Fix to the 12-turn Cool-down
  • Inflicts Durable Regional debuffs Mizaru, Kikazaru, along Iwazaru.
  • Can nullify multi-hit Chef Strikes by blending Infinite Variety along with Whole Hostility.


  • Goal: Attacker/Support
  • Two Exceptional Fans in Tempest of Both Annihilation and God of War, Possibly Advancing his Strike Ability Heavily.
  • It gives a party-wide Veil, Dispels terminate, and defend, most of which can be indefinite.


  • Yurius can be just a debuffer using nearly zero maintenance to get debuffing foes. With a single ability, they could not precisely hit ATK/DEF backpacks.
  • Part: Attacker/Debuffer Inflicts up to 40 percent ATK Down (stack-able) and D E F Down (stack-able) piles together with single/dual-sided debuffs.
  • Might randomly apply invaluable debuffs like snooze, Paralyzed, and precision reduced. Dispel and Delay offer bill pub for original talent.
  • Powerful cost strikes from Reality Seeker.


  • His regular strikes are constantly amplified by 50 percent seraphic enhance.
  • His harm output increases substantially while Nitro enhance remains busy.
  • Inactive increase to C.A. harm along with the limit.
  • Practically covers D E F Down by himself using 15 percent D E F Down and 20% Wind D E F Down.
  • Incredibly Good Option for both C.A. or Complete Auto centred celebrations.
  • Unless, of course, buffed by Nitro enhance, he’ll not ever multi-attack.


  • Part: Attacker/Debuffer/Support
  • Linked expertise permits her to fill just about any job, but merely one at one moment; point.
  • She reaches unlimited possibility in very extended conflicts and excels in a nutshell in competitions due to her and her deathbed.
  • Nuke strikes with each dodge and control assault and inflicts Status AttackDownStack.pngATK Down (Stackable) and Status DefenseDownStack.pngDEF Down (Stackable) on all foes.


  • Tremendous burst possible during split style together along with his self fans.
  • Self-inflicts Status DefenseDown.pdf Down that’s immense accountability until degree 100.
  • At par one hundred, it gets to be a well-balanced DPS machine instead of the glass cannon.
  • Just team usefulness (+3% Triple assault speed) has been gained at par 9-5.


  • Part: Support/Healer
  • It is of Use as party-wide ATK Upward, D E F Upward, and Cost Bar Gain Upward.
  • Inflicts 25 percent ATK Down.
  • 1-turn self-guaranteed in full TA right soon immediately following bill strike.
  • It offers Mirror Picture and increases allies’ ATK provided that you contain it.
  • Increases her very personal ATK using seraphic modifier equal-to Ring of Raphael (SSR).


  • Purpose: Attacker
  • Strong burst personality perfect to briefer conflicts.
  • Quick life span brought on by 30 percent Max HP decreased (stack-able).
  • Under the Water Element


  • Vajra can be just really a full crew buffer provided that she can continuously bill assault to develop Loyalty everlasting.
  • Part: Attacker/Support/Debuffer
  • Inflicts Petrified And also Rebuff Res.
  • Offer long-term celebration lovers up on Charge assault.
  • May strike double per turn using follow-up nuke through 3rd ability.
  • Two hundred percent cost bar limitation, exceptionally sturdy with Bonito.
  • May demand added Multiattack or even cost Bar fans to help keep the C.A. lover upward without a downtime.


  • Functions: Healer/Support
  • Indispensable to H2o Crit Groups Throughout her Very First skill and Also Encourage Capabilities
  • Gives a Long-Lasting, party-wide Crit Raise Predicated on Deluge Crest
  • Stacks, also by your backline
  • Heals an outsider and informs them a massive enthusiast to ATK, DEF, along with multi-attack speed
  • Could overtake an enemy buff.


  • Grea (Summertime Season Months ) is among Those Columns of H2o Bill burst Clubs, providing a Huge Increase to Control attack Harm and Harm Cover for Himself and other Celebration Manhood by Way of Linkage and Dracoforce.
  • Part: Attacker/Support
  • The powerful strike is possible by himself because of Dracoforce.


  • Ahead of her ★ update, Lily is a defensive healer that brings a gigantic party-wide Status Fire Cut 70. Png70% hearth minimize, in addition to a healing plus debuff elimination talent.
  • Part: Support/Healer/Defender.
  • Shields the celebration for 2-turns using Status Hearth Minimize 70. Png70% Fireplace minimize and provides lively hearth DMG Reduction predicated on Status Deluge Crest.pngDeluge Crest stacks.
  • Presents party-wide Status WaterAtkUp.png25% Drinking H2o ATK up on Cost Assault.


