The Batman Launches Riddler Game: Answer & Rewards

The Batman Riddler is a website that was associated reality marketing game that was gone viral on social media. The website offers rewards to the people who can give the correct answer to the riddler.

That is why have we covered the answer to the batman riddler that can help you to get the rewards without having a hassle.

those who make me are likely to break me

The Batmans Riddler Answer

Here are the answer of the Batmans Riddler that you can find on Batmans riddler website.

Riddler: Those who make me are likely to break me

Answer: Law

Riddler: I can be easy or a dead end. Careful when you cross me

Answer: Street

Riddler: What’s black and blue and dead all over?

Answer: Batman

These riddlers were solved by several batman fans on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Hopefully, you find this guide helpful to know what are the correct answers to the Batman Riddler.

This riddler become more popular when the director of the Batman movie Matt Reeves also tweeted the riddler on their Twitter handle.

It’s a unique way to promote the batman movie for sure. This is the sum for this guide for more similar content do read our Updates for more helpful information.

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