Digimon Rearise Tier List: Stronger Characters Ranked (2022)

The Digimon Rearise Tier List can be helpful to find out some of the strongest and weakest Digimon Rearise characters. By doing this you can go more advanced compare your opponent and your winning probability will increase. Because after know the entire list you’re going to create an ultimate team for the battle.

What is Digimon Rearise?

Digimon Rearise is an mobile phone video game for Android and iOS devices. The game is developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment basically, its an role playing game where you have play as the Digimon Characters along with new character that introduced with the update. Moreover there are multiple playable characters in the Digimon game, but the main character is Rearise is Herissmon.

The Digimon Rearise game story is based on the friendship bond between Digimon and tamers. In the game, you needed to build a team of five characters along with Digimon and take a head-on battle with the enemies. Moreover, the game is available for free to download on application stores. For android you can get it from Google Play Store and for iOS platform go to Apple Store.

Digimon Rearise Tier List

The Digimon Rearise characters are categorized into five tiers. The strongest is S-Tier characters in this tier all the overpowered characters are listed who has outstanding wining percentage compare to other tiers characters. Secondly is A and B tiers in this, the characters are strong and have some unique abilities that can be used precisely in the battle. In simple words, these character can easily able to fit into any team without having a hassle.

After this, there is C and D tiers in which character are less stronger compare to higher tier are these characters are perfect for support and defense in the combat. Lastly, there is F-Tier that which has all the worst character that you should avoid in your team. Because there wining percentage are way to lower compared to other characters.


Digimon rearise tier list

Well, S group has all the strongest Digimon characters which has powerful abilities and can easily able to make high-end damage to the opponent along with other specialties like offensive and defensive powers. To know more about them you’ve to go through the entire tier list that given below.

CreepymonMegaDemon LordHe is one of the seven great demon lords and he carries some of the powerful attacks like Flame Inferno, Chaos Flare, Hammer Knuckle, Double Dust and Slash Nail.
PiedmonMegaDemon ManPiedmon is also a stronger character in the Digimon game. He carries some of the powerful moves like Trump Sword, Clown Trick, Masks Square, Trump Sword and Ending Snipe.
OmegamonMegaHoly KnightHe is one of the Royal Knights moreover he has some of the strongest power like Omega InForce along with multiple attacks such as Supreme Cannon, Transcendent Sword, Double Shot, Ultimate Uppercut, Omega Sword and many more. He can also amplify the damage dispensed to two opponents by up to 400 percent in the battle.
ImperialdramonMegaAncient DragonIt is an Ancient Dragon that carries lots of powerful attacks such as Mega Crusher, Positron Laser, Shining Blade and Eternal Zeal. Moreover, he can also boost the damage to two opponents up to 340% in combat.
GaioumonDefinitive Humanoid DragonA humanoid Dragon that can easily able to boost its own power during the battle. Along with it carries some ultimate attacks such as Gaia Reactor, Rinkazan and Rinkageki.
DukemonDefinitiveHoly KnightHe is a Holy Knight Digimon is known as one of the Royal Knights. In terms of damage, he can deal up to 460% of damage to the particular opponent during the battle. Moreover his also some powerful attacks such as Royal Saber, Final Elision, Saber Shot, Gram Strike, Royal Slash and many more.


Digimon list

The A-Tier has some of the great fighters that has lots of potential in the battlefield and can easily able to take head to head fight with high tier characters. Moreover, these characters are also able to provide support and defense to the teammates during the battle.

