Paladins Tier List: Stronger Characters Ranked (May 2022)

Paladins tier list can help you to find out some of the strongest Paladins Characters without having a extra hassle. You can go through our ultimate list and give your opinion’s using the comment box.

What are Paladins?

Paladins is a free-to-play online shooter video game that was introduced in 2018. The game has cultivated a hardcore audience. With that in mind, check out our tier list of the game’s many playable champions down below to ensure your team’s victory. Up your game with this Paladins Tier List. Start your winning streaks by playing top-tier heroes, and your competitive rating will skyrocket.

When you first start playing Paladins, you have a lot of options for who you want to play. It can be difficult to decide who to invest your time in; the last thing you want to do is get addicted to someone who lacks the stamina to keep up with the rest of the pack. You want a true hero, someone who can take on anybody who stands in their way. Here’s a tier list for Paladins so you can separate the heroes from the zeros.

This list will rate the game’s characters (known as Champions) in order to give you a fast overview of the game’s current meta. This knowledge is beneficial to both new and returning players. It will assist you in determining which Champions to train with and the best team configurations.

Paladins Tier List:

Let’s get into the Champions‘ tier list for Paladins without further ado. These are the best Champions in the game right now, and they’ll almost certainly give every player an advantage over the opposing team.

Paladins Tier List 2021
Paladins Tier List

Tier S

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These champions are extremely powerful. You can’t go wrong with these characters if you want to gain a competitive advantage over your opponents. The heroes in this tier tend to be insta-locks/bans because they are extremely powerful and make a significant difference to a team’s competitiveness.

Androxus FlankHumanIt is also known as the Godslayer he was one of the most strongest character. Due to the his ability and mobility and the flank. Moreover in terms of the fighting he has outstanding output damage. He has everthing that player want to get head to head fight.
CassieDamageHumanShe is one of the strongest female fights in Paladins. In fighting, she is pretty good at it because of her fighting abilities and skills that deal high-end damage output, especially in close combat.
DredgeDamageHumanHe is also known as the Admiral of the Abyss, in fighting he can easily able to deal a massive amount of damage output to the opponent with his basic attacks. Moreover, he is an excellent crowd control character. The player can easily able to control his movements without having a hassle.
DrogozDamageWyrinThe title that Drogoz owned is The Greedy and it is best for the ranged classes and deals high-end damage. He can able to avoid the trouble using his vertical mobility along with that he’s a little dragon who gets away with a bigger dragon with the help of mechanical wings.
KogaFlankHumanHe is an incredibly mobile flank fighter who can easily able to swap stances and unlock his other abilities. His primary attack is Dual SMG’s and it has a high amount of damage output due to the massive fire. However, his abilities do not have a cooldown.
AtlasFront LineHumanHe is one of the powerful front-line fighters and his primary attacks are Chrono-Cannon that fires projectiles that deal massive damage to the opponent. Moreover, it can be charged for the 1.4 seconds absolute.
InaraFront LineStagallaShe also knows as The Stone Warden, She has an impressive amount of sustainability with Earthen Guard. Moreover, in terms of fighting her weapons can deal high-end damage in close combat. However, unlike other front-line fighters, she cannot able to use the shield but instead, she uses the wall. That keeps enimies away.
Bomb KingDamageConstructThe other name of Bomb Kings is His Majesty and he is a damage champ with a high-end focus on area damage. He uses the sticky bombs that can be used on walls and even on opponents.

Tier A

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These champions are more common than normal in the current meta. These playable characters are useful in almost any team composition. These heroes are above average and will perform exceptionally well in almost any team composition. Many high-level games would almost certainly feature a few of these heroes.

