Holocure Collab Tier List: Best Weapon Collabs

Are you wondering what the Tier list is for the new Holocure Collab weapons in Holocure? In this article, I have created a tier list and the weapons you must combine to get those collab weapons.

What are the weapon Collabs, and how do I get them in Holocure?

At the beginning of the run in the RPG, Holocure players have a starting weapon. Each character in the game has a different weapon that you can upgrade and enchant. The primary weapon is weaker than the Collab weapon. 

To get the weapons, you must have at least two and upgrade them to the maximum level. Once you update them, you can combine them at the Golden Anvil and get a new and more powerful weapon. The collab weapons that you get will be at the maximum level and can be enchanted.

Best HoloCure collabs
Image Source: KayAnimate / V4Van Screenshot


This tier is all the best collaboration weapons in Holocure. Using them, you can walk around the map without fear of mobs. Here is the list of all the S-tier weapons in the Holocure collab

  • BL Fujoshi (BL Book + Psycho Axe)
  • Frozen Sea (BL Book + Wamy Water)
  • Bone Bros (Cutting Board + EN’s Curse)
  • Dragon Fire (Fan Beam + Plug Type Asacoco)
  • Ring of Fitness (Bounce Ball + CEO’s Tears)
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A tier also contains powerful collab weapons. However, they come after the S-tier weapons. Here are all the A-tier Weapons in Holocure collab

  • Stream of Tears (Fan Beam + CEO’s Tears)
  • Broken Dreams (Spiders Cooking CEO’s Tears)
  • Rap Dog  (X-Potato + Idol Song)
  • Elite Cooking (Elite Lava Bucket + Spiders Cooking)
  • Flattemimg Board (Cutting Board + Holo Bomb)


The weapons with average strength are on this list. These can make your character strong. Here are the B-Tier weapons in Holocure collab

  • Snow Flower (Wamy Water + Glowstick)
  • MiKorone  (X-Potato + Elite Lava Bucket)
  • Eldritch Horror (EN’s Curse + Spiders Cooking)
  • Absolute Wall (Cutting Board + Bounce Ball)
  • Idol Concert (Idol Song + Glowstick)


This is the last tier of weapons in Holocure. These are the weakest of all the Holocure weapons. These are basic, but you can get them to higher tiers in combination with other weapons. Here is the C-tier list in the Holocure collab:

  • Light Beam (Glowstick + Fan Beam)
  • Breathe-in Type Asacoco (Plug Type Asacoco + Holo Bomb)
  • I’m Die, Thank you Forever (X-Potato + Holo Bomb)
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Those are all the tiers for weapons to be ranked in Holocure Collab. I hope this article answers all your questions.