  • Vane can still be a jack-of-all-trades but master of not; nevertheless, he promotes their or her desperation in the price of their HP but might mitigate a few of their H-P loss throughout self-healing.
  • Part: Attacker/Debuffer/Defender
  • H AS Substitute (All-Ally) along with Life-threatening Assault Dodged
  • On a brief cool-down, letting him shoot strikes to your team and also live to tell this narrative.
  • Heroic be-it’s auto-activation along with double-activations present a lot of art harm and self-sustain.
  • Jammed along with Disposition Eruption substantially boost your harm.


  • Altair can be just really a solid service personality that provides quite a few helpful fans. But he needs his five★ uncap to achieve max usefulness; he also lacks a market out of providing significant buffs and debuffs.
  • Part: Support/Debuffer
  • Tremendously increases drinking water club hurt output signal with his lovers, debuffs, and control pub creation. His debuff is entirely inaccurate right up till finally, eventually Lvl ninety.


  • Purpose: Healer/Attacker
  • 2000 fix that additionally removes inch debuff.
  • May gain around 50% exceptional ATK increase and double healing electricity with Fountain Lotus.
  • Tremendously promotes the entire celebration’s TA speed together along with her cost Strike’s fan.
  • Psuedo-Phalanx that continues forever assaulted.


  • Purpose: Support/Defender
  • The Queen of the narrative style; her apparel remains handy for quite a long moment.
  • The veil is consistently helpful. Figure out precisely what it’s done.
  • Mend and Cost Strike buffed to become around the present SR Character criteria.


  • Part: Attacker/Support
  • They are fully guaranteed in the entire storyline personality. Status AttackUp.png15percent ATK Up Windflect can be just a decent defensive ability regardless of the anti-synergy amongst Status Repel.pngRepel And Status Dodge.pngDodge charges upward.


  • Lucio can be just really a potent offender but necessitates a ramp-up moment and energy for you to reach the highest efficacy, making him even far more remarkable in more conflicts or, in summary, disputes that may take over one flip.
  • Part: Attacker/Support
  • Substantial assault harm as a Result of Inactive Lighting ATK upward
  • And also Wings of Justice
  • Stipulates various vital celebration and self-buffs
  • Tremendous nuke Harm


  • Part: Attacker/Support/Debuffer
  • Incredibly Large damage output Signal from Butterfly Influence’s Reward Harm, Defiance, along with ATK Upward (Stack-able).
  • Fragile results from non-HP and self-inflicted D E F Down Town (stack-able ) and capabilities could be complex for beginners.
  • It is determined by the outside multi-attack, although that can be slightly relieved by gaining a 3-turn Fully Guaranteed DA.
  • With the proper installation, she is amongst the many most potent Dark vampires.


  • Goal: Attacker
  • Sturdy Swimmer has many self Fans Having a Higher Period, However, in the Price of buffing the enemy.
  • Her cost strike employs of Use ATK Down (Stack-able / Max: 30 percent ), D E F Down Town (Stack-able / Max: 30 percent ), also Burned, which can be rare in plain water.
  • Of good use in 1 turn hinges because of debuffs on bill strike and added harm immediately following particular enemy strikes from her service talent.
  • Could fill an enemy fee bead to gain C.A. Re-activation (1) moment).


  • A free-spirited person whose behavior tends to support the improper.
  • Though he is undoubtedly eager, Helnar quiets down when scolded by the warrior he shouts.


  • A free-spirited person whose behavior tends to support the improper.
  • Though he is undoubtedly eager, Helnar quiets down when scolded by the warrior he shouts.


  • She graduated on Top of this 104th Instruction Corps and eventually became a part of this research Corps. Her capability for war and special overcome skills would be the same as a hundred regular troopers.
  • She’s closely attached with her longtime good close buddy, Eren, also so is keen to give her guts to safeguard him when needed.

Miku Maekawa

  • Miku can be a youthful lady who landed at a sky away, directed with a bright mild.
  • Her religion is high-value within this brand new unthinkable planet.
  • However, this indicates she’s not able to conquer a weak point because of the empty windmill.

Mimlemel and Stumpeye

  • A youthful female of quite a few puzzles, she has misplaced her horn, allowing her to talk to her center.
  • If she turns helpless and loses the will to keep on, her reputable stump embarks on a journey to rescue.


  • A considerate older gentleman that resides with an abysmal new justice.
  • A fire was given for him ago, a single particular he intends to refund by learning to be undercover darkness effective at protecting both the little lighting inside his or her lifetime.
  • Once he has received an order, he replies it using years of expertise and an undercover S-word.

