Pokemon Go: How To Get Alomomola?

A large collection was featured during the 2021 Valentine’s Day event in Pokemon Go, which asked the trainers to find 12 different Pokemon, one of which was Alomomola, which is quite rare.

Are you looking for ways to get this rare water-type rare Pokemon? You can rely on this article to get your answers!

It is certainly very easy to get Alomomola, but keep in mind only if you have a group of online playing friends; otherwise, getting them can be a little bit difficult. Follow this guide, and surely you’ll get one!

Alomomola is found. Trainers get Alomomola as a rewarding encounter after completing two different field research tasks: Win 2 Raids and Catch 20 Luvdisc.

Alomomola Pokemon Go
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What Kind Of Pokemon Is Alomomola?

Alomomola is a water-type generation V Pokemon. It has a weakness against the grass and electric moves. Many players have complained that it is pretty weak in energy gains. You can not do much with it except use it as a surprise weapon against your attackers.

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The useful thing about Alomomola is that it can heal other Pokemon’s injuries. It also can hydration.

Where Is It Found?

Alomomola is from the Unova Region. It lives in the open sea Alomomola is only found rarely around the North Paldean Sea. So to get one you have to travel to the north of the Paldea Region and search the costal of the north sea.

How Rare is Alomomola?

Alomomola is quite a rare Pokemon. So you have to put in a lot of work to catch one. Apart from direct encounters, you’ll have plenty of chances to catch one after you are done completing field research tasks

What Does it Evolve To?

One interesting thing about Alomomola is that it does not evolve into any other type of Pokemon, and it hasn’t evolved from another. 

How To Get Alomomola?

Alomomola can be found in Tier-3 raids and as a reward for completing two different field research tasks:

  • Win two raids
  • Catch 20 luvdisc 
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After traveling to the North of the Paldea Region of the North Sea to get to Alomomola.

How To Win The Raids?

Winning the raids against Alomomola can be quite difficult as a solo raid and would require a player to be at higher levels to win the raid. So if you want to win a raid against Alomomola, you need to prepare a team of strong Pokemon that are very effective against Alomomola.

Alomomola Counters

  • Kartana,
  • Xurkitree,
  • Zekrom,
  • Thundurus (Therian),
  • Deoxys (Attack).

Is Shiny Alomomola Available in Pokemon Go

Yes, the Shiny Alomomola was introduced on Valentine’s Day Feb. 14, 2021. However, finding the shiny form of Alomomola is not an easy task in Pokemon Go.

If you take the precautions I stated, and you have made a team of strong Pokemon, you are good to go to win in a raid against Alomomola and get one successfully!

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