Pokemon Masters Tier List: Best Sync Pairs (2024)

There are 200 Pokemon and Masters available in the game and choosing the the perfect pair is confusing, especially for the newbies. Well don’t worry here we featured a Pokemon Masters Tier list in which we ranked pairs from best to worst in tiers.

Pokémon Masters EX is a mobile game developed by DeNA the game supports iOS and Android platforms. You can play this game for free on your mobile phone. All you’ve to do is download the mobile application from the application store.

The game is based on the Pokemon animation it is set on the artificial island of Pasio. In the game, you’ve to battle and recruit different prominent Pokémon Trainers from the main series games. The game was introduced in August 2019 as Pokémon Masters and in 2020 it name changed to Pokémon Masters EX.

Pokemon Masters Tier List

Pokemon Master Tier List

Weakness and resistance rates can make recognizing the best challenging at times, as every unit is more suitable or worse depending on the fights ahead. As the Pokemon Masters lives on releasing new units, our Pokemon Tier List is always subject to update with time and results.

It’s important to know which pair is best to invest your resources to unlock their potential. Here the Pokemon Tier List comes, which allows you to know all about the best sync pairs for the Pokemon Masters League.

The Pokemon Tier List contains all 4 tiers, Support, Physical Strike, Specials Strike and Tech.

S Tier

Sygna Suit Blue & Mega Blastoise (Support) | Bianca Tech & Musharna (Tech) | May & Swampert (Tech) | Skyla & Swanna (Support) | Karen & Mega Houndoom (Special Attack Strike) | Leon & Charizard (Special Attack Strike) | N & Zekrom (Physical Strike) | Cynthia & Mega Garchomp (Physical Strike) | Sabrina & Mega Alakazam (Support) | Acerola & Palossand (Tech) | Hilbert & Mightyena (Physical Strike) | Professor Sycamore & Xerneas (Support) | Player & Torchic (Support) | Sygna Suit Leaf & Mega Venusaur (Tech) | Serena & Delphox (Tech)

A Tier

Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom (Support) | Burgh & Leavanny (Special Attack Striker) | Rosa & Delibird (Support) | Misty & Starmie (Support) | Lyra & Meganium (Support) | Lysandre & Yveltal (Special Attack Strike) | Dawn & Alcremie (Tech) | Flannery & Torkoal (Tech)
Ghetsis & Kyurem (Tech) | Lillie & Clefairy (Support) | Piers & Obstagoon (Support) | Jasmine & Mega Steelix (Support) | Erika & Comfey(Support) | Koga & Crobat (Tech)
Iris & Hydreigon (Tech) | Lance & Dragonite (Physical Strike) | Alder & Volcarona (Special Attack Strike) | Iris & Haxorus (Physical Strike) | Sygna Suit Grimsley & Mega Sharpedo (Physical Strike) | Brendan & Sceptile (Physical Strike) | Dawn & Torterra (Support)
Will & Xatu (Tech) | Serena & Whimsicott (Tech) | Leaf & Eevee (Support)
Professor Oak & Mew (Tech) | Blue & Mega Pidgeot (Special Attack Strike) | Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-o (Special Attack Strike) | Selene & Decidueye (Physical Strike)| May & Mega Lopunny (Physical Strike) | Agatha & Mega Gengar (Tech) | Brendan & Sceptile (Physical Strike)

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B Tier

Player & Pikachu (Special Attack Striker) | Caitlin & Reuniclus (Special Attack Striker) | Phoebe & Dusknoir (Support) | Drake & Salamence (Support) | Lance & Gyarados (Physical Striker) | Lisia & Mega Altaria (Tech) | Player & Solgaleo (Physical Striker) | Lyra & Jigglypuff (Special Attack Striker) | Wally & Mega Gallade (Physical Striker) | Cyrus & Palkia (Special Attack Striker) | Skyla & Togekiss (Tech) | Mallow & Tsareena (Tech)
Elio & Primarina (Support) | Kukui & Lycanroc (Tech) | Brock & Onix (Tech) | Noland & Mega Pinsir (Physical Striker) | Korrina & Mega Lucario (Physical Striker)