Shiki Ichinose

  • At the reaches of his fantasies, two ladies wind up in a remote sky.
  • This scent-loving lady employs her customary gift and enormous abundance of awareness to set an end to the threat upsetting the heavens.


  • Due to her husband, along with her loved ones, this palace protector abandoned her village.
  • She was perplexed by the freshness of what she sees. She conveys plenty of doubt since she frees her husband.


  • Allies of justice do not proceed during the summer holiday season.
  • Anywhere evil lurks, the shameful tuxedo flightlessly flies right into actions.
  • But the frequently concealed pilot interior was enticed from summertime temperatures. Only do not assume it daily.


  • The youthful rely upon the state connected with all the Capuletsthat he operates to rebuild Verona.
  • Throughout the Re-ignited warfare involving the Capulets and Montagues, ”
  • he functioned as the commander of their Capulet forces. His incorruptible individuality makes him hope for the soldiers and citizens.
  • Also, it’s expected he will flex the near future of their Capulets.


  • This knight is to locate his close pal that continues to be jagged and swallowed with electrical strength.
  • So he goes as the turbo he handles, seeming to have a flash and a roar which turns out thick enemies to regions thick with ash.


  • After she noticed it had been her dad’s foolishness that brought damage to her homeland, this princess started to question the demand to get a priest.
  • She blasted the previous strategies of principle to the interest of the folks, permitting them to select their particular course. The prior princess overlooks the enormous blue skies, inundated with the degree of her newfound flexibility.


  • This upstanding knight embarked on a very long voyage of atonement.
  • It’s enlarged his intellect along with also his senses of wrong and right. He’s got the name of the protagonist, as his dad did.
  • So might he, along with his partners, stride forward with all the real dragon’s boon, unsullied from the bloodstream spilled around them.


  • Heir into several million decades of history, ” she still travels the skies seeking many matters.
  • She performs challenging to get what she’s searching for precisely but pops up if she got to request assistance.
  • She struggles to vocalize her mind, and her tail swishes nervously even though her connections tap her own feet.


  • Gawain reputable within their strength, only just a touch overly far, and attracted his sword onto a powerful competitor.
  • As a way to eliminate the subsequent curse, then he needs to do a few fantastic deeds.
  • Nonetheless, it sounds like the significance of those deeds is misplaced.


  • After an extended and bitter fight, this prince kingdom is still really on the fix –however, the person he looked at as being a brother was in accord with inducing the calamity.
  • So the prince embarks on the search to clear his pal’s title, which means they may once more adopt.


  • This woman from Astraea is a member of this Connoisseur Guild.
  • She’ll brave any threat and also endure some hardship because of her god’s sake.
  • Nevertheless, she calls herself his loyal guidebook, and her extensive coddling is similar to this, the overprotective mom.


  • This royal woman carries significant weight in her youth.
  • She has selected the course of rage, despair, and pain. But, along with that, the system could stop with a grin. Observing the blossoms blossom.
  • so she’s a prayer into these petals: “For those who I don’t know, remember to see happiness.”


  • Captain Levi can be just a soldier who’s as strong being a whole brigade and can be called the most potent soldier residing.
  • He had been a notorious thug from the town’s underground economy.
  • However, he has joined the research Corps below the consequence of Commander ER-Win.


  • She is a unity of 3 goddesses that search valor in the battle and exude British glory onto the deserving.
  • That will be equally both their purpose and purpose for the present.
  • But a few centuries following a bipartisan incident using a prior complaint, they began to sense what they hadn’t ever believed previously.


  • While thrilled to detect the effect her experiences have experienced on her progress as a musician, she’s then up against a challenging choice.
  • However, the light which establishes beyond that trial retains the promise of kinder, stronger, and more vibrant performances.

Stan and Aliza

  • After innumerable trials, both the two avenues meet and intertwine yet again.
  • The advantage of these hearts and the thickness of these bails will probably ascertain when fate or only a waypoint for its two adventurers will be.


  • Upon knowing her very own flaws, this youthful girl tends to make her mind up to input in the apprenticeship of 2 masters of this transaction.
  • Their direction, together side all the earnest footprints she has abandoned within her wakeup, functions to light up the street.


  • An open-hearted enthusiast of power, and this free-spirited samurai follows precisely the manner of this sword, even walking on the warrior’s course after achieving command within his art.
  • What awaits him by the conclusion of the travel?


  • This little boy’s eyes have been fixed directly forward as he conducts full speed throughout the heavens in the quest for a significant fantasy.
  • His intermittent spells of recklessness certainly really are a consequence of the kind and also innocent heart.


