High On Life How To Get Jetpack

High on Life is a new first-person shooter with a Jetpack and other unlocked upgrades. These improvements will allow the player to explore more planets and collect more riches. The Jetpack, in particular, allows the player to fly higher and traverse gaps.

High on Life features an unexpectedly complex tale, complete with sarcasm and talking weaponry. The story and guidance are provided by these talking firearms to the player entrusted with saving mankind from being farmed for narcotics. Regardless of the quantity of guns available, the player’s bounty-hunting equipment will be just as crucial in finishing the game.

How to Get the Jetpack in High on Life

The player must first accomplish three bounties in order to earn the jetpack. The bounties gathered from the Bounty 5000 machine in the living room must be used to beat 9-Torg, Krubis, and Douglas.

After collecting the third bounty, use the Bounty 5000 to talk with Mayor Clugg in his office. He’ll provide you entry to the Human Haven, which is necessary for discovering another in-game secret later on. For the time being, return home, where Gene will guide the player to the Pawn Shop in Blim to get a jetpack.

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The player should be familiar with the Blim City Pawn Shop by this point. Head right and up the steps, then straight towards the counter just in front of the shop’s door. The jetpack costs 999 pesos and is available for purchase. Unfortunately, it is out of stock, so the player will have to return home before it can be utilized.

In a brief cutscene, the Gene will inform the bounty hunter that he needs to relax so go up to the bedroom and interact with the bed. When the player wakes up, they will be on the roof, with the jetpack already attached. It’s time to put it to the test on the streets of Blim City.

Now that you have the jetpack, it may be useful to go back through places to access lugloxes that were previously inaccessible. Use the Bounty 5000 to return to worlds or to choose the next bounty where the jetpack will be required to complete the mission at hand.

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That’s how to get jetpack in High on Life as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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