C Tier

Ethan & Typhlosion (Special Attack Striker) | Elesa & Zebstrika (Physical Striker) | Gardenia & Roserade (Special Attack Striker) | Molayne & Dugtrio (Physical Striker) | Blaine & Rapidash (Tech) | Barry & Empoleon (Special Attack Striker) | Roxanne & Probopass (Support) | Marshal & Conkeldur (Physical Striker) | Maylene & Medicham (Support) | Cheryl & Blissey (Support)| Rosa & Serperior (Support) | Liza & Lunatone (Support) | Lana & Araquanid (Support) | Kris & Feraligatr (Physical Striker) | Bruno & Machamp (Physical Striker) | Silver & Ho-oh (Special Attack Striker) | Pryce & Dewgong (Special Attack Striker) | Bugsy & Mega Beedrill (Physical Striker) | Roxie & Scolipede (Physical Striker) | Crasher Wake & Floatzel (Tech) | Wallace & Milotic (Tech) | Brawly & Hariyama (Tech) | Calem & Meowstic (Tech) | Acerola & Mimikyu (Tech) | Siebold & Octillery (Tech) | Ramos & Victreebel (Tech) | Clemont & Heliolisk (Tech) | Shauntal & Chandelure (Special Attack Striker) | James & Weezing (Tech) | Zinnia & Rayquaza (Special Attack Striker)

D Tier

Cheren & Stoutland (Support) | Hapu & Mudsdale (Physical Striker) | Thorton & Bronzong (Tech) | Brycen & Cryogonal (Tech) | Norman & Slaking (Physical Striker) | Lt. Surge & Electrode (Tech) | Candice & Abomasnow (Tech) | Tate & Solrock (Physical Striker) | Player & Solgaleo (Special Attack Striker) | Roark & Rampardos (Physical Striker) | Brycen & Cryogonal (Tech)

Support Tier List

Pokemon Master Support Sync Pairs

If you want to know some of the best support Pokemon masters sync pairs then here you can get all the best sync pairs for team support.

This support tier list carries some of the best support sync pairs that you can use in your team for the support purpose of increasing the defence, HP or attack power.

These pairs are best for speed up, defence up, HP up and reducing damage for all the allies in the battle. Our favourite is Skyla – Swanna sync pair in terms of support to the 3-on-3 battle team.

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Sync Pair
Skyla – Swanna
SupportSpeed, Defense, HP are Increased of all allies along with Sure Hit to the opponent.
Sygna Suit Elsa – Rotom
SupportParalysis, Sync Count Down, Accuray Increase, Crit Chance Up and Rainy Sure Hit.
Sabrina – Alakazam
SupportSpc. Defence Down, Crit Chance Up, HP Increase, Special Attacks Up, Accuracy, Reduce Damage, Flinch Immunity.
Lyra – Meganium
SupportSpecial Defence Down, Crit Chance, Attacks, Special Attacks, Speed, Reduce Damage and Sunny 2X Buffs
Rosa – Delibird
SupportAttacks Upgrade, Move Gauge Accelerate, Random Increase, Sleep Immunity, Speed Upgarde, Hailstorm HP regen.
Sygna Suit Blue – Mega Blastoise
SupportDefence, Special Attacks, Confusion and Special Defense
Phoebe – Dusknoir
SupportCrit Chance, Attacks, Move Gauge, Recoil, Baton Pass, Attacks and Sure Hit
Misty – Starmie
SupportSpeed Reduce of Opponent, Special Defence, HP Regain, Start Clear, Evasion.
Drake – Salamence
SupportDefence, Paralysis, Move Gauge, Attack Down, Special Defence.
Rosa – Serperior
SupportSpecial Defence Down, Special Attacks Up, HP Regain, Move Gauge and Special Defence Decrease Immunity.
Glacia – Mega Glalie
SupportFreeze, HP regain, Taunt, Special Attacks, Random Up, Self Destruct on Death.
Hilbert – Samurott
SupportSpeed Up, Attacks Up, Flinch.
Roxanne – Probopass
SupportRandom, Defence, Special Attacks, Speed, Block AoE, Sandstorm Damage.
Jasmine – Mega Steelix
SupportSpeed Up 2X Damage, Defence, Critical Immunity, Blocks Start-lowering Defence Down, Endure
Dawn – Torterra
SupportDefence, Stat Condition Clear, HP up for an ally, Critical Chance Up for all allies.
Leaf – Eevee
SupportHP regain for all allies, Defence down for opponent, Attacks Up, Baton Pass and Move Gauge Up for all allies.
Cheren – Stoutland
SupportUser has Stat Condition for 2x Damage, Stat Condition Clear, HP regain, Defence Down of an opponent, Move Gauge up for all allies.
Skyla – Swanna
SupportHP can be up for all allies, Defence Up for all allies, Speed Up for all allies, Sure Hit.

