GTA V How To Change Character PC / Story Mode

To this day, GTA 5 has been able to maintain its appeal. The three-character plot is one unique element that distinguishes the fifth GTA game from preceding ones.

You play as Michael, a middle-aged gangster going through a midlife crisis, Franklin, a street gang-associated man who wants to move up in life, and Trevor who is a vengeful, brutal, ruthless, and psychotic man .

Switching between these three characters is possible and in some cases, even during missions. So let’s dive in on how to switch characters in GTA V.

How to Switch Characters in GTA V

Lester Crest GTA 5 Online
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Switching Characters in GTA V is as simple as holding a button and selecting one of the other two characters. The moment you switch to a different character, the camera switches to where that character is on the map.

These switches have been made fascinating and immersive as well. Switching to Trevor, for example, may cut in on the moment he appears to be attempting to flush a dead corpse down the toilet.

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He might possibly be following a woman and attempting to apologize, or he could be dumping a man into the ocean from a boat. Other characters have fascinating changes, but none as interesting as Trevor.

When starting the game, you’ll be introduced to the switching mechanic. You won’t be able to use this feature until you’ve met the other two characters (after the Prologue, you play with Franklin for a few missions). You’ll eventually be able to flip between the three personas at most in-game times.

You might be unable to swap characters or be limited to using only two characters in some tasks. Even when you freely travel the game at times, you won’t always be able to choose a different character. Depending on the narrative.

How to Switch Characters in GTA 5 on PC 

Here’s how to switch characters on PC.

  • Hold down the Alt key.
  • Highlight the character you wish to switch to and then release the Alt key.
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That’s how to switch characters in GTA V as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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