  • A lady born and raised on an island far into the east, ” she adores samurai civilization.
  • She leaves dwelling to enlarge her horizons, departing traces of her grin and exceptional sword-play where she awakens.


  • The candies notes of this lyre of those gods’ preferred minstrels grow up to paradise also neutralize the hearts of people who listen to them.
  • The mystical grin that amuses her behalf lips could also prevent a primal monster in its paths while concealing additional essential endeavours.


  • This sexy acrobat can be just a maestro of movements –her transcendent methods enthrall those people’s views.
  • With the joyous grin, she moans her audience has encounter many a soul.
  • She walks from the city, dances throughout the air, and dispersing joy where she moves through.


  • The casino location in which by greed and fire have been shuffling along enjoy a deck of cards.
  • That is Christina’s realm, also that she is its empress. Though enthusiastic when it regards gambling, she treats all of her issues entirely.
  • Beloved, a very long lineup of gamblers yells before, announcing her eager slaves.


  • This globe-trotting representative can’t comprise the curiosity that comes and bubbles inside of just her.
  • Her title strikes dread into the hearts of the enemies, even the dreadful alien’s quiver from horror.
  • So on, this title will move invisibly across every one of the skydomes!


  • The child dinosaur uttered in the southern lands is full of fascination as he heads out to the blue yonder.
  • Never you back away from the struggle, ” he arouses confidence, bravery, and joy whatsoever.
  • Together side his trusty reddish side-kick, this adventurer is the place to abandon his markers onto the heavens.

Kaede Takagaki

  • Her clean, fantastic singing voice reaches on that the welkin, stirring the hearts of those who live beneath.
  • Kaede can be an all-around supportive personality that provides fans, debuffs, and fixes.
  • Her exclusive party-wide enthusiast over-flowing feelings might be forever below the most relevant requirements, and she also supplies healing using a mixture of her party-wide.


  • A style designer who’s nearly as very good at design testimonies as she’s elegant gowns.
  • Watching her very first wedding dress is a treasured memory.
  • She plays pranks. However, she consistently helps to ensure the narrative ends happily ever after.


  • Petra is a breeze shaman who prays for lives and to with all the end.
  • She stresses which the ancient shamanistic teachings are excessively stiff.
  • She prefers to reside since an absolute breeze shaman does-as free of charge during the stop.


  • Her nimble human anatomy enables her to conduct throughout the timber and then scale boulders at a high rate effortlessly.
  • She’s pleasant and wanting to please. However, she is also spontaneous, leaving her partners grinning in bemusement. Obtaining spent her entire life from the shut-off mountains,
  • she awakens to oppose the open heavens.

Suzaku Kururugi

  • Resolute within his certainty that gaining consequences during unethical suggests will merely render you vacant.
  • That youthful guy instills Zero while the pilot of this Lancelot, ” the planet’s very first seventh-generation Knightmare body. Despite equipping himself together with Britannia.
  • he shares a bond using Lelouch and also Nunnally in their shared childhoods in Japan.
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  • Using a solid awareness of respect and dignity, this youthful lady ventures on her behalf assignment on the other side of the skies. Allowing the sign of the pioneer, ” she wields a sacred weapon handed to generations.
  • Her sole wants would be to look for revenge on people that wronged her and recover her rightful place as boss—the trail before she’s not dangerous.
  • However, provided that she holds for himself and concentrates around the target until her, she might be able to split the course she desires.


  • His soul full of lofty ambitions, this courageous young soldier destroys his very first assignment.
  • His inexperience delivers to a tomb catastrophe.
  • Finally, however, he learns about the royal soul inside of himself, overcoming the challenge.


  • He built to wait for his modest sister using a smile, yet, detected in utter amazement her past moments.
  • The heart-rending aggravation and anger do not leave him catches his katana in the appearance of this mythical sword talked in pirate legend combined with his sister’s murderer.
  • His single most crucial regret is not having the capacity to avert his small brother’s havoc, which likewise started at the same incident.


  • From the deserted summoning ring, she seemed –Cerberus, the three-headed warden of all Hades.
  • Staunchly faithful, she doggedly attempts to satisfy her assignment.
  • Still, this really can be a unique opportunity to get any fun. Also, there is no hurry, proper? May as well go on it slow and friendly!


  • She is A winner of a fantastic reputation and also the wielder of enormous, dragon-subjugating ability.
  • She spends days tempering her fight abilities, hunting for a deserving competitor.