FuriaSupporterHumanFuria is an excellent supporter and she does much more besides healing up his team. She can able to brings massive damage using Crowd Control with her Pyre Strike. She uses the Pyre Blade as a weapon for the fight and can able to deal mid-end damage along with boosting the striking speed after healing up allies.
YingSupporterEIfYing also an outstanding supporter along with a mid-range attacker. She can heal up his allies from a longer distance using Illusions skills. In terms of fighting, she can fire Illusory Mirror which is a fast beam of energy along with a Shatter her deployed illusions.
KhanFront LineHumanKhan also known as the Primus of House Aico, is an offensive and mid-supporter fighter. He uses the mid-ranged weapon Heavy Repeater to deal damage to the opponent during the fight along with healing up his team and himself using Battle Shout skill.
LianDamageHumanShe owns the title of Scion of House Aico and her best skills are for dealing high-end damage to the opponents during the battle. In mid-range battle, she can use a semi-automatic Heirloom Rifle to attack the enemies.
MakovFront LineUnkownMakov is a front-line champ and able to deal a massive amount of damage in a longer range. Which makes him one of the best and ideal fighters to defend his allies from opponents’ attacks.
ViktorDamageHumanHe is also known as The Lone Wolf. His attacks were best for high-end damage to the opponents. Moreover, his control is way too easy to use that most of the payer prefer him in the party.
WilloDamageFaerieShe is also one of the best damage fighters in the game. Willo is best at using splash damage and focuses on zone control. She can shoot a blast of energy toward to opponent using her fae Wand.
StrixDamageHumanHe is a strong character if you have a good aim. Because Strix is one of the two snipers is one and last character who can switch between primary and secondary weapons. Moreover, his one of the best move is  flashbang grenade that can blind his opponents for short time period.

Tier B

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These champions are average, but they are dependable and common choices in the current meta. Average heroes with a spot in some team compositions. While this is still a popular practice, there are better alternatives.

ImaniDamageHumanShe is one of the complex damage fighters in the game. Imani can able to dominating at any reach and contributing to group control and drafting forthright. She can also able to switch between her  Ice Stance and Fire Stance in the middle of the fight to deal high-end damage to the opponents.
BuckFlankHumanHe is also known as the The Unyielding, Moreover, he is a Flank fighter and it was best to deal high-end damage in the close combats along with hit and run battle tactics. The Bulk’s ultimate skill is Bulk Wind that grants him infinite ammo along with the boost in the movement.
SerisSupportHumanShe is a supporter and does own some of the ultimate healing skills that helpful for the allies. In terms of attacking she uses the Soul Orb to release the projectiles that bypass the opponent and marked them. These marks can easily be detonated using the Red Orb to deal more damage to the opponent.  
EvieFlankHumanEvie is also known as The Winter Witch in the Paladin. She is best in AOE damage along with speed and staying alive in the battle without getting massive damage output.
FernandoFront LineHumanHe is a front-line fighter and best in dealing high-end damage output to the opponent, especially in the close range. Fernando is best in imposing guards on account of his monstrous wellbeing pool and his Shield ability. That defend his allies and himself from opponent attacks.
AshFront LineHumanShe is also known as The War Machine. In terms of fighting, she uses the employs a fire cannon that is successful up to medium reach. Moreover, she also best in point control through weighty group control and harm decrease with her abilities.
KinessaDamageHumanShe is a sniper that can able to deal with massive damage at a longer range in the battle. However, she lacks in movement speed her best skill is Headhunter that deals 50 percent additional damage to the opponent.
BarikFront LineDwarfHe is also known as Master Mechanic and infighting he wields a blunderbuss that fires pellets at the high speed. Moreover, he is best in area control by setup up two turrets that automatically set up to fire towards the opponents. One of the best skills is Dome Shield, used to set up a massive flamethrower turret.

