Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Talent Points

While playing Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have many chances to grow your strength as a witch or wizard. You gain extra stats from learning new spells, completing various adventures, and defeating multiple enemies.

On top of all these is the Talent Point system. If you’re wondering how to get the talent points Hogwarts Legacy has to offer, you’re in luck. This article will tell you all you need to know. 

What Are Talent Points?

Talent points are just like skill points. Your talent points usually control your abilities and spells. In Hogwarts Legacy, there are total 5 types of it Spells, Dark Arts, Core, Stealth, and Room of Requirement.

As you progress in this magical game, you’ll earn new talent points. As you earn these new points, you can use them to enhance your spells, but you need to be careful about the spells you use these points for because they can’t be used more than once. 

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The game developers spent a lot of effort ensuring that gaining talent points can be an interesting experience for every player.

Talent Points Hogwarts Legacy
Avalanche Software

Luckily, it doesn’t take very long to beat Hogwarts Legacy. Some of the vital things you need to learn about the talent points Hogwarts Legacy has to offer include:

  • Players always level up and discover new abilities and talents while progressing through Hogwarts Legacy. However, you won’t earn talent points until you reach level 5.
  • There’s a cap on the talent points you can learn from each level. This is to prevent any character from being too overpowering. It also ensures players don’t find the game too simple and ensure it’s quite entertaining. There’s also a cap on the points you can get overall.
  • There’s a maximum level for each character, like most RPGs of the same nature. Once you reach this level, you can’t gain strength again. 

How to Unlock the Talent Points Hogwarts Legacy Has to Offer

Professor Rackham Hogwarts Legacy
Avalanche Software

Getting talent points in Hogwarts Legacy is simple, but it isn’t always easy. You have to get to the Map Chamber by reaching level 5 through the main quest that involves a ghost named Richard. You’ll be able to meet this ghost through one of the four house quests in the game. 

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In this quest, you must follow the ghost of Richard Jackdaw to the cave as he tries to lead you back to where he was when he died. During this mission, you come across the portrait of Professor Rackham who unlocks the Talent Points ability in the game.

Once you earn the talent point at this level, you can earn another point when you advance to the next level. 

How to Use Your Talent Points from Hogwarts Legacy

You can use your talent points in many ways once you earn them in the game. You’ll get 36 talent points from Hogwarts Legacy, and you can use them on spells, dark arts, and many more.

If you want to strengthen your character in other ways, then you can do that in the room of requirements. However, it’s important to carefully determine the best way to use the talent points Hogwarts Legacy offers. 

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Once you use your point, you can reassign it, and there’s a minimum number of points, so careful consideration is essential. Below are some ways you can use your talent points.

  • You can use it to make fighting your difficult opponents easier. To do this, focus on abilities that give your offensive spells more power.
  • Expand the impact range of your fire and other spells with talent points.
  • Spend the point in the core area of the preferred talent.
  • Use the points to cut down the time you spend rummaging through options and searching for spells to cast.
  • Use your talent points in the stealth area to stay in hiding and attack secretly.

Final Thoughts

When you get a maximum level of level 40, you’ll be able to earn a total of 36 points. You can use these points in various ways throughout Hogwarts Legacy, but you can only use each point once, so you should carefully consider the abilities you need to prioritize. You can also check out our Hogwarts Legacy guides to learn everything about the game.