High On Life How To Restart Mission

High on Life is one of the most anticipated comedy first-person shooter games. Justin Roiland, a prominent voice-over artist who has given voice to the iconic Rick & Morty program, designed this action-adventure game. However, the game has left many fans unsatisfied.

This is due to the fact that users frequently encounter a number of glitches and mistakes that disrupt their gameplay experience. Some of the problems even Softlock the player, limiting their progress.

After defeating the Douglas monster, one of these bugs emerges. If you are experiencing the same problem, we are here to assist you. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix the High on Life Stuck & Softlock glitch after handily defeating Douglas.

This is one of the problems that might end our gaming experience, damaging our progress when we fight the boss Douglas on this occasion. When going through this, it is important to consider what to do to fix the problem and to help us remember the following instructions.

high on life
Image via Squanch Games

How to fix stuck on High On Life?

At the moment, there is nothing official that can help us against this situation, but the developers are aware of what is happening and are working to solve it.

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While many of us can do some things that can be useful, such as having the game updated, which is important because there may be patches in them that help us correct the problem, we can restart the mission to see what happens, although we will start it from scratch, and we can restart the mission to see what happens.

Some other tips are:

  • Make sure your game is running on the latest update. As the devs are aware of the issues, they might release some update patches to remove the bug.
  • If the bug is still not removed then you can try reinstalling the game. However, it might risk your progression data but on the other hand, it has worked for many users.
  • Players who are still coming across the bug can reach out to the support team for further assistance.

So that’s how to fix the issue as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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