GTA Online How to Get HSW Upgrade

GTA Online’s Hao’s Special Works (HSW) allows PS5 and Xbox Series X users to purchase exclusive vehicle upgrades. Here’s how to use Hao’s Special Works and unlock the Hao Special Works vehicle upgrades.

First of all you’ll want to login to GTA Online and as soon as you do, you will get a text message and soon after, you will get a phone call letting you know you should be going to the particular location.

As you arrive, walk into the mission marker and then a short cutscene will play letting you know you’re about to go and do a time trial and you’ll have to beat the time.

The time however is very generous as you have 8 minutes to complete the time trial which really is way too much time than you probably need. As soon as you’ve completed the trial, you’ll unlock Hao’s Special Works which is located inside of the Los Santos car meet.

unlock hsw gta 5
Image Credit: Rockstar Games

In order to use HSW, you’ll need to have a Los Santos car meet membership. This can be acquired at Mimi inside of the Los Santos car meet, it is located right next to the vehicle on display every single week which is the price ride that you can win.

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After acquiring the car meet membership, you can bring any vehicle to HSW and start customizing them. There are a few vehicles where you can use the HSW performance upgrades on which are listed in the laptop in front of the player.

The first HSW upgrade will be free, it doesn’t have to be on Turismo it can just be on whatever vehicle you would like as long as they are part of the list. 

Keep in mind that Sentinel Xs is by far the worst possible option you could do considering that while it is faster than the original, it is still a relatively slow car so definitely worth looking into any other vehicle. 

The HSW upgrade also offers chameleon paint jobs. These upgrades range from $60k to $100k so definitely worth bringing some extra bit of cash.

So that’s how to unlock and use the Hao’s Special Works in GTA online as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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