Hogwarts Legacy: How To Lockpick?

The Hogwarts Legacy is full of exciting things to explore in the video game, from Hogsmeade to the hills beyond.

You’ll have to know more about the Hogwarts Legacy Talents, how to earn Talent Points, and how to unlock all spells in the game. Once you know the essential talents, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the most complicated challenges. 

One of the necessary talents you need to learn is lockpicking. Since you’ll come across many locked chests and doors to open, you’ll need to learn how to pick locks.

If you’re a franchise fan, you’ll know you can open any locks by a spell and flicking your wand at it, but that isn’t enough in the game and won’t make the game much fun. So you need to do a little work to open a lock.

In Hogwarts Legacy, the spell to open the lock will trigger a lockpicking mini-game to complete so you can open a chest or a door.

The mini-game can be tricky, but I have created a guide for you on how to open a lock in Hogwarts Legacy.

lockpicking minigame hogwarts legacy
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How To Unlock Level 1 Locks in Hogwarts Legacy?

The locks in the game are divided into three tiers: 

  • The level 1 lock
  • The level 2 lock 
  • The level 3 lock
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You can only open level 2 and level 3 locks once you have learned to unlock doors with level 1. To open the Level 1 lock, you need to learn the Alohomora Spell, as this spell is used to open a Level 1 lock. 

How To Learn Alohomora Spell?

The Alohomora Spell is used to open locked doors. While this spell only triggers the mini-game for you to solve before picking a lock, it is an integral part of opening a level 1 lock. 

To learn this spell, you have to find Gladwin Moon, the Hogwarts caretaker, who will teach you how to learn it. He will give you a quest that requires you to sneak around the castle. It’s essential for this quest to learn the Alohomora spell. And then, you can use this spell to open level 1 doors.

For levels 2 and 3, locks

To open level 2 locks in Hogwarts Legacy, you must gather Demiguise Moons and return them to Gladwin Moon. And for level 3 locks, you will need to collect more Demiguise Moons and return them to Gladwin Moon. 

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After you go to Gladwin Moon, he will teach you the more powerful variants of the Alohomora Spell.

  • Alohomora Spell 2 for level 2 locks 
  • Alohomora Spell 3 for level 3 locks 

Hogwarts Legacy How To Pick A Lock?

In the game Hogwarts Legacy, lockpicking is a mechanic that will allow you to access any closed door or chest around Hogwarts and areas around it.

It is a valuable skill from which you can get plenty of collectibles and other stuff in a locked chest or access to secret locations across locked doors. Once you have learned the Alohomora Spells, you can use these spells on the lock, and then you’ll have to play a mini-game to open the lock.

Here’s a step-step guide to help you through the process.

  1. Find a lock at a level that you can pick and cast the Alohomora Spell according to the level of the lock. 
  2. Use the left and right sticks on your controller or Q and E on your pc to control the two sparks on the screen,
  3. Attempt to move the outer ring to the point where cogs on the bottom right corner of the screen begin to spin and hold it there.
  4. Repeat the process for the inner ring; this time, look at the cogs in the middle of the lock to spin.
  5. Once you successfully find the correct orientation for both sticks, the locks will 
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This can be tricky, but once you get a hold of it, you can access any locked chest or door in the game to get unique items or go to secret areas. This is all for this guide for more relevant guides do check our Hogwarts Legacy guides section.