Hogwarts Legacy: How to Search the Tomb for the Helmet of Urtkot

When playing Hogwarts Legacy, players have to complete quests that allow them to rank up and gain access to impressive gears. The Helmet of Urtkot is one of the 52 gears in Hogwarts Legacy. This quest requires them to search the tomb for the helmet of Urtkot by unlocking four doors. 

Most players find themselves stuck at the four doors without clues on how to proceed. Luckily, this guide covers how to search the tome for the helmet and complete the Helm of Urtkot Quest. On that note, let’s dive right in. 

How to Begin the Helm of Urtkot Quest

The search for the tomb of the helmet of Urtkot is split into different sections, each with a moth-gate entrance into the next section. Although it sounds pretty straightforward, players will soon find the moths missing from each door.

To proceed to the next stage, they’ll have to find the moth and guide them back to the door till there’s enough to open each door. Keep reading to find out how to open each door. 

How to Unlock the First Door

Search the Tomb for the Helmet moth part 1
Image Credit: GuidingLight (YouTube)

Players will come across the first door right after entering the cave and find two moths already on it. To locate the third moth, players need to head left and use Lumos to guide the third moth to the door. Once next to the door, stop casting Lumos, and the spell will be complete.

Search the Tomb for the Helmet moth part 2
Image Credit: GuidingLight (YouTube)

After the first door, players will enter a circular room with another moth door waiting to be opened. On this door, all moths will be missing. The first two can be found on the sides of the room, while the third is behind a closed door. Players can Revelio to locate each moth.

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The quest gets trickier in the next room as players have to fight inferior skeletons off. Using a fire spell like confringo can easily damage them, allowing players to move on to the next door puzzle. 

Search the Tomb for the Helmet moth part 3
Image Credit: GuidingLight (YouTube)

For this door, all three moths will be missing alongside a mechanism key in the center of the room. Use the Lumos to guide a moth at the edge of the room inside the mechanism and then stand on the platform at the right side of the room. 

Search the Tomb for the Helmet moth puzzle 3 guide
Image Credit: GuidingLight (YouTube)

Once the mechanism is activated and players are on the platform, they have to cast Depulso multiple times on the mechanism. This will lift the platform, allowing them access to the second moth to place on the door. 

Now, players must remove the first moth from the mechanism and place it at the door. They can find the third moth at the edge of the room and direct it towards the door using Lumos. 

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How to Unlock the Last Door

Once players make it into the next room, they’ll have to solve the last moth puzzle to proceed in the quest to search the tomb for the helmet of Urtkot.

Inside the room, hit the box hanging from the ceiling with a simple attack and jump through the broken floor. Once players land, they must fight the inferiors before finding the fourth and final door.

Search the Tomb for the Helmet moth puzzle 3 guide 1
Image Credit: GuidingLight (YouTube)

Solving this final puzzle is easy. Simply follow the steps below.

  • First, place the moth on the left within the mechanism located in the middle of the room.
  • Next, stand on the platform behind the mechanism and cast Depulso several times to get to the top.
  • Now, pick the moth on one side of the platform with Lumos and direct it to the door on the other.
  • Another moth will be next to the door; use Lumos to also guide it to the door.
  • Next, jump down from the platform and find another moth within the main room. players can use Revelio to locate the moth.
  • Now, place the moth on another mechanism located left of the door.
  • Stand on the previous platform again and use Depulso to reach the door again.
  • Once players reach the door, they can pick up the moth from the mechanism, which will be lifted, and place it on the door.
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That solves the puzzle! Now, players can advance to the final room for the helmet of Urtkot.

How to Recover the Helmet of Urtkot

Recover the Helmet of Urtkot
Image Credit: GuidingLight (YouTube)

Once players enter this room, the quest will update, and they’ll discover that the tomb has been raided already. Now, players must recover the helmet from the thieves and a troll. After defeating these foes, head to the camp within the area and take the helmet; it’s located inside the tent.

Players will also have to fight some dark wizards and once they defeat these wizards, they can take the helmet and return it to Lodgok to complete the quest.

Final Thoughts

That sums up the guide on how to search the tomb for the helmet of Urtkot. Once players master using Lumos to bring the moths to the door, they’ll complete the door puzzles quickly. For more tips on Hogwarts Legacy, check out how to unlock hippogriff or how to change appearance.