Special Attack Strike Tier List

Pokemon Master Ex Special  Strike Sync Pairs

If you wanted to add some of the special attacks sync pairs in your battle for the matches. Then from this below-given tier list, you can easily pick up some of the best special attack pairs. All the sync pairs are best in special attacks including Special Defense Up and Down for self and opponent, Special Attacks Up and Down for self along with High-end damage.

Sync PairsTypeMoves
Sygna Suit Red – Mega Charizard XSpecial Attack Striker
Unfreeze, Burn, Recoil, Special Attacks, Speed, Defense Down, Special Defense Down, Move Gauge, Sync Count Down, Sure Hit
Giovanni – MewtwoSpecial Attack Striker
Confusion, Special Defence Down of Opponent, Evasion Up, Crtical Chance Up, Lower HP Power Up.
Karen – Mega HoundoomSpecial Attack Striker
Special Attacks Down for all opponents, Crtical Chance Up, Special Attacks Up, AoE Damage, Burn Immunity, Sleep Immunity.
Blue – Mega PidgeotSpecial Attack Striker
Crtical Chance Up, Special Attacks Up, Confusion, Rainy Sure Hit, Evasion Up, Accuracy Up. Moreover Speed and self accuracy decrease immunity
Sygna Suit Cynthia – Kommo-O
Special Attack Striker
Paralysis and Special Attacks Up
Cyrus – Palkia
Special Attack Striker
Flint – Infernape
Special Attack Striker
Burn, Critical Chance Up, Attack Up, Special Attacks Up, Low HP Power Up
Player – Solgaleo
Special Attack Striker
High damage to an opponent, best for the support the team in combat
Player – Pikachu
Special Attack Striker
Speed, Damage, Defence and Electric Sock, Random Up
Burgh – Leavanny
Special Attack Striker
Random Up, Special Attacks Up, Defence Up, Speed Up, Special Defence Down of an opponent.
Caitlin – Reuniclus
Special Attack Striker
Move Gauge Up, Special Defence Down of the opponent, Defence Up, Poison Immunity, Burn Immunity.
Plumeria – Salazzle
Special Attack Striker
Poison, Move Gauge Up, Special Attacks Up, Speed Up, Pison and Burn Immunity, Supereffectivite Power Up
Ethan – Typhlosion
Special Attack Striker
Burn, Special Attacks Up, HP Up, Speed Up, Evasion Up, Sunny Move Gauge Up.
Hau – Alolan Raichu
Special Attack Striker
Paralysis, Special Attacks Up, Speed Up, Evasion Up, AoE Damage, HP Up
Pryce – Dewgong
Special Attack Striker
Freeze, Crtical Chance Up, Speed Down for all opponents, Special Attacks Up, Special Defence Up, AoE Damage, Supereffectivite Power Up
Zinnia – Rayquaza
Special Attack Striker
Confusion, Sure Hit, Stat Condition Clear, Attacks Up, Speed Up, Accuracy Up, Defense Up, Special Defence Down, High Mixed Damage
Silver – Ho-oh
Special Attack Striker
Special Attacks Down for all opponents, Delayed Moves, Evasion Up, Critical Chance Up, Sunny 2X Buff, Unfreeze, Burn, Sunny Move Gauge Up.
Shauntal – Chandelure
Special Attack Striker
Stat Condition 2X damage, Special Attacks Up, Special Defence Down for all opponents, Speed Up, Evasion Up, Burn, Unfreeze, Low HP Power Up, Attacks Avoid Damage Reduce.
Barry – Empoleon
Special Attack Striker
Speed Down for all opponents, Stat Condition Clear, Speed Up, Critical Chance Up, AoE Damage, Higher Move Gauge.
Gardenia – Roserade
Special Attack Striker
HP Up, Critical Chance Up, Special Attacks Up, Move Gauge Up, Normalize Stats.

