Hifumi Togo: Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Star

Though she is not a Phantom Thieve, befriending Hifumi Togo, the shogi player in Persona 5 Royal, will make your royal infiltrations much simpler. Your Persona 5 Royal Star confidante is a calm and demure lady who is ready to reject stardom in order to focus on playing shogi to her heart’s delight.


1Koma SabakiAllows you to swap current party with backup members during Joker’s turn.
3UchikomiChance for a follow-up by a backup member if Joker downs an enemy.
5Kakoi KuzushiAllows you to attempt to escape, even when surrounded by the enemy.
7NarikinEarn double money if a battle is won in 1 turn after a successful ambush.
9TouryouDecreases turn delay to zero, allowing you to instantly escape battle.
MAXTogo SystemAllows you to swap current party with backup members during anyone’s turn.

Rank 1

FollowupSure. +1I guess we can. +1Lucky me. +2

Rank 2

Response 1That’s interesting. +2I like that attitude change. +0It’s a bit scary. +0
Response 2Have confidence in yourself. +0Don’t worry about them. +0
Response 3When is it coming out? +0You’re, like, an idol. +0But you don’t want to, right? +2

Rank 3

Response 1Describes you perfectly. +2No, I didn’t. +0That’s quite the headline. +0
Response 2You don’t enjoy it? +0Having a difficult time? +2You should just decline. +0
FollowupBring it on. +2Don’t worry about it. +0This is part of our deal too. +0

Rank 4

Response 1I don’t mind. +2She has a bad vibe. +0Must’ve been the katsu curry. +2
Response 2They’re ridiculous. +0They’re cool. +2Never heard of them. +0
FollowupI’d love to. +2If our schedules match up. +0Where shall we go next? +2

Rank 5

Response 1You’re not allowed to date? +0She’s scary. +2Accomplish things? +0
Response 2You don’t like the attention? +0You should stop then. +2Have you told your mother? +0
FollowupNo worries. +0You’ve got a lot to deal with… +2Why do you have to apologize? +0

Rank 6

Response 1You’ll be famous. +0Is that frustrating? +2The media is scary. +0
Response 2Do you still like shogi? +2Is that what you want to do? +0Do what you love. +2
FollowupYou think so? +0You’re imagining things. +2Confess your sins, my child. +0

Rank 7

Response 1That’s almost a relief. +2Don’t let your guard down. +0It may come down to luck. +3
Response 2Give it your all. +2I believe in you. +3Idols are cool too. +0

Rank 7.5

Response 1What do you mean? +0I don’t understand. +0
Response 2That won’t work. +2That’s a great strategy. +0Do you intend to lose? +0
Response 3Let’s make her reconsider. +0Let’s do something about it. +0
Response 4What’s your mother’s name? +0Tell me her name. +0

Rank 8

Response 1Maybe… +2You’re overthinking it. +0I’m glad her heart changed. +3
Response 2Lose what? +0What’re you talking about? +0
FollowupI support it. +2You should really rethink this. +0It’s certainly admirable. +0

Rank 9

Response 1Give it all you go. +2Do you feel confident? +0You can do it. +0
Response 2It was a good effort. +0You’ll win next time. +0A very queenly decision. +3
Response 3I want to become stronger. +0 ENDI want to stay by your side. +0 (ROMANCE)
Response 4I want us to date. +0 (ROMANCE)We’ll be friends forever. +0
FollowupAnything for you. +2It was all a big coincidence. +2It was love at first sight. +2

That’s all you need to know about Hifumi Togo in Persona 5 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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