  • Freezie can be just really an extraordinary personality whose chief draw is her darkish Mutation style.
  • She can do fundamental usefulness in her regular manner: diminishing enemies’ defenses, buffing the get together’s multi-attack speed, and awarding them incentive harm.
  • Yet, upon using Black Mutation manner, she’s a robust and tanky attacker with the capacity to explode enemies in several ends at the expense of her life.


  • An associate of this connoisseur Guild hailing out of your continent of Astraea, Karyl can be just actually really a talented magical user on / away from the battle.
  • Her sharp tongue could provide men and women an unpleasant feeling on her, but people who understand her most useful comprehend just how considerate and kind she’s underneath the bluster.

Lelouch Lamperouge

  • Secretly a former goddess of this Holy Britannian Empire, this vibrant, youthful man currently functions as vice president in Ashford Academy.
  • Upon getting the ability of Geass, ” he donned the mask of Zero with two aims at heart –to generate a calm universe because of his sister, and also to find the reality behind his mommy’s departure.
  • Despite genuinely being a pragmatist for whom the ends justify the way ” he possesses a neutral number of compassion to many others.


  • Marquis sometimes past chose to be controlled by these celebrities, finally throwing open up the doorway into this supernal: expansive supply of most wisdom.
  • The method shifted him to some expansive blossom having the capacity to attract boundless magic vitality from outside the celebrities.


  • He was using the significance of flexibility in his center, that this boy places out round the heavens using his reputable partner with his aspect.
  • After he and his puppy are rushing through moist areas, atone with all the end, ” he is as the independence he’s consistently hunted is only attainable.
granblue fantasy new characters

Granblue Fantasy Dark Element Characters

GBF Tier List

Koume Shirasaka

  • Koume can be a youthful lady who followed closely that a drifting soul and eventually became misplaced in the skies away.
  • However, her heterosexual kindness exceeds the bounds of the universe and the afterlife to accomplish the absolute most fades of all hearts.


  • After departing his dwelling to repay the score using a caked foe, this haughty fighter spends just about every afternoon in pursuit of strong enemies.
  • It has taken time. However, Randall’s eyes have been now beginning to start until the broad world.

Ranko Kanzaki

  • Ranko can be a youthful lady who landed at a sky away, directed with a bright mild.
  • While the demon ruler with ebony wings and red eyes awaken throughout the heavens aboard the assured ship. (possessing achieved her long-sought wings and magical, ” she sings the urge of this heavens )


  • A youthful lady who resides in a gloomy and timid mansion. She’s got put on an experience together along with her parents.


  • Stan put out into the excellent wide EarthEarth, cursing his vibration legs. He would like to conduct straight home on occasion but often handles to maintain shoving ahead.
  • He also even holds his EarthEarth even if the enemies frighten him into turning into a man able to shielding the ones he adores.

Yuri Lowell

  • The righteous youth searches to get a lost cat and ultimately ends up waking from the skies.
  • After understanding, folks there take care of identical internal struggles, increase beliefs within their morality, and march forward together with complete confidence.


  • The magical ability coursing throughout his own body sporadically glimmers, just such as the light of the firefly.
  • That is, though, vomiting due to a special kind of magic.
  • So he scours the heavens for an approach that may defeat the bewitching eating off.

Lady Grey

  • When passing uttered her authentic romance, woman gray failed to wallow in despair.
  • As an alternative, she heard how to restrain both the spirits of their dead person.
  • She cried warmly, with increased nearer to her dear than.


  • This well-forged blade progress toward eventual advantage, having a single-minded, half-maniacal conclusion.
  • Nevertheless, the remote principle of the skies has to cover heed.


  • A staying never predicted to become, Orchid has been awarded lifestyle by pure miracle, and it contains contested why since.
  • In her pursuit to get responses, she lasts exclusively through the heavens, vowing to get back dear for her a day.


  • He pieces throughout the shadowy such as a piercing black gale to dispose of human beings.
  • Then, wrapped in bandages, this wolf spreads his horns rebellion to spare his brethren who’ve slipped right into slavery. For this magnificent reason, he’s a frightful storm of all bloodshed.


  • Stammered phrases disappear fast from the dim light, their authentic objective dropped.
  • Struggling to get in touch with the others, Tanya endures her privacy. She cradles a dagger, a remembrance of the other, as though it may facilitate her drool. The stainless metal is minimal relaxation.


  • An artist of fantastic talent could cause graphics so that they horrify people that watch them.
  • Nevertheless, the course Lunalu decided lets her produce a gorgeous universe in boundless creativeness.
  • Much like the wings of the bird, then her tails of creativity would soon elongate throughout the skies.


