GTA Online How to Mute Players

Do you want to know how to silence players in GTA Online? If you’re playing Heists in GTA Online, you’ll need to coordinate with your colleagues to have a chance of completing the objectives.

There are several reasons why a player in Grand Theft Auto Online could desire to silence another. Perhaps another person in the lobby is being exceptionally harsh, disrespectful, or simply irritating, and other players would prefer not to hear them at all. Naturally, there is a way to achieve this in game, but it isn’t as simple as it appears.

GTA Online How to Mute Players
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How to Mute Players in GTA Online

There are two primary methods for gamers to mute other players from within their game. The first is available in the Player Menu and enables users to silence particular players, while the second is found in the Voice Chat menu and allows them to mute certain groups. Both will be useful in various scenarios.

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The first step is to access the pause menu and select the Online option. After that, scroll down until you locate the Players option and pick it.

The screen should now show all of the participants that are currently in the session, and muting them is simple from here. Simply choose the player to be muted, choose Options, and then activate Toggle Mute to stop communication with this person.

Alternatively, players can be silenced directly from the Voice Chat menu. To get there, go to the Interactions menu and scroll down to Voice Chat.

Players may specify the groups of players they wish to be able to hear through voice chat from here, which is useful for muting big groups of individuals. This function may be used to filter off conversation audio from crew/friends exclusively, or it can just silence everyone in the session.

Now, you should have no trouble muting individual people or large groups of players in Grand Theft Auto Online with these methods. Hopefully, this helps individuals utilize the game’s features without being verbally harassed by other players.

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So that’s how to mute players in GTA Online as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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