GTA Online How to Mute Players

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Do you want to know how to silence players in GTA Online? If you’re playing Heists in GTA Online, you’ll need to coordinate with your colleagues to have a chance of completing the objectives. There are several reasons why a player in Grand Theft Auto Online could desire to silence another. Perhaps another person in … Read more

GTA Online How to go into Private Session

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GTA 5 Online can be played with friends or in private lobbies. In these private sessions, which can be solo or invite-only, players can pick who they wish to play with. Private lobbies are accessible via Story Mode, the pause menu, “Play GTA Online,” and “Invite Only Session” for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players. It … Read more

GTA Online How to Put a Bounty on Someone

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If you’ve been wandering the streets of Los Santos in GTA Online, you’ve noticed how crazy the city is. Most of the time, you can’t go about your business without some crazy appearing out of nowhere to murder you and derail your plans. That’s why you should set a bounty on them – to put … Read more

GTA Online How to Open Titan Door

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In today’s guide I’ll be showing you how to open the back of the Titan Door in GTA Online. A lot of you think that’s this is a myth and it isn’t actually possible but I’m here to show you that it is very possible.  To open the back door of the Titan, all you … Read more