BoltmonMegaCyborgHe is an Android Digimon and processes some of the powerful moves like Tomahawk Crunch, Berserk and Battle Tomahawk. Moreover, he can also nullifies all damage to his teammates.
GankoomonMegaHoly KnightGankoomon is one of the Holy Knights he has some powerful attacks such as Tekken Seisai, Table Flip and many more.
HiandromonMegaCyborgAs the Android Digimon, he also carries some of the moves like Atomic Ray, Copy Paste and Lightning Blade. As you level up in the game his damaging power increases during the battle.
MachinedramonMegaCyborgHe is a Machine Digimon with a 100% metal body and in the digital world he is one of the strongest Digimon. Some of the attacks are Giga Cannon, Dragon Fire, Catastrophe Day, Infinite Hand and Giga Destroyer.
MegaGargomonMegaMachineHere some of his attacks Mega Barrage, Gargo Missile, Mega Twister, Power Pummel, Saint Punch. Along with that, he has some powerful weapons like lasers, missiles, bazookas, Vulcans, and flamethrowers.
MetalGarurumonMegaCyborgHe is one of the best fighters with extremely high speed along with that he also carries some of the powerful attacks such as Metal Wolf Crawl, Grace Cross Freezer, Metal Wolf Snout, Metal Wolf Throw, Blizzard Bash, Burst Wolf Claw.
MinervamonMegaGod ManAs per the attacks Minervamon possesses such as Strike Roll, Madness Merry-go-round, Dominion Blade and Olympia Slash.
NoblePumpkinmonMegaPuppetHe is a Puppet typer fighter and can use for the strike and support both along with his attacks are TRICKorTREAT, Atlantic Dam.
PlesiomonMegaDragonPlesiomon is a dragon Digimon and these are his attacks Sorrow Blue, Shaking Pulse, Fin Attack, Plesiomon Tail and Preciomon Attack
RavemonMegaCyborgThese are some of his attacks Spiral Raven Claw, Blast Wing, Celestial Blade, Raven Claw, Shadow Pierce, Moushugeki and Dark Tornado
SakuyamonMegaGod ManSome of his attacks, Spirit Strike, Amethyst Mandala, Twin Blades of Beauty and of Truth, Crystal Sphere, Amethyst Wind, Thunder Kick, Fox Drive, Yougetsushū and Kassengeki.
WargreymonMegaWarriorWargreymon is one of the strongest dragon warriors and his body is clad in the armour of super-strong metal that works as the defence in the battle. Moreover, here some of his attacks, Terra Force, Great Tornado, Brave Shield, Mega Claw, Dragon Killer, Grey Fire, Great Tornado, Dramon Killer Wave, Dramon Tackle and Tate no Rocket.


list of Digimon
Digimon Rearise Tier List

The B-Tier carries some of the complex fighters which are good in multiple things like support, defence and strike. Each character is specialized in their own abilities such as some are good in support and some characters are good in defence along with striking.

EbemonMegaCyborgAs the Cyborg Digimon, he has some of the ultimate different abilities such as Crusher Bone that fire a cracking program to the opponent brain. The second is Neuro Destroyer in which he releases all his accumulated power towards the opponent.
GrandiskuwagamonMegaInsectHere some of his attacks, Grandis Scissors and Gran Killer.
MarineAngemonMega FairyThese are multiple types of attacks that MarineAngemon possesses such as Kahuna Waves, Marine Shot, Extra Smile, Smiley Face, Pretty Heart, Funny Smile and many more.
MetalSeadramonMegaCyborgHe also an excellent fighter with multiple attacks such as River of Power, Hot Squeeze, Poseidon’s Divide, Shimetsuke.
HououmonMegaHoly BeastThese are some of the powerful attacks of Houomon Starlight Explosion, Crimson Flare, Life Force, Sky Strike, Mach Wing and Sharped Hooked Claws.
PuppetmonMegaCyborgPuppetmon attacks, Puppet Pummel, Drill Nose, Lie, Clean Sweep, Big Cross and Lair, Puppet Bullet
ShineGreymonMegaLight DragonGlorious Burst, Shining Blast, GeoGrey Sword, Shine Hammer, Sparkle Shoot and Corona Splash.
TitamonMegaGod ManPowerful attacks of Titamon – Soul Core Attack, Phantom Blade, Koou Meijin
Venom MyotismonMegaDemon BeastVenom Myotismon is an evil Digimon and here his high-end damage attacks – Venom Infusion, Chaos Flame, Tyrant Savage, Nightmare Claw, Venom Beam.


Digimon rearise

These fighters are best in support and defense you can use them in the team for additional backup. But you need to master their skillsets because these fighter has little complex machines

Metal EtemonMegaCyborgHe is an android Digimon and here is the most powerful attacks – Banana Slip, Nuclear Punch, Hekoki Attack, Metal Punch, Dark Spirits Deluxe, Dark Network, Heavymon Kick, Dark Sonic Boom and Electric Wave of Darkness.
RosemonMegaFairyHe seems like a rose and called the queen of the flowers and these are his attacks – Thorn Whipping, Rose Spear, Forbidden Temptation, Ivy Hug, Rose Velvet, Fascination, Beauty Shock, Thorn Shoot.
BarbamonMegaDemon LordHe is a Demon Lord Digimon and some of his attacks are Death Lure, Pandemonium Lost, Dark Inferno, Greedy Wand.
WisemonUltimateDemon ManHe is an entire mystery fighter with some of the strike moves such as Pandora Dialogue, Eternal Nirvana and many more.
HolydramonMegaHoly DragonIt is a member of the Miracle 4 and Four Great Dragons here his attacks – Fire Tornado, Dragon Fire, Hermit Fog, Group Attack.
Platinum NumemonMegaMutantHe is a sliver slug along with golden angelic wings here his attacks – Platinum Junk, Platinum Burp and Huge Yucky Tongue
PlesiomonMegaDragonHere some of his Sorrow Blue, Shaking Pulse, Fin Attack, Plesiomon Tail and Attacks.
Death MeramonMegaDemon ManDeath Meramon is a Deathmon he can develop up to 280% damage to 2 enemies.


