Hogwarts Legacy: Best Spells to Use in Combat

Hogwarts Legacy holds many appeals, and one of them is the many spells players have access to. While some spells are handy when solving puzzles or taming a magical beast, some are so powerful they can destroy your enemies with one wrist flick.

Although there’s no way to know the exact damage each spell will do, we’ve rounded up the best Hogwarts Legacy spells to use in combat.

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Best Spell To Use in Hogwarts Legacy

Below we mentioned some of the powerful spells that you can use in Hogwarts Legacy to deliver high-end damage to the enemies or other characters in the game.


This is one spell that can cause extensive damage to your foes. When cast, Confringo will send a bolt of fire at your enemies. It temporarily lights your enemy on fire, ensuring the initial damage is high.

Confringoa is an excellent choice when fighting insects or spiders because they’re weak to fire. This spell comes with an upgrade allowing you to hit multiple enemies. When the first blast hits your target enemy, two smaller fireballs will emerge and hit the enemies closest to them.

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If you’re looking for the most powerful spell to cause damage in Hogwarts Legacy, look no further than Bombarda.

Most players use this spell against their strongest foes because of the extensive damage it causes. When cast, Bombarda sends a blast of energy toward your enemies, sending them flying in different directions. 

If you’re curious, it’s just as good as the unforgivable curse ‘Avada Kedavra’ because it can kill weak enemies with just a hit. However, Bombarda is more effective when you use it in a group. For example, you can cast the Accio spell first and then follow it up with Bombarda to eliminate your enemies.


If you’re a part of the Harry Potter fandom, you know this unforgivable curse. When used on your enemy, it will drain the enemy’s health over time. It also makes the enemy take more damage from any attack targeted at them.

You can also upgrade this cause, and it would cause your basic cast attack to bounce from one enemy to several others. This makes every flick go further and comes in handy when fighting several enemies simultaneously. 

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If you love force-type spells, then you’ll love Depulso. It is the most powerful and useful of them all. This spell will send a blast of energy at your enemies and could send them flying into their comrades or off the side of a cliff.  

Although the initial blast that hits the target enemy is usually powerful, what they’re thrown into or how far the spells throw them can cause further damage. In some cases, it could result in an instant kill of your enemy.


This is a damage type of spell and is immensely satisfying. It usually sends a magical slice through the air toward your enemy when you cast it. When it cuts into them, it will cause significant damage while pushing them back.

This is another spell you can upgrade, and it causes further damage to be done when upgraded. It will cut through several enemies at once, causing significant damage to each of them. You can pair it with other spells like Glacius to defeat your enemies faster. 

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Final Thoughts

Although Avada Kedavra is quite effective when dealing with your enemies, these five spells can come in handy when the goal isn’t to kill your enemies. They’re the strongest spells and will quickly help you defeat your enemies. 

This is all for best spell to use in Hogwarts Legacy during the combat. For more HL helpful guides do refer to our Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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