How to Craft TNT in Minecraft

In the adventure-survival sandbox game Minecraft, mining and crafting is very important in order to obtain resources that the player will need to survive. By mining for various minerals, you can create hundreds of different objects in-game.

The TNT block is one such item in the game that closely resembles its real-world equivalent. It is an explosive material that has the ability to obliterate its surroundings. TNT blocks stack similarly to other building blocks in terms of size. One inventory slot can hold up to 64 units.

How To Make TNT in Minecraft

The first step is acquiring the necessary items. You need

  • Sand – Can be discovered close to lakes or beaches.
  • Gunpowder – Can be acquired via eliminating creepers or looting chests.
  • Redstone Dust – Generally located around lava pools, four pieces of redstone ore are used to construct it.
  • Cobblestone Blocks – Obtained by using a pickaxe or shovel to mine stone blocks.
  • Sticks – Collected from tree logs after an axe or pair of shears is used to cut them down.
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After you get the required items, you can begin to craft a TNT block.

Step 1: Mix one sand block and one gun powder block in a crafting table grid to create TNT.

Step 2: Place four redstone dust on each side for the corners and two more gunpowder blocks above those to produce three explosive blocks that fall when activated.

How To Make TNT in Minecraft

Step 3: Before adding your sticks on either side, set the cobblestone blocks at the bottom center and top center of the crafting table grid.

If you follow this method correctly, you should’ve acquired some TNT. It can only be ignited by using redstone dust or flint and steel.

Before the TNT block explodes, the flame will cause it to begin flashing. Players must maintain a safe distance from the block in order to avoid being hurt by the blast radius of the explosion.

Bonus: When TNT is used in combination with other explosives, the combined explosions have much more destructive potential. We’ve covered everything you need to know about making TNT in Minecraft. Follow GameInstants for similar guides!

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