TerminusFront LineStagallaSame as other front-line champions the Terminus is also best in dealing massive damage to the opponents. He uses the  Massacre Axe to deal damage in the battle. His ultimate skill is Power Siphon that allows him to absorb all the energy attacks and transform the damage into the charge for the Calamity Blast.
TorvaldFront LineELfTorvald is also known as The Runic Sage in Paladins. He is a kind of supportive Front Line character and his primary skill is to defend his allies and himself from opponents’ attacks.
LexFlankHumanLex also called The Hand of Justice. He is a flank champion who is best in close-ranged battles. One of the best skills of Lex is In Pursuit which is the tool to kill elusive targets, especially those who are in lower health.
Sha LinDamageHumanHe is an oppressive ranged attacker also known as the Desert Wind. He fires high-end arrows by dealing more damage the longer they charged. His best move is Crippling Arrow allows him to cripple opponents.
FuriaSupportHumanShe is more than a healer and support. The Furia can easily able to bring massive damage to the Crowd Control using his Pyre Strike along with his teammates. Her Pyre Blade can able to deal heavy damage up to mid-range and possibly able to increase the speed of attacks.
Mal’dambaSupportSka’dinHe is a great healer known as the Wekono’s Chosen in the Paladins. Mal’Damba is an incredible healer with a steady presence as Crowd Control and consistent Healing. His Spitting Cobra fires globs of toxin that arrangement harm to foes.
GroverSupportNatureGrover is a ranged character, he is best in Poke Damage and Group Healing. Moreover, in terms of attacks, he can throw an axe towards the opponent that can cause high-end damage if hits the right target. His best healing skill is Blossom that can passively heal all the nearby allies in the middle of the battle.
TalusFlankSka’drinAs the Flank champ Talus, he uses a weapon especially useful in the mid and long-range. Talus’s skill set is a bit complex and hard to understand. His ultimate skill is Ture Power in which he can teleport directly to the opponent and deal high-end damage.
JenosSupportHumanJenos is also known as The Ascended in Paladins. He is basically a team-focused supporter with some powerful healing abilities such as he can heal up allies through the walls along with hold opponents in place. His primary weapon is Star Splitter an automatic and beneficial in the mid and close-ranged combats.
TyraDamageHumanThe tyre is a damage class champ his basic skills are set excels at area control and hunting down targets. Her Auto Rifle picks off enemies quickly with its high rate of fire and its Nade Launcher that lobs a grenade to finish them off.
PipSupportVulpinPip is a support-type champ and his more powerful approach compare to another champion in terms of supporters. Moreover, his Potion Launcher, that allows him to lob projectiles for dealing area damage. While his Explosive Flask does more damage and slows opponents’ movement.
ZhinFlankHumanZhin is dominated at duelling his rivals at short proximity. Basically, he uses the  Inferno Blade that flings burning oil at his foes. Moreover his Counter and Billow skills for the battling.
RaumFront LineAbyssal CreaturesRaum also known as the Rage of the Abyss, uses the Hellfire Gatling shreds for the close-range combats.

Tier C

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Less well-known than higher-tier champions, these characters are commonly thought to be only useful in specific situations.

Situational heroes that don’t fit into a lot of team compositions. Choose the heroes carefully, since they aren’t the end-all and be-all of the new meta.

MaeveFlankHalf-TigronShe has outstanding mobility as the Flank champ, In terms of damage she has impressive burst damage potential using his talent Cat Burglar. Moreover she can also able to wields two weapons at the same such as throwing wo high-end damaging daggers towards the opponents.
RuckusFront LineGoblinHe is one best characters in this tier. Ruckus has both defensive and offensive abilities. In terms of weaponry, he uses the minigun that releases Missile Launchers to high-end damage.
VivianDamageHumanHe can able to deal sustainable damage to the opponents in close-range combat. In weaponry, he uses Light Machine Gun to the mid-range combats. In Defense, she can able use her Deflector Shield skill.
GrohkSupportOrcHe is a supporter-type fighter and can able to deal high-end damage to the opponent. In terms of weapons, he wields his Lightning Staff that produces the channelled beam of lightning which is best for mid-range attacks.

Tier D

paladins tier list

These characters are the lowest tier champions; they are usually the least common choices and are thought to be less successful than higher tier champions. These heroes are the least successful in competition, and there’s a risk you’ll get flamed if you choose them. If you play these heroes, your team will be at a disadvantage.

MojiFlankLeiporiThe Moji is a Flank Class Champ, it deals with burst damage which is his primary attack and his secondary attacks produce the spray but it has very low damage output.
SkyeFlankElfShe can easily able target particular opponents for the fight. However, she lacks in dealing with a good amount of damage output. She uses the rest Crossbow and Poison Bolts as weapons for battle.

You can go through below given list of the strongest Paladins characters according to the tiers. Its make more easier for you to know some of the powerful characters in the game without hassle along with their tiers.

30+ Strongest Paladins Characters


Because of his potential to be an outstanding flanker, Androxus is usually at the top of the Paladins’ tier list. He has great versatility and can deal a lot of harm. It has everything you could possibly want. He’s also been the most consistent character, so he’s a safe bet even if you’re not sure what the meta is.


Cassie has always been a solid performer. She has outstanding DPS and is great at spotting enemies and informing the team—a she’s a great character for almost all. If you choose to take the lead rather than follow, this is an excellent option.


Dredge’s basic attacks deal splash damage, and his abilities reflect this. He has excellent zone control and can deal massive damage. Dredge is an excellent example of a crowd control character; if you can play with someone who can round up the opposing team, you’ll have a blast.


Drogoz is a long-ranged character who deals a lot of harm. Because of his vertical agility, he can also get out of trouble quickly. He’s a small dragon who used artificial wings to flee a larger dragon.