  • Nevertheless, his life is forfeited. Regardless, his palms are saturating in blood, one’s center of the warrior doesn’t falter.
  • The warrior is business, unmoving; at her, breastfeeding burns off an abysmal fire of justice. An example is to get the perspective he struggles with.


  • Rosetta conceals the entire world’s allure as though masking an odor together using the cologne.
  • People within her area can get clues regarding the facts. However, she will not explain to, as an alternative expressing she expects for magic, in the same way as any person.

Black Knights and Orchids

  • For a reverse catastrophe and recovery long-lost occasions, this set forges a course throughout cruelty and isolation. Time moves, and also discord originates involving your two spirits.
  • The grin the knight longs to get is buried at earlier times, whereas the long run holds just an only need to be more fulfilled.


  • An adolescent made to proceed out of his hometown following having an influential people figure enticed him with the crime he did not commit.
  • Although he looks like quite an ordinary high-schooler, he may be the pioneer of these Phantom burglars of all Hearts.


  • That boy, linked into this remote beyond, would not have envisioned trials coming at the end of the journey atonement. Instead, the kindness and love of many others have aided him to grow.
  • Presently he’s decided to develop into a man who can guard his nearest and dearest in reunite.


  • He is one among those Eternals who endure the heavens across the trail of almost any future calamity.
  • Seox’s ability is fantastic because he conveys the sign of fate.
  • However, his psychological uncertainty is merely a portion of the mask–his romance has been in concealing deeper.


  • This joyful childhood gets got the bloodstream of legends flowing throughout his anus.
  • He ventures into the vast yet unknown universe because of continuing ongoing near future of these Turks.
  • Throughout his various experiences, he also develops a very more profound comprehension of individuals.

All these are very excellent models to boost plus are very excellent finishing touches into a final roll. However, keep in mind that this won’t do without a couple of higher-tiered models in their negative. That is additionally the grade in which you get started to see a few super scarce figures.


  • Rei is still among many optimal/optimally functional personalities in Black, yet she could substantially strengthen the capacities of this part’s very finest lions or inhibit foes’ activities.
  • Purpose: Support/Debuffer
  • May exchange her attacking phase just about every flip to give ambigu Strike into a Black Circle indefinitely.
  • When Dual Strike isn’t appreciated, you can also turn Rei out having a sub ally to give them Moksha, a potent offensive lover.

Helel Ben Shalem

  • Helel ben Shalem can be a considerable offender and debuffer, inflicting persistent debuffs, although dealing tremendous hurt by her very own personal.
  • Her operation is outstanding in conflicts of almost any span; make it limited, moderate, or very extended conflicts.
  • Part: Attacker/Debuffer
  • Inflicts Dusky Verdict, a durable 15 percent DEF Away and 10 percent reach debuff resistance.


  • Part: Defender/Debuffer
  • Can Replace all-ally Strikes.
  • She can undoubtedly reach a large injury output instead of in Enmity grids because of her lively Enmity.
  • Offers D E F Down (Stack-able ) and neighbourhood Blinded.


  • Olivia can still be a simple, self-made Black attacker with the capacity of dealing ample talent and auto-attack harm while preventing enemy control strikes and multi attacks.
  • While her workforce usefulness is bound simply to Twilight Terror along with Peccatum Mortale.
  • she’s an excellent offensive personality and fits readily into quite a few dark groups.


  • The austere girl who’d lost her family members at a young age. She’s got since sealed her away feelings along with steeled her guts to turn into an assassin, focusing entirely on vengeance on her loved ones.
  • One hundred percent triple strike speed while in consequence, but bill pub fills 30 percent diminished. One-foe strikes increase Departure’s do or lvl from inch.

Black Knight

  • Dark Knight can be just actually a Support/Tank/Debuffer, which specializes in fighting substantial trouble raids and solo content.
  • She supplies a vast array of usefulness, bargains adequate damage and assistance shields other workforce associates, and also can be pretty tanky.
  • In addition to her potent quad-core Attack Em P choices, her two service skills execute an outstanding deal of operating quietly, guaranteeing her harm and survivability.


  • Clarisse supplies potent assistance to increase allies’ debuff achievements pace, even though additionally inflict up to 40 percent D E F Down with her very own skill and also a skill to dispel foe’s enthusiast.
  • Her straight-forward fittings are all valued for beginners who want speedy defense decrease for attackers.