Physical Strike Tier List

Pokemon Master Ex Physical Strike Sync Pairs

This some of the best Physical Strike Tier sync pairs that you can pick for your team battle. Basically, these pairs are best for dealing physical-based damage to the opponent and these are more useful for dealing single-target damage. You can go through the tier list to pick the best one for your team.

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Sync Pairs Type Moves
Cynthia – Mega GarchompPhysical StrikerCritical Chance Up, Speed Up, Sandstorm Damage Up, Attack Up, Random Up
Brendan – SceptilePhysical StrikerSpecial Attacks Up, Critical Chance Up, Speed Reduce Immunity, Paralysis Immunity, Ambidextrous, High Neutral Early Game Unity Attack Damage
Steven – Alolan SandslashPhysical StrikerSelf Attack Up, Hailstorm Immunity, high-end damage in combat.
Olivia – Midnight LycanrocPhysical StrikerSelf Critical Chance Up, Self Accuracy Up, Self Special Defense Down, Speed Up, Self Attack Up.
Wally – Mega GalladePhysical StrikerSelf Special Defense Down, Critical Chance Up, Self Attack Up, Speed Up, Self Accuracy Up, Speed While Taking Damage
Iris – HaxorusPhysical StrikerConfusion, Self Speed Up, Self Critical Chance Up, Low Power HP Up
Noland – Mega PinsirPhysical StrikerRepeat Use Damage Bonus, Self Attack Up, Self Speed Up, Self HP Up, Stat Decreased Immunity, Attack Avoid Damage Reduce.
Korrina – Mega LucarioPhysical StrikerSelf Attack Up, Self Critical Chance Up, Self Defense Down, Self Speed Down, Flinch Immunity.
Sygna Suit Grimsley – SharpedoPhysical StrikerOpponent Defense Down, Self Attack Up, Stat Condition Clear, Self Evasion Up, Self Critical Chance Up, Speed Up, Recoil.
Guzma – GolisopodPhysical StrikerSelf Critical Chance Up, Self Attack Up, Self Defense Up
Lyra – Jigglypuff
Physical StrikerSelf Critical Chance Up, Opponent Attack Down, Attack Up
Hilda – Emboar
Physical StrikerSelf Attack Up, Self Speed Up, All Allies HP Up, Unfreeze, Burn, Recoil, Poison Immunity
Kris – Feraligatr
Physical StrikerSelf Speed Up, Self Attack Up, Dual Type, Endure, Flinch, Sure Hit and Damage.
Bruno – Machamp
Physical StrikerSelf Critical Chance Up, Self Attack Up, Self Special Defense Up, Critical Hit Power Up
Elesa – Zebstrika
Physical StrikerSelf Attack Up, Paralysis, Recoil, Critical Hit, Self HP Up, Speed Up, Paralysis Immunity
Roxie – Scolipede
Physical StrikerSelf Critical Chance Up, Poison, Self Attack Up, Self Defense Up, Speed Up
Bugsy – Mega Beedrill
Physical StrikerSelf Attack Up, Poison, Self Speed Up, Self Evasion Up, Critical Hit Power Up
Marshal – Conkeldur
Physical StrikerStat Condition Clear, Self Move Gauge Up, Self HP Up, Self Defense Up, Opponent Defense Down, Self Attack Up.
Tate – Solrock
Physical StrikerOpponent Speed Down, Flinch, Self Speed Up, Duel Type, Unity Bonus Damage Up, Self Attack Up, Attack and Defense Decrease Immunity.
Norman – Slaking
Physical StrikerSelf Attack Up, Recoil, Paralysis, Self Move Gauge Up, Self HP Up, Low HP Power Up.
Roark – Rampardos
Physical StrikerRecoil, Self Attack UpRecoil, Self Move Gauge Up, Sure Hit, Attack Decreased Immunity
Morty – Drifblim
Physical StrikerSelf Critical Chance Up, Opponent Special Defense Down, Baton Pass, Self Destruct on Death.

