Is Grounded Support Cross Platform | How To Add Friends

Grounded is one of the best survival games by Obsidian Entertainment. After the full release of Grounded on September 27, 2022. The players are wondering about in-game features such as does it supports the Cross-platform.

If you’re also looking for the answer for Grounded crossplay then you’re in luck today. Here we covered all information about the Grounded cross-platform feature along with other in-game information.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

grounded cross play pc xbox

Is Grounded Support Cross-Platform?

The answer is Yes, Grounded supports Cross-Platform between the Xbox and PC. This means that if you own Xbox and another player has a PC then you both can play Grounded at the same time with different gaming devices on both Microsoft Store and Steam.

However, the players need to have the Xbox Live Account in order to play Grounded cross-platform. Microsoft and Xbox users already have Xbox accounts and Steam players need to create an Xbox account in order to play together with other players.

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In order to add friends for the Crossplay the player needs to add other players Xbox Live accounts to their Friends List after that you can invite them to play multiplayer with you.

Does Grounded Supports Co-op?

Yes, Grounded is compatible with Co-op for up to 4 players from Xbox and PC on both the modes Standard Worlds and Shared Worlds. Interesting thing is that in case if the original host of the game is offline other players can also host the game. This means all gameplay progress is saved on the cloud storage regardless of who hosts the future game sessions.

Players can also switch between the Standard Worlds and Shared Worlds as they prefer along with saving the three Shared Worlds topmost on the local host any play Shard Worlds offline.

Does Grounded Support Cross-Progression?

Yes, Grounded supports the cross-save feature that allows the player to transfer their in-game progress between Xbox and PC. So if you have both Xbox and PC then this is a win-win for you and you can enjoy the game on both platforms. Make sure in order to use cross-save player must use the Xbox Live account else it doesn’t work.

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This is all for the Grounded Crossplay guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all information related to gaming. For more interesting content do read our CrossPlatform Guides for more helpful information about different video games.

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