  • Vikala can be just really a jack of trades – providing a wide array of fans and usefulness to an own team while dealing very excellent private injury.
  • Together with her bunch of dodge speed fans and increased hostility while her Utopia discipline remains busy, she can mitigate a significant part of incoming harm by redirecting to himself and dodging it until casting some unimaginable skill harm due for her Rodent Rhythm.


  • Amira can be a problematic hitting predator that can offer fantastic control pub service into this social gathering with Bal-Sagoth.
  • However, she begins out relatively feeble after obtaining her ★ updates; she becomes even so considerably more powerful. Her busy level 90 lets her fit in non-fist Atma Comp-S easily.


  • Part: Support/Defender
  • May attract enemy strikes even though providing celebration aid on powerful dodges.
  • Offensive assistance via party-wide Status Hype1.pngHype, also Status Uplift.png10percent Uplifted . Allergic assistance as a Result of Status Shield. Pag shield, Status DefenseUpStack.pdf Up (Stackable), also healing to your social gathering.


Vania can be just an Attacker, which likewise provides encouraging capacities. She can offer Status Gravity.pngDelay,” Status Charm.pngCharmed , a dispel, and Status DarkResDown.pngDark D E F Down Following 5★, making her pretty workable personality in battles and difficult disk struggles such as Ultimate Bahamut, where gamers might need these debuffs.

Wulf and Renie

  • Part: Attacker
  • High-damage with 30% Exceptional ATK and Ensured TA from Service Expertise, Together with Renie’s Tears Additionally increasing Harm output Signal for 4 Functions.
  • Increased hostility could aid draw strikes apart out of allies, along with self-healing with all the buffs might help with survivability.

These components are fantastic but usually do not shine in specific areas such as their S-tier counterparts. If you should be fortunate enough to ditch those personalities, you should choose the opportunity to lift them since you will receive substantial advantages from them in the future.

Granblue Fantasy Water Element Characters

GBF Strongest Characters


  • Goal: Defender/Debuffer
  • Can replace all-ally Strikes.
  • She can undoubtedly reach instead of a significant injury output in Enmity grids because of her lively Enmity.

Milleore and Sahil Rao

  • Those two sharpshooters, formerly believed the spine of the community armed forces, today re-unite as mercenaries at work.
  • Despite the period they invested, they continue to be competent enough to dart about and organize their strikes from excellent haul to the battle, demonstrating the advantage in their ceaseless bond.


  • Pholia can be a potent hybrid vehicle attacker-supporter, notably immediately right following her June 20-19 re-balance. The celebrity of her apparel is Position White Veil.pngWhite Veil
  • –provided she can preserve its defend endurance,” she has fully guaranteed in total significant strikes, ensured twice strikes, and also a 30% rise to ATK/DEF.


  • Even the Grand edition of Sandalphon has extraordinary ability on conflicts contrary to non-elemental foes because of some unique debuff,” Elemental Friction.
  • Regardless of his atomic functionality, his defensive functionality is equally impressive due to his inherent substantial protection.


  • Part: Attacker
  • Actual Offender; Is Now Equipped to Reach 2.5 million Cost Assault Harm in Conjunction with her C.A. DMG Upward along with Vital Strike Speed up Talents.
  • Character Em P will bulge this into not quite 3 million.
  • Effortless personality to engage in along with deal.

Vania and Malinda

  • Purpose: Attacker/ Service
  • Can cope wonderful injury with cost Attack due to the fact she’s got higher C.A. harm harbor.
  • Social Gathering assistance with H2o ATK Up, Drain along with Defend.
  • Incredibly Excellent Selection for Entire Car Staff.


  • Lancelot can be just a dodge-tank with art auto-activation such as harm.
  • He needs his ★ uncaps because of his lucrative skills, which makes him a competitive choice for gamers with him Level 100 and a fairly substantial time and source investment to get the most recent gamers.


  • Yuel can be an outsider, buffer, and then gathered to a single. She’s Got a DA Up, TA U along with Reward DMG enthusiast because of her staff by Guren and profits.
  • DA Up (Stack-able ), TA upward (Stack-able ) for himself out of Eye of the Sparrow4-hit, 100 percent water harm to some foe (Harm cap: ~150,000 per strike).


  • Part: Attacker
  • Sturdy Self-healing via his Cost Assault.
  • One among those very couple resources is of Coldcage from the sport.
  • Energy, along with also 30 percent Bonus H2o DMG synergize Effectively with endurance grids.


  • Purpose: Attacker/Defender
  • Enormous 1-turn burst hurt probable and general strike ability.
  • Powerful H2o DEF Down DEF is for H2o DMG.
  • Play-style requires Micro Managing Spirit stacks.