Tech Tier List

Pokemon Master Ex Tech Sync Pairs

These are the best sync pair for tech-based attacks on the opponent in the battle. Basically, these pairs are best to offer support of varying types such as inflicting status effects.

Moreover, some of the pokemon in this category can switch the weather and some have advantages in certain conditions compared to other pokemon. This category is also one of the hardest to tier due to the different types of sync pairs types and all are classified as Tech.

Sync PairsTypeMoves
Sygna Suit Leaf – Mega VenusaurTechAlly HP Up, Self Critical Chance Up
Serena – Delphox
TechBlind, Sleep Opponent Special Defense Down
Acerola – Palossand
TechHP Regain, Sandstrom, Taunt, Flinch, Self Defense Up,
Will – Xatu
TechSelf Depends Up, Flinch, Confusion, Dual Type, Stat Bonus Damage
Agatha – Mega Gengar
TechSleep, Self Speed Up, Recoil, Stat Condition 2X damage, Opponent Special Defense Down, Sleep Immunity.
Flannery – Torkoal
TechSelf Special Attacks Up, Burn, Self Special Defense Up, Self Critical Chance Up, Stat Decrease Immunity.
Brock – Onix
TechOpponent Speed Down, Ally Hp Up, Self Attack Up, Self Defense Up
Professor Oak – Mew
TechSelf Speed Up, Sure Hit, Opponent Special Defense Down.
Koga – Crobat
TechSelf Evasion Up, Toxic, Self Speed Up, Poison 2X Damage, Self Critical Chance Up
Ramos – Victreebel
TechSleep, Self Attack Up, Self Speed Up, Defense Down
Crasher Wake – Floatzel
TechConfusion, Sleep, Flinch, Self Critical Chance Up, Rainy Move Gauge Up, Flinch Up, Confusion Up, Bind Up, Self Special Attack Up, Self Attack Up.
Winona – Pelipper
TechSelf Defense Up, Flinch, Rainy, Confusion, Rainy Sure Hit, Self Speed Up
Wallace – Milotic
TechBind, Self Low HP Power Up, Counter, Endure, Reflect Stat Condition
Blaine – Rapidash
TechSelf Attack Up, Burn, Unfreeze, Bind, Sunny, Self Random Up, Stat Condition Rate Up.
Kukui – Lycanroc
TechOpponent Speed Down, Self Moves Uses Up, Self Attack Up, Opponent Defense Down, Flinch Immunity, Starstrom Damage Up
Sophocles – Togedemaru
TechFlinch, Self Special Defense Up, Paralysis, Self Speed Up, Self Defense Down, Endure
Erika – Vileplume
TechOpponent Special Defense Down, Paralysis, Self Special Defense Up, Self Special Attack Up, Always Sure Hit.
Grimsley – Liepard
TechSelf Depends Up, Evasion Up, Self Defense Down, Self Critical Chance Up, Flinch, Normalize Raised Stats
Clemont – Heliolisk
TechOpponent Speed Down, Opponent Accuracy Down, Self Evasion Up, Critical Hit, Self Special Attack Up, Sure Hit.
Candice – Abomasnow
TechHail, Self Attack Up, Self Special Defense Up, Self Speed Up, Freeze, Freeze Immunity, Hailstorm Immunity
Thorton – Bronzong
TechFlinch, Self Defense Up, Self Special Defense Up, Unable To Evade, Flinch Up, Dual Type, Bind Up, Confusion Up, Speed 2X Damage.
Calem – Meowstic
TechConfusion, Self Special Attack Up, Self Speed Up, Self HP up, Bind Up, Confusion Up, Flinch Up,
Clay – Seismitoad
TechSelf Special Defense Up, Self Speed Up, Endure, Poison Immunity, Opponent Speed Down.
Lucy – Seviper
TechPoison, Toxic, Attack Avoid Damage Reduce
Lt. Surge – Electrode
TechParalysis, Self Speed Up, Self Attack Up, Self Evasion Up.