Bomb King:

Meet Bomb King if you like blowing things up and scaring people away. He’s fantastic at zoning and clearing a room. If you need to monitor the flow of the fight and herd enemies into a specific location, he’s a good option.


Furia is an excellent supporter due to her exceptional healing abilities. With Pyre Strike, she can also stun and increase her team’s damage performance. If you’re concerned about your goal, this is an excellent option for ensuring that you can still contribute to the team.


Inara is a powerful zoner with an ultimate that stuns, bypasses shields, and deals harm. In the right hands, she can be a strong hero. The most important thing to note is that she needs support in order to be effective.


On our Paladins tier list, Khan is the first Tank. He can withstand a tremendous amount of damage while still bolstering his allies. As long as he’s with a DPS character, he’s a big threat, so find a mate and pull them into the fray with you.

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Thanks to his skills, Koga is a fantastic damage dealer who can also avoid taking damage. This is the option for you if you like the idea of bringing enemies out of the shadows. You should be afraid of this ninja.

Lian is a versatile character who excels at medium-range combat. She has a few strong AoE attacks that can be used to clear a room or weaken enemies who have huddled together. You can wreak havoc as long as you can gather a group of enemies.


Makoa is a fantastically consistent player. He has the ability to isolate targets and defend friends. He can deal monstrous harm in a confined space. Due to his skills, he is a good match for a squisher character.


Strix is a formidable opponent if you have good aim. If he is cornered, he can use his stealth skill to getaway. Just keep an eye on what’s going on around you.


Willo fluctuates a lot, but he’s in a good spot right now thanks to his good AoE and high splash damage. When you add in the healing reduction, you have a very powerful hero.


Buck is a powerful flanker who can deal a lot of damage at close range. He is a solid and well-balanced option because of his survivability and versatility.


Another strong flank in this tier list of Paladins. It’s good for AOE, survival, and getting away.


Fernando has some fascinating damage-over-time results, and as a result, he can take people out after they’ve fled. He also has a large shield to protect himself with.


Kinessa has clear sightlines and has the ability to recover when flanked. Her Oppressor Mine is a little slow, but with Sniper Mode, she can deal a lot of harm.


Lex is an impact dealer who is well-balanced. With his magnums, he could even concentrate on a specific goal or concise a space with The Legislation. Mal’damba is a character who has the ability to stun and shut down a flank. With Dread Serpent, he can also punish close-knit enemies. Seris is similar to Mal’damba but has the ability to heal. She has a high level of survivability but not as much damage.

Sha Lin:

Sha Lin has a lot of damage potential, is stealthy, and attacks quickly. If you don’t look out for him, he will annihilate a group of enemies.


Talus excels at hit-and-run strategies. To make the most of his abilities, you’ll need to be able to anticipate enemy movement.


Tovald can use Nullify to stop the enemy and is also very strong at range. He lacks the speed to drive ahead on his own, but he works well as part of a team.


Tyra can restrict the abilities of healers in order to punish them. She has a wide variety of abilities and can completely devastate anyone who underestimates her.


Viktor is a fantastic vanilla jack-of-all-trades character who is ideal for newcomers to the game.

paladins strongest champions


In the right hands, Ying can be amazing, but it can be difficult to adjust to. She is a competent healer, but not the strongest.


Zhin is a difficult flank to master. He has some excellent mobility options as well as some effective AoE attacks.



Ash’s range is extremely limited, and he is easily punished. They aren’t poor characters, but they don’t compare well to the others.


Barik’s abilities are limited, and he isn’t mobile enough to make a significant difference in a match.


Jenos’ ultimate is fantastic for wiping out an unprepared squad, but he falls short in other places.


Maeve used to be a force to be reckoned with, but patches and other heroes have reduced her to a tier 4 hero. Simply go for Koga.


Pip’s heal isn’t up to par with the other healers on the list, and he can’t compete with them.


Terminus lacks the strength required for front-line duty, but he also lacks the skills required for any other task.


Her firing speed is slowed, which is a major problem. This isn’t a good option.


Unfortunately, it’s been nerfed to oblivion.


Grover has a fair amount of damage and healing, but he is outclassed by stronger supports.


Moki is merely average, and that is insufficient.


Ruckes is decent at dealing damage and has a decent shield, but there are heroes who are much stronger at these points.


She has the ability to pick off a single goal, but she lacks the harmful capacity to do so on a regular basis. This Paladins tier list should be avoided.

You can now strategize which Champions can work well together to gain more wins in matches using this list as a reference.

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