Digimon rearise tier list
Digimon Rearise Tier List

This tier carries some of the weakest Digimon’s which means these Digimon characters has very lower percentage of wining in the game. Make sure you avoid these characters.

Platinum NumemonMegaMutantHere some his attacks – Platinum Junk, Platinum Burp and Huge Yucky Tongue.
Prince MamemonMegaMutantPrince Mamemon is a mutant type Digimon these are some of his attacks – Smiley Warhead and Purple Rain.
MerukimonMegaGod ManWell he is a Digimon god of genius it can easily able to strike on faster runners and these are his attacks – Thousand Fists, Spiritual Enchant and Mirage Image
ArmadillomonRookieMammalArmadillomon is a Mammal type Digimon his entire body is covered with a shell and these are his attacks – Diamond Shell, Beat Blaster, Hard Brick, Diamond Slamming Attack and Beast Attack.

Most Powerful Digimon’s List:

These are some of the powerful Digimon that carries outstanding powers and has best wining percentage in the entire game.

1. Piedmon

The Piedmon is a tech Digimon that has some of the ultimate powers and abilities such as it can boost his pinpoint rate to 40% along with he can also deal up to 370% damage to the two opponents in combat and bling his opponents.

Moreover, his sub skillsets allow him to provide 210 % of damage up to 3 opponents along with 50% possibilities to bling them in a single strike. He is also an excellent defensive character and carries outstanding defence. You can easily select him into your Team to get the glory.

2. Creepymon

The Creepymon is a Dark Demon Lord in the game and his powerful abilities are he can easily able to immune his teammates using the poison along with Burn. However, the main skill of Creepymon is burning you can use him to burn all the opponents along with recover the Health up to 500.

In terms of dealing damage to the opponents, he can deal up to 320% damage to two opponents in a single strike. In the support, he can protect his teammates from burn and poison by the enemies’. Moreover, at the same time, he can also boost his power stat from 15% to 75%. You can pick him up for the Purple Team without a single doubt. Because in the difficult times in the battle he can be the game changer.

3. Machinedramon

The Machinedramon is an machine digimon and one of his most powerful move is he can boost the counter-attack upto 205% for all the teammates along with passive skills. Moreover, his main skillsets allows him to deal 180% damage to opponent.

Some of secondary skills of Machinedramon allows him to deal 260% of damage to 2 opponents at the single strike along with 55% possibilities to paralyze his opponents. All these powerful skills make this character a game changer in the close combat.

4. HiAndromon

The HiAndromon is an Android type Digimon his entire body covered with machines parts that allows him to acts as offensive and defensive fighter in the combats. Without the Chrome Digizoid parts he is incomplete. These are some of his attacks Atomic Ray that allows him to intake the fission energy from the neutron control placed on his left shoulder that joined in his hands.

His secondary attack is Copy Paste that allows him Designates the opponent and release his attack at full speed to deal maximum damage in a single attack and lastly, his attack is Lightning Blade in his the HiAndromon use the energy blade to attack his opponents. You can pick him in your team for dealing the maximum damage to your opponents in the battle.

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Hopeful you find this Digimon Rearise Tier List helpful to know all the strongest and weakest Digimon Characters. In case if we have missed any of the characters in our tier. In this case, feel free to contact us through the comment box.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions regarding the Digimon ReArise Tier List with complete explaination.

What is TEC in Digimon Rearise?

TEC / PWR means the Power and Technique in Digimon offensive abilities. In simple terms, the high the value is the more damage Digimon can able to deal with the opponent in the battle. The DEF means the Defense that indicates how much shield
dues Digimon left during the combat.

How do you reroll in Digimon Rearise?

Android Device: In order to get reroll in Digimon Rearise on Android device. Go to the Settings > Apps > DigimonReA > Storage > Data > Clear Data. IOS Device: To reroll Digimon on iPhone or iPad just uninstall the application and reinstall that all.