How to Catch Shiny Mega Charizard in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go is known to have one of the biggest and most successful games in the Mobile Gaming industry. It can be downloaded for free on both android and iOS. It is basically a game which uses the mobile GPS in order to find when and where a Pokemon would appear near you.

Thus, you get different kinds of Pokemon in different locations and time zones, which encourages people to travel around and find their favourite Pokemon. The main hustle begins when someone tries to find the rarest creatures in the virtual display and here the real competition.

Shiny Variant of Charizard in Pokemon Go

The creature known as Charizard is very popular among Pokemon Go fanatics. Thus, there is a huge crowd who want to capture and train the Charizard. There are various types of known Charizard and many of them are rare.

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The trainers want to get the flying type and thus, some also hunt the Starter Pokemon for the same. But, one of the most popular versions of the Charizard is the shiny version.

How To Catch The Shiny Mega Charizard in Pokemon Go?

Since it is the rarest and most demanding creature, the opportunity to get that will be a little less but never zero. The best opportunity has already come up in the latest update where you may get plenty of opportunities to get the shiny mega Charizard.

As per the latest reports, the shiny mega Charizard of version Y would appear in the Mega Raids. This is the earliest opportunity available to get the shiny mega Charizard as the new season would come up with different challenges and opportunities.

Thus, in order to get the shiny mega Charizard the trainers need to take part in the mega raid which is available in the month of March and the users need to tackle the Mega Charizard Y.

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By doing so the users not only gets the shiny mega Charizard but also some Mega energy which could be reverted back with the Mega evolutions. The guarantee to get the shiny mega Charizard is less but the trainers who are active and have played the game persistently can get the shiny mega Charizard.

Preparation To Get Shiny Mega Charizard in Pokemon Go

It is best to come prepared for the mega arena beforehand. By preparing we mean everything which would be required in order to finish the battle as quickly as possible. For instance, you should know the exact use and the accounts of portions which you need to keep inside your inventory.

Choosing the right creature in order to defeat the Charizard is also one of the key things which would decide the outcome of he battle. Many players tend to keep along some fellow trainers in order to complete the battle as fast as possible.

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The players should master the moves in order to defeat the Charizard. For example, the water, rock or electric type moves. For an insight information, on should know the rock type moves pretty well as the Charizard gets hit by it and falls huge damage.

Thus, Charizard is known to one of the most appealing and a visual treat for all the mobile users of Pokemon Go. If someone needs to get the shiny mega Charizard the user needs to raid for at least a week in order to increase the chances of getting the shiny mega Charizard.

Thus, finding the shiny mega Charizard is basically luck and a part goes to your skills in the raids. The Charizard may also return in the next season with various upgrades.

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