  • Shura can be just really a potent offender, using medium usefulness, powerful, however high-priced party enthusiast.
  • Her exceptionally reduced price pub achieve means that her abilities along with passive therefore are battling with each other within a resource an issue.


  • Part: Defender/Support
  • The Necessitates Direction of Spirit stacks.
  • Inactive and busy Hostility Up.
  • There Social Gathering broad 100 percent DEF upward along with Armored permits for more survivability.

Aqours Second-Years

  • Much like their fellow Aqours components, the Aqours Second-Years is with newcomer players at your mind.
  • They give party-wide multi-attack fans a rarity from Water and are a healer and a Dispel to receive Leviathan Omega’s pesky.


  • Part: Attacker/Support/Debuffer
  • Offers Veil, ATK Down, Talent DMG Up, H2o ATK Down, Talent DMG Cap Upward, along with Delay.
  • Gaze to Crystal-ball could be in the event Fantasy of this Moon Isn’t picked.


  • Goal: Defender/Attacker/Debuffer
  • A Fantastic early-game Drinking H2o Personality That also sees Usage in OTK Groups.
  • Can Provide party-wide 50 percent DMG minimize and 10 percent DEF upward just about every five ends.
  • It Inflicts single-sided 20 percent DEF Down.


  • Diantha (summertime ) can be just a vital celebration tip handy for more extended conflicts.
  • Supplying party-wide multi-attack, therapeutic, reward harm, along with exceptional fans.


  • Part: Attacker/Support
  • Substantial Private Harm by Way of self-buffs
  • Can Cope Huge damage Despite Developed grids
  • Offers large Celebration Crucial Strike Speed up.

Macula Marius

  • Macula Marius can be just an audience controller–someone who devotes enemies’ activities and thins their amounts.
  • She tickles ATK Down Town, Gravity, also Glaciate on most foes.


  • Yngwie can be a full tank and offender in a tough-guy manner, out.
  • if he could be only a mean attacker and averagely tank.

Chat Noir

  • He is an outstanding burglar and grasp of all impeccable disguises that he regularly uttered incredible capers to exude the planet’s interest.
  • The moment his aim will be the place –that he articulates using a letter coated at candy cologne –no treasure remains still not safe.


  • If she had been modest, Cucuroux wanted for two matters: some older sister, along with a cute younger person.
  • But, she includes, she performs hard for always a gunsmith and sister they may take pride in.

Lady Katapillar and Vira

  • Vira transforms Katalina into a girl Katapillar, an early and glorious software of jealousy.
  • A servant to Vira’s will, she was delivered to some course to extinguish all living out of the heavens.


  • By the day she heard Kimi to Boku no Mirai, that youthful lady had imagined acting.
  • But, instead, she chased to maintain bettering the skies using dance and song and finally conjured her favourites while the skies’ number 1 idol.


  • A youthful knight behaves like a Lady’s bodyguard and a university college pupil of Mysteria Academy.
  • He safeguards his complaint using loyal diligence along with honest confrontation –that is a mission entrusted to which his whole is committed to.


  • The little one of these waves and wind adore the glorious liberty of their seas above everywhere.
  • Directed from the aromas of the ocean and skies, Cailana follows the currents seeking waves.


  • Even a grief-stricken lioness, she watched her tears to detect new allies.
  • Their companionship presents her strength to stay to her and the work out to safeguard the people she adores.


  • This free-spirited youth had a run-in with fate, and her name was Katalina. With Cupid’s arrow firmly lodged in his heart and his two best buddies by his side, he set off after her.
  • The troublesome trio is certainly boisterous, but there’s never a dull moment when they’re around.


  • Called leader of this Sky Knights,” Mina may be your only water-user inside this purchase.
  • If their boss abandoned, she chose to control and genuinely got their esteem.
  • However, she’s not appeared to get observed, just how much charm uniform tends to control.


  • This lovely singer has an incredible voice gained fame but in addition bitterness.
  • Her opponents murdered her, robbing her speech and song. Just able enough to grunt, she wallowed in silent grief for decades before somebody seemed who would know.
  • Her heart jumped with pleasure because she left over a new journey with all the small group travellers.

Minami Nitta

  • Can Be 50% Love Laika using Anastasia. If Minami engages in a Chain Burst with some Different THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Ladies personality.
  • They will call the title of this Chain Burst with Each Other.

Morphe and Phoebe

  • Drowning inside their pasts, their older wounds hunted to distribute and put a curse onto the property.
  • But someplace deep within that boundless jolt, they run into an ultimate, glowing beam of lighting. Turn hand, and they proceed together with confidence within their hearts.