Harvest Moon How To Upgrade Tools

Upgrading a tool or tools can help you save time and effort while accomplishing tasks that need you to upgrade the tool beforehand.

Not all tools, however, can be improved. Only tools provided at the start of the game, such as the hammer, ax, sickle, hoe, and watering can, may be improved.

Each of these tools can be upgraded up to four times in Saibara Blacksmith, but you can also upgrade right away to save money. To improve your tools, you must first create the fundamental model.

There are five types of tools in the game:

  • Hoe: For tilling land.
  • Watering can: For watering plants.
  • Hammer: For breaking boulders.
  • Axe: For chopping wood.
  • Fishing rod: For catching fish.

How to upgrade tools in Harvest Moon

Before you can begin improving your tools, you must first complete a few plot beats. When Doc Jr wants you to, you must first construct a workstation. This request should be made after you’ve completed the Halo Halo tale parts.

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Return to the mine east of Callison once you’ve constructed a workbench. You’ve probably previously been here at this point in the story, as it’s where you initially obtained the bronze you needed to build the workbench. You can have previously encountered the NPC Dva there. However, you must speak with him again before you can begin upgrading tools.

It may take a few in-game days and several talks with him, but Dva will ultimately give you a request called Updating Your Farm Tools 1. This requires five bronze, which can be found in neighboring mines and refined at Doc Jr’s workshop.

Dva will reward you with the Expert Hoe and Expert Watering Can DIY recipes. These improvements each take four bronze to complete. The tool’s area of influence is extended to 1×3 in both circumstances.

Return to Dva later in the game (after you’ve completed the story sections in Pastilla and obtained the Medallion of Wood) for a new request: Updating Your Farm Tools 2. Dva wants five silver in return for the recipes this time.

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The mine at Lebkuchen is a wonderful site to begin your search. Bring the silver to Dva in return for the Expert Hammer, Expert Axe, and Expert Fishing Rod recipes.

That’s how to upgrade tools in Harvest Moon as I’ll see you in the next guide.