Lol Tier List

Pokemon Master Ex Lol Sync Pairs

These are some of the sync pairs that you must avoid picking up for your team. Because they don’t have many powers and moves to get the glory in the battle. Along with that their winning percentage is way too low compared to other sync pairs in the Pokemon Masters Ex.

Sync PairsType
Siebold – OctillerysTech
Jasmine – Mega SteelixSupport
Bugsy – Mega BeedrillPhysical Striker
Dawn – TorterraSupport
Lt. Surge – ElectrodeTech
Leaf – EeveeSupport
Marshal – ConkeldurPhysical Striker
Lucy – SeviperTech
Liza – LunatoneSupport
Tate – SolrockPhysical Striker
Cheren – StoutlandSupport
Roark – RampardosPhysical Striker
Grimsley – LiepardTech
Morty – DrifblimPhysical Striker
Clemont – HelioliskTech
Barry – EmpoleonSpecial Striker
Candice – AbomasnowTech
Gardenia – RoseradeSpecial Striker
Thorton – BronzongTech

What is Sync Pair?

The Sync Pair is a combination of a Pokemon Trainer and a single Pokemon in the Pokemon Masters EX. There is 4 sync pair type in the complete game. Sync Pair type includes Support, Special Strike, Physical Strike and Tech all these syncs have different powers and abilities.

The Special and Physical Strike sync pairs focused on attacking the opponent and on another hand the support sync pairs are focused on defending, healing HP, and increasing Stat for the entire team. Tech sync pair is focused on the different tactics in the battle.

Types of Sync Pairs

There are four types of sync pairs (Support, Physical, Special and Tech ) in the Pokemon Masters Ex game. All these sync pair types have different powers and abilities compared to each other. The Sync Pairs type includes Support, Special Strike, Physical Strike and Tech.


In Pokemon Masters having the best support team can save your team and get you to the glory. Moreover, Unlike other sync pair types, Support pairs are very useful for survival in battle. Because of their moves such as All allies Defense, HP, Attack etc. To know some of the best support sync pairs for Pokemon Masters go through our Pokemon Masters Tier List.

Special Strike

In the battle, you should have a special strike sync pair to get tos to tos battle with the opponents. Basically, these sync pairs come in handy for launching special attacks on the opponent.

With the Special Strike pair, you can give some high-end damage to the opponent along with the support to your team to get the glory in the battle. To know some of the best special strike sync pairs for Pokemon Masters get to our tier list.

Physical Strike

The Physical Strike sync pairs are best for dealing physical damage to the opponent. These pairs can deal 2X damage to the opponent with the help of the Support pair. The physical strike pairs are easy to get for the team without having a hassle. But they are hard to control in battle.


The Tech Sync Pairs are good for both support and attack you can pick some of the best sync pairs in your team for the 3-on-3 battle without a second thought. Basically, these sync pairs have different types that make lot hard to get them into the team. Moreover, the pairs can easily change the weather or can take benefit of bad conditions on the battlefield.

Pokemon Masters League (PML)

In the Pokemon Masters League, you’ve to team up with two other masters and their Pokemon to enter into the PML tournament. In PML there is a 3-on-3 battle where you have to win against your opponent in the Pokemon fight.

In terms of attacks, you can easily use Move Gauge to command your Pokemon to release attacks like Thunderbolt, Flamethrower and others. Well, your complete team shares the Move Gauge, so it is important to decide which sync pair controls the moves of Pokemon.

Do not get upset already, there are various moves that can be performed in the battle without using the Move Gauge. The game also includes the original moves of Pokemon. However there is a catch, there is a limit to using the sync moves in the battle.

Sync Moves are one of the most powerful moves in battle, and they can be used one time in battle. There are lots of battle moves in the Pokemon Masters that you can learn to win the